Lucy and Tara catfight over Toska

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Lucy and Tara catfight over Toska Empty Lucy and Tara catfight over Toska

Post by Lucy Valentine on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:55 am

Lucy and Tara catfight over Toska in PD lobby

major roles: Tara (davryntri.zabelin), Lucy (edessa.andretti), Nora (fuyudzuki)

minor roles: Hellcat (gnomie.thatch), Toska (spartan289)

time begin: 23:02 time end: 00:40

Role Play:

[2013/07/06 23:02] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) throws the doors open and stomps over to the desk, " I heard Toska is in here, I need to talk to him, the ass stole something from me and i want it back"

[2013/07/06 23:04] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) had just arrived back at the station with Nora. Her eyes darted over to the glass door that flew open with Tara storming in. Her eyes narrowed as she spoke ill of Toska. "Sorry. Haven't seen him. What is it he has stolen from you?"

[2013/07/06 23:06] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) watches the doors get thrown open "easy on the doors we just got them fixed" shed sigh "and as Lucy said what did he steal depending on what it was i my beat his ass my self" she says with a evil grin.

[2013/07/06 23:08] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) chewed on her tongue, she hated taking about Toska like that but she had to put a front up, last thing she needed was them catching on to anything. " Last night He freakin' stole my clothing, a black hoodie, And I want it back the jerk can't keep it as a trophy or a keepsake!"

[2013/07/06 23:10] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) raises her eyebrow. A hoodie? Really? Lucy knew Toska. Nora knew Toska. Not only was he incapable of stealing something, he was definitely incapable of stealing something from a pretty girl. "I'm sorry to hear that. But Nora and I will write down your concern, and the moment we see him, we'll confront him with this accusation. Can I get your name, Miss?"

[2013/07/06 23:11] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) brakes out into a laughing fit " on second thought i might not be the one beating him up to night" she snickers looking at Lucy "trouble in paradise huh?" shed teas hoping that was not going to far.

[2013/07/06 23:12] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) growls low clenching her teeth"fucking thanks i get after what HC to him..." sighs, " Tara, my name is Tara, and I know he has it cause I left it with him ;ast night, asshole just needs to give it back"
[2013/07/06 23:13] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) pauses for a moment, " I know he's here... go check.. please, I know I heard his voice"

[2013/07/06 23:15] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) overhears Nora's comment and rolls her eyes. Toska and Lucy still hadn't spoken since last night when he shrugged her off so harshly. She continues to focus on Tara, ignoring her request to retrieve him. "Why would he still clothing from you? I'm just curious." There was a certain amount of jealous disdain within her voice.

[2013/07/06 23:17] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) giggles at the jealous tone of Lucy's voice "if it will make you happy i will go search the building and see if he is here is that good enough?" shed ask.

[2013/07/06 23:18] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) bites her lower lip, "He has it because I was there taking care of him after my brother, Hell Cat, and him fought... well kinda fought..." I had to clean him up afterwards I left my hoodie with him cause i couldnt pry it from his fingers when he passed out" she said looking a little sad as she relived the scene in her mind, " but NOW i want the fucker back, Lemme see him I know he's here!" she grumbles loudly

[2013/07/06 23:20] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) makes a step toward the counter defensively, figuring Nora would probably go check for Toska to keep the peace. Lucy on the other hand was intent on making sure this crazy woman stayed right where she was. "If you don't lower your tone, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Nora's already offered to look for him, so you'll just have to wait." She gestures to the couch with the biggest fake smile one could muster. "You can have a seat over there if you'd like."

[2013/07/06 23:23] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) turns on her heals and makes her way towards the elevator "be back in a minuet " shed wave at them as she left if not stopped.

[2013/07/06 23:24] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) smirks a little as she watched Lucy get defensive " Oh my god... Are you sweet On Toska?" she giggles as she hop onto the counter and sits on the edge

[2013/07/06 23:27] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti)'s eyes widen, as she is taken aback by Tara's statement. "U-Uh...what? Look honey, whoever I'm "sweet on" is really none of your business." She tilts her head. "Besides, I'm not the girl missing her clothing."

