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Toska pushed to the edge - Hellcat Empty Toska pushed to the edge - Hellcat

Post by Hellcat on Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:18 pm

Toska pushed to the edge - Hellcat

Major roles: (the account names not the display names)
Hellcat (gnomie.thatch)
Toska Moriarty (spartan289 resident)

Minor roles: (the account names not the display names)

Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti)
Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki resident)
Fryso (fryslander resident)

time begin: 23:57 time end: 02:11

Role Play:

Upon testing Toska and Lucy, Toska got very angry. Hellcat followed him and he went overboard.. unconciously crazy.


2013/07/05 23:38] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks to the two.

[2013/07/05 23:38] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): O.o

[2013/07/05 23:39] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me comes in from a different room of the building, having taken a brief shower since the training session. "Woo...that was quite the workout." Lucy's eyes gaze outside the open door, also noticing it had gotten fairly quiet. Lucy then made a move toward the table, looking toward Toska suggestively. "Well I mean, you could always explore here....with m-..." She cut off as their mentor stepped into the room. "A-Ah...uhm...heheh, hi there!"

[2013/07/05 23:39] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me scratches the back of his head, standing up fast enough to knockover the stool before walking around the desk. "Uh, Evenin' sir!"

[2013/07/05 23:40] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me continues to look at them thinking about what he was thinking. It was extremely awkward. Face like this... ^o.o^.

[2013/07/05 23:41] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me stays at near-perfect attention, shooting a glance sideways at Lucy, smirking, before wiping the grin off his face and looking back to HC. "Anythin' you, uh, need tonight sir? I thought we were, heh, off duty now..."

[2013/07/05 23:42] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me's face flushes red with embarrassment as she awkwardly crosses her arms, trying to conceal herself.

[2013/07/05 23:44] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me folds his arms, "Oh hi.." his gaze goes to the ceiling when he replied.

[2013/07/05 23:45] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me scratches at the back of his head again, embarasment showing across his face. "Sir? What's up?"

[2013/07/05 23:46] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me shifts uncomfortably. "Uhm...I'll be right back." Lucy says, turning to walk to the room she had just come from where her other clothes were likely laying.

[2013/07/05 23:46] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me shook his head, "Kitten thinks you're far from ready. Both of you.... so vulnerable...weak." he shifts his hips a bit.

[2013/07/05 23:47] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me turns to watch Lucy leave the room, turning back when HC speaks. "Vulnerable? Weak? Boss, we're workin' on it. You rode our asses all night. Hell, I think I could do a helluva lot more than before, so I can't be THAT weak. Her neither" He nods back to where Lucy went.

[2013/07/05 23:48] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks him over and then glances to Lucy, "You agree?"

[2013/07/05 23:49] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me stops dead in her tracks as their mentor refers to them as weak. She shifts on heel, placing her hands on her hips and glaring at him. "I was bitten by a vampire, nearly raped by a demon and about blown up by a rocket. And I'm still here, still fighting. Do NOT call me weak." She scoffed, turning away and going to change her clothes.

[2013/07/05 23:52] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me nods, a little offended on her behalf. "Yeah, she was- Wait, what?" His face changes to disbelief and he half turns, head cocked to the side and a puzzled look all thats left. "I was there for the rockets, and saw the demon cleanup, but it RAPED you? AND you were up against vampires!?" He holds his hands out to the sides, very 'what gives'.

[2013/07/05 23:52] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me narrows his eyes, "Prepare yourself!" he dashes to Toska with his fist aimed to punch Toska in the face. Hellcat would shift in mid-air. Arriving behind Toska silenced. Hellcat would attempt to kick his feet from under him and attempt to grab his neck and toss him backwards to slide acrossed the floor.

[2013/07/05 23:53] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me could be doing all this a little early into the process.

[2013/07/05 23:54] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): If HC was effective he would have Toska slide right up to Lucy's feet.

[2013/07/05 23:55] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me hears the first attack coming, turning and swinging himself. Striking thorugh air and knocking himself off balance, he looks to the left and right before his feet are swept out. Landing hard on his side, he grunts, slapping hte ground as he makes contact to break his fall. Looking up in time to ALMOST see Hell's neck-grab coming, he manages to draw his pistol, being tossed backwards along the ground only to aim it up on HC, breathing heavily and sighting it from the floor.

[2013/07/05 23:56] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me began to hear a scuffle occurring in the other room. Lucy quickly threw on her cape, grabbed a nearby medical tray and sprinted into the room only to see Toska thrown to the floor. She glared toward their mentor. "Why don't YOU think fast!" Lucy shouted, launching the steel tray directly toward his face.