[2013/07/06 23:30] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) giggles, " True but it's not the first time he's stolen mine, i'm sure he's started a nice little collection"
[2013/07/06 23:32] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) grumbles and visbile becomes impatient, yelling out, " TOSKA GIMMIE BACK MY HOODIE ASSHOLE"
[2013/07/06 23:32] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): *visibly

[2013/07/06 23:34] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti)'s face seems to sour. "Ugh, can you stop the shrieking? It's deafening. Why is this hoodie so important to you anyway?" She looks Tara up and down. "I mean, given what you're wearing now, I can't imagine it's too valuable." Lucy raised her eyebrows, shocked by the fact she was speaking like this. Lucy never acted this way, but something about this Tara and her connection to Toska really pushed her bitch buttons.

[2013/07/06 23:36] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) gets off the elevator and turns the corner to see if Toska id down here he shouldn't be no reason for him to be but its easer to go from the basement up finding nothing in two of the rooms she finds one locked and with no way in she heads back up deciding he must be in there and tara would just have to wait.

[2013/07/06 23:38] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) gives Lucy a sarcastic expression, " I like prancing around in after Toska and I are done..." letting her voice trail off momentarily. " Oh never mind like you need to know what he does on his off time"

[2013/07/06 23:42] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti)'s eyes widen again, this time her fists clench as well, though she didn't really know if it was Tara or Toska she wanted to deck in the face. "Oh no! Please do share!" She exclaimed. Though truthfully, she just wanted Nora to get back quickly so she could leave the room and get away from the feline.

[2013/07/06 23:43] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) steps off the elevator again and back out into the lobby "i think i found him but he is a bit indisposed mind waiting for him to be done Tara? Nora would say coming around the corner.

[2013/07/06 23:44] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) and seeing the cat fight in the making

[2013/07/06 23:44] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) squirms and runs her tongue over lips, " The day you two were recruited, didn't you think it odd that he was missing his shoes, or how he keeps blacking out and not remembering things?"
[2013/07/06 23:46] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin)ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) looks to Nora, "Yesh I'll wait, he better have my shit too"

[2013/07/06 23:47] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti)'s listens to Tara's comments, thinking back...and then she had it. She remembered the time in front of the church with Xekiil. Tara was there. She was there with some other red-skinned demon. They had been taunting Toska, saying perverse things she couldn't fully understand at the time because Lucci was trying to get her to pour holy water on the captured demon. Lucy suddenly makes a step closer to Tara, her eyes piercing the feline angrily. "If you so much as laid a fingertip on him, I will drag you out on to the street by your ears..."

[2013/07/06 23:52] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) giggles looking at Lucy," You're kinda cute when you're mad" she says cocking her head to one side, " I didn't do anything to him, I left before Ny did, whatever happened to him after I left, isn't my fault. Besides, he's the one hunting me down to talk, if he asks for anything, information or whatever... I'll give it to him"

[2013/07/06 23:54] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) walks up to the counter "thats grate" and sits down on her chair to wait.

[2013/07/06 23:59] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) notices Nora arrive and takes a step back, trying to cool herself down. The feline was clearly playing at Lucy's emotions and it was dangerous for Lucy to be falling into these games. "I'm heading upstairs if you need me, Nora." She turned away, walking toward the elevator. She stops, speaking over her shoulder to Tara. "Whatever you did to him...once I find out, and I WILL find out, just watch yourself, K? And yes, that is a threat." Lucy scoffed, continuing to the elevator. Her face felt so flushed from the anger she was feeling.

[2013/07/07 00:00] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) giggles and finger waves at Lucy as she leaves
[2013/07/07 00:00] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) looks to Nora.. "I lilke her." she giggles

[2013/07/07 00:02] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki)Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) chats into their comm.

[2013/07/07 00:06] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) chats into their comm.

[2013/07/07 00:08] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) smiles wolfishly "yes she is fun to teas but im the only one who gets to teas her about toska got it?" Nora would say sternly

[2013/07/07 00:09] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) sighs attempting to make small talk while she WAITS for Toska, " So... been in the city long?"

[2013/07/07 00:11] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) yawns "about 6 or 7 months now"

[2013/07/07 00:12] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) frowns, "Gee, don't like talking much?"

[2013/07/07 00:14] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) " i do just dont have anything to talk about right now pick a topic and we shall see"

[2013/07/07 00:18] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) sighs, not really wanting to talk as much as wanting to see Toska, her heart fluttered at the thought of his name clearing her throat she said, " So... where do you like to shop for clothing?"