[2013/07/05 23:56] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki): /mw walks threw the door carrying her newest toy just in time to see hellcat doing something silly again and says " behind you" to see if she surprises him

[2013/07/06 00:02] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me tail was wiggling back and forth. It was always good to have his tail free.. or what good of a demon appearing to be a neko would he be. He fell towards the floor with his tail lightening the blow. The tray would go flying towards Nora since it was aimed in that direction and fall short. Hellcat lit two sparks in his hand as if they were mini fireballs and one would be aimed at Toska's jacket and the other was tossed to Lucy's feet. Kinda like a flick of the wrist. It was easier throwing little things because they were quick to make. The sparks. Not so much full fledged fireballs. Hellcat upturned his head as he was lying on his back and blew a flame like he was a rocket. Almost touching Nora as far as it was. Squeaking along as if it were laminate flooring.

[2013/07/06 00:05] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me drops the gun, grabbing at his tank top to try to put out the tiny fire, squeezing it out in his hands, he looks up, concerned, to Lucy before shooting a piercing look at Hellcat. "The FUCK, man!?" Snatching the gun and standing up, he kept the thing aimed up on the officer, confused but highly wary.

[2013/07/06 00:09] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me dived to the right, letting the tiny fireball soar over her head, but still singeing a few of the hairs on the top of her head in the evasion. With a hard thud, Lucy landed on the wooden floor on her stomach. The young woman would begin rolling toward the back wall of the room as Hellcat continued to breathe fire, evading as best she could.

[2013/07/06 00:10] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me was kinda pushing himself along the floor with the fire.. not directed at no one.. just to move))

[2013/07/06 00:11] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki): /me moves her head to the side letting the fire go right on past and ignoring it like it was not that big a deal. looking over at Toska "put that thing away idiot that how careers are ended" shed snarl and if he did not put the gun down Nora would aim her new toy at him. thinking no one needs to know its not loaded. Nora looks at Hellcat "kitten dont you think you've taken it far enough?" shed ask.

[2013/07/06 00:13] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): Ah. My mistake. Well, I'll have her do the same action, but just do it so that she's creating distance between herself and Hellcat.)

[2013/07/06 00:13] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): okie))

[2013/07/06 00:13] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me looks up with disbelief at Nora. "Are you fuckin kid- Ugh!" He turns, throwing the pistol as hard as humanly possible against the wall to his right. Turning back, He holds his hands up over his head, making sure to stay between HC and Lucy. "The fuck's goin' on here!?" He shouts, as close as a normal human can get to a growl.

[2013/07/06 00:15] *Varen* Requiem Katana CCS (Right Hand): spartan289 Resident Varen Requiem Katana : Warmup, please wait 60 seconds.

[2013/07/06 00:15] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): (9two seconds, brb))

[2013/07/06 00:15] *Varen* Requiem Katana CCS (Right Hand): spartan289 Resident Varen Requiem Katana : Initializing, please wait ...

[2013/07/06 00:17] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me rolls to his belly as he finishes sliding to the wall nearby Lucy. The fire would immediately end when he got to his destination, "Yall have no fucking sense of humor!" he shouts... almost. Grumbling, "I'm telling you you have alot to practice. Put your gun down too." he says to Nora with a finger pointing at the gun and ending up pointing to the wood floor nearby him.

[2013/07/06 00:19] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki): ((Lucy))

[2013/07/06 00:24] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki): /me lowers the rifle sighing "humor is one thing its another if recruit draws a gun on an officer" she says dryly "be sides this thing cant fire it not loaded and the receiver rusted shut i got it as a pet project to fix up" she finishes.

[2013/07/06 00:26] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me snorts, thumbing at the gun on hte ground. "Not loaded, also a piece of shit." He repeats the gesture towards HC. "I get that he's an officer, but shit gets WEIRD around this city. I had to be ready to defend myself and Lucy here in case he was, idunho, somethin' else." He shrugs. "I didn't fire, though. DESPITE his 'sense of humor' incliding settin' me aflame."

[2013/07/06 00:27] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me pulls herself up slowly, confusion planted across her expression as Hellcat appeared to have been pulling a joke/lesson on the two recruits. She shook her head, clearly unamused. However, finally noticing Nora on the other side of the room brought a sense of peace to Lucy. The last time Lucy saw her she was unconscious in a medical bed. "Good to see you awake, Nora."

[2013/07/06 00:29] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me pushes off the wall sliding on his jacket.. gliding. "Firing a gun at a demon is pointless." he glances up to catch Toska's eyes. Hellcat kicks his feet, "Lighten up.. Kitten's on your side.." pausing for extra oomph in his comment, "..and I didn't try to hurt you or burn you up. I coulda just took you buy the neck and tossed you into the wall. Coulda shoulda woulda." he said bobbing his head from side to side.

[2013/07/06 00:30] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): kicks his feet playfully.

[2013/07/06 00:30] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me rises to his feet on even ground.

[2013/07/06 00:32] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki): /me smiles at Lucy "why hello Lucy funny thing running into you here last night i had the oddest dream you where running around waring my cloths pointing guns at every thing and pulling pranks on every one in the city it was all so very odd". Nora looks over at Toska "you need a lesson in whats in this city because most here are not human and even the humans have strange powers" shed says trying to make him realize he was just as in the wrong right now as the rest of them.

[2013/07/06 00:34] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me scoffs. "I get it, you're perfectly capable of tearin' us apart. Just like EVERY goddamned creature out there!" He marches to the wall, snagging his shitty gun and reholstering it. "The hell's the point then? All the training, the sparring, the laws and regulations, the chai of command, ALL of it!?" He throws his hands up over his head in defeat. "None of this shit MATTERS, I'm just LUNCH for the next big fish! Guns wont work, blades wont work, what do you WANT me to do the next time a twelve foot bat demon waltzes into HQ!? Tackle it!?! Read it it's rights!?! Gah!" He repeats the hands over head gesture, storming to the door. "I Get that I shouldn't've pulled a gun on an officer. Not only was it useless, but It put me at risk. You want me out, Kick me out. I'm gettin' a goddamned drink." He either squeezes past or shoulders by Nora, if allowed, storming off to the only Bar in town.

[2013/07/06 00:37] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me suddenly moves forward, hugging Toska tightly from behind. Although she still couldn't control her strange ability, she did her best to will any kind of calming influence into his body. "Toska...I know it may not seem like it right now, but it's their way of helping. Don't give up everything you're so dedicated to over this."

[2013/07/06 00:39] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks up at Toska, "Wow... drama queen much?" he said in a tone that was less than par in the moment to satisfy an apology. Hellcat studied his reactions. Something he wanted to see was stress and apparently this was a perfect moment to bring it out. If they remained happy the whole time HC couldn't work with that. "Just tough it out. You said you're capable of doing it." he begins to walk towards the door meeting Nora in the entrance and hanging sloppily along it.

[2013/07/06 00:41] Fryso (fryslander): /me walks with Arabella over to the others after a bit of Q & A with the two strangers, nods to Ara "Yep, bound to get a few of those."

[2013/07/06 00:43] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter): /me chuckles softly and looks in the building to the group of people "Hola everyone." she says brightly

[2013/07/06 00:45] Nora Mactíre (fuyudzuki): /me lets Toska go by if he likes " if Toska does go out the door Nora would try to slap him up side the back of the head " rule#5 You don't waste good ......wait or was that Rule #23? no no Rule #23 is Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live...... " she trails off a bit listing rules "anyway if im saying that to you do math if you can" she says firmly.

[2013/07/06 00:48] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me shrugs off Lucy, Scoffing at HC's comments. Shooting a 'not right now' look as a response to Arabella's greeting, he squeezes out past Nora, getting smacked upside the head as he passed. Opening his mouth to speak, he stops himself, closing it, before leaving. No reason to resist any more official members tonight. Too much of that already.

[2013/07/06 00:50] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me replicates Nora's actions on Nora with the slapping. He'd walk on out of the door, "Go on inside guys grab a book or something." like that was going to happen. He walks to catch up to Toska

[2013/07/06 00:50] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me frowned as Toska shrugged her off. She stared at the ground for a couple of seconds before she looked back at him, glaring at him as he left. She rolled her eyes and turned away, walking further into the building.

[2013/07/06 00:51] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me would walk with Toska for a bit before he would speak. Alongside Toska.

[2013/07/06 00:52] Fryso (fryslander): /me wasn't sure what they walked up on "Kitten, Toska." he'd nod as the stepped outside then backed out of the way.

[2013/07/06 00:53] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me gives the same 'not right now' glare to Fry that ara got, storming past him, trying to ignore the pursuing neko.

[2013/07/06 00:53] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter): /me blinks, looking pzzled at the glares, her arms tightening around her Master

[2013/07/06 00:54] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me dips his head respectfully, "Humans..." he just mutters very quietly on the verge of not being heard.

[2013/07/06 00:55] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me dashes infront of Toska, "Alley now, soldier."