[2013/07/07 00:20] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) reappears from the elevator, seating herself in one of the chairs near the computers, making sure to look away from Tara. She had managed to calm herself for the time being, but still the sight of Tara made her want to gag. Even so, Lucy had to make sure she was around to wait for Toska to appear. She didn't trust the feline not to make a move in the station, as countless others have before her.

[2013/07/07 00:22] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki) looks at her puzzled "there are shops that sell clothing in this city ? and hear ive been getting al my cloths threw crna supply shipment and ordering stuff in..... i need to have a talk with the others wonder if they were ever going to tell me " shed mumble the last bit

[2013/07/07 00:22] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch) walks in the room and stetches, "Time for Kitten to retire.." he yawns. He would walk up and attempt to massage Lucy's shoulders while he looked to the peeps at the counter, "Oi, sis!"

[2013/07/07 00:23] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) 's eyes light up as she sees Hell Cat, "KAAR!!"

[2013/07/07 00:23] Toska Moriarty (spartan289) follows HC into the lobby, stopping to look around, one hand still holding his head. Seeing a few friendly faces, he smiled widely, about to greet everyone before he noticed that the wrong faces were in the wrong places. "Ah shit.." He muttered to himself, walking up to the desks. "Uh, 'ello everyone...What's goin' on here?"

[2013/07/07 00:24] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti)'s eyebrows raised in shock as their mentor called Tara his...sister? She then noticed Toska walking in and cursed under her breath. She was hoping Nora had been wrong.

[2013/07/07 00:25] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) growls softly, " Toska, where's my hoodie you stole from me" she says as she slips off the counter, her voice dark yet had a subtle hint of silkiness to it, " I want my clothing back please" crassing her arms over her barely covered chest

[2013/07/07 00:28] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch) opens a drawer as if it had clothing in it. Hellcat reaches into the shadows of the drawer and grabs a handful of shirts and pants that were roughly her size probably bigger. Walking to her, "If you in need of shirts here you go." he would place it on her lap and then fall backwards where shadows gathered in an oval.. close to a coffin shape. Hitting the floor where the shadows were he sunk into it slowly as if it were sludge.. or chocolate.

[2013/07/07 00:29] Toska Moriarty (spartan289) nods along, not wanting to quite ask why Lucy seemed so glum. Hopefully the manipulative little cat hadn't already lied away all the air in the room. "Right..Here, listen...Hell just showed me what happened...Here." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the hoodie, holding it forward, waiting for her to come get it, trying to ignore her body and Hell's dramatic exit. He couldnt process more illusions.

[2013/07/07 00:29] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) growls loking to her brother, " No I want My hoodie" she growled as she tossed the clothing back at Kaar

[2013/07/07 00:32] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) keeps herself seated, averting both Tara and Toska's gaze, though she did keep her fingers ready in case she needed to quickly unlock her wristblades.

[2013/07/07 00:32] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) walks over to Toska, her hips swaying slightly more then usual as she glances over at Lucy, comming within an inch of Toska's she takes the clothing from his hand purposly letting her fingertip graze over his hand letting them linger there a moment before and smiled up at him, " Umm thank you love, can we go talk.. privately.. I need to tell you something"

[2013/07/07 00:36] Toska Moriarty (spartan289) shivers, taking his hand back quickly and shaking it off. Shooting a glance at Lucy, he marches over to the watercooler, crouching and pouring some water into his mouth. Clearly buying himself time to think, and simultaniously working on his headache, he pulls out the bottle in his pocket and takes out a pill, popping it into his mouth and swallowing. "Uh..." He looks around again before turning to Tara and whispering. "Is this something big?" he asks, hoping she has Tribe related information.

[2013/07/07 00:38] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti) watches Tara and Toska closely from the corner of her eyes, noticing the way her fingers lingered on his hand. She scoffed, pulling herself closer to the table and waiting for the conversation to cease. She really wished she could use Nora's pistol right about now.

[2013/07/07 00:39] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin) looks down at Toska's crotch and bites her lower lip, " Hmm Huge"
[2013/07/07 00:40] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): she quickly looks up at him with a come hitcher look. " I have something important to show you"

[SL crashed for me. But at this point, Toska followed Tara and went to have their own discussion.]

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