[2013/07/06 00:56] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me glares heavily at HC. Teeth gritted, he tilts his head to the side. "I've already been told I'm off duty today. No reason to pull rank"

[2013/07/06 00:58] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "Not by me." he says now in first person. His glare as rigid as his body was.

[2013/07/06 00:58] LakashaRose: /me she stops standing back her eyes watching the two she is shivering having withdraws she wanted to get to the corner maybe she could buy a few things...She knew that they had something that would help her...she slowly slips by the two heading for the bar for now hoping she would run in to some old friends...she stumbles and almost falls on her face in front of them...

[2013/07/06 01:00] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me glances over his shoulder at the stumbling girl, quickly disregarding her as another fucking drunk. Breaking off the staredown, Toska turns on his heel, arms crossed tightly across his chest, as he storms into the alley, turning and waiting for HC.

[2013/07/06 01:02] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me followed Toska, "So you feel worthless? Meaningless?" he would try to shove Toska, "So you want the ranks off? They off. Show me your tough!" he would attempt once more.if the first landed.

[2013/07/06 01:06] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me takes the first shove, stepping backwards to compensate before readjusting his position. Scowling angrily, he simply exhales, listening to the rant. Taking the second shove, he steps back again, larger-than normal hands balling into larger-than-normal fists at his sides. "Fuckin' stop with the bullshit, arright? No reason to act so goddamned bipolar. I either did good, or I didn't. The rest is crap." He follows the last word by spitting on the ground between them.

[2013/07/06 01:09] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me noticed Toska and almost says something until she notices Kaar too " shit" she mumbled and flopped onto the couch

[2013/07/06 01:11] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me's eyes jerk to his balled up his fists and then up to Toska. Inside he'd smile. Though Hellcat wasn't tense. Once more he shoved Toska, "Do something! Do something big boy! You tell me how you did! You know what you're doing!" he'd shove him until he pushed Toska in the mental corner he didnt want to be in. Take in account Hellcat is short and small compared to Toska so it was like a midget pushing a giant.

[2013/07/06 01:13] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me doesn't even bother paying much attention to Toska and her brother, she was already in enough trouble

[2013/07/06 01:15] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me takes another two shoves, a bestial growl building up in the back of his throat, seeping out through gritted teeth. He kept thinking to himself 'Officer Officer Officer Officer Officer" as he got pushed. All the crap, all the bigass demons, the viscious creatures, the bad people, finally drove him over the edge. Roaring with rage, hands clenched to his own sides, he leans back. "Fuckin; STOP!" He roared, leaning forward as had and as fast as he could, trying to line up the headbut with Hell's all-too-pretty nose.

[2013/07/06 01:17] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((Sorry bout that. I miss anythin?))

[2013/07/06 01:17] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): nope))

[2013/07/06 01:20] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me knew something was coming but a headbutt to the face was new. Hellcat hadn't flinched but an odd expression came acrossed his face. Struck in the face he'd hit him hard enough to knock him on his ass. "Fuck!" he had a pissed off expression at first. Hellcat pinched his nose tight as squeezed out some blood groaning about his face. Hellcat just sat there.

[2013/07/06 01:24] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me is floating somewhere in a black void, only sight a far-too-close image of HC's face, only sound the echo of a loud crack. In the alley, the large recruit breathed heavily, mouth slightly open, eyes darting about like one of the feral people from the wastelands. His hands contorted from a claw-like position to fists and back, matching his breathing, and he hunched forward a bit, looking down at HC and letting a deep, piercing and echoing roar/scream, still very much human, from his body, bouncing off the walls of the alley and no-doubt being heard blocks away.

[2013/07/06 01:26] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /mr gets up off the couch pulls off her sweater and drops if by Kaar's feel before she smiles at toska and slips into the back alley

[2013/07/06 01:29] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter): /me follows her Master to the city cheerfully

[2013/07/06 01:30] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me had thought the burst of rage would cool Toska down once he saw HC facebutted. Hellcat took a syringe from his jacket and would swing his arms to strike Toska's leg. Hellcat's vision was somewhat blurred from the blood in his face. Still holding his nose and his ears now flattening or frowning at the loud-ness.

[2013/07/06 01:30] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): The syringe would be full of a paralysis syrum.

[2013/07/06 01:32] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): *itching

[2013/07/06 01:33] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me yanks his leg back, Scream-roarinng again. Stumbling as his leg begins to lose strength, leans to the left, holding onto one of the crates, gripping it with his fingers hard enough to hear wood crack, the pressure likely doing just as much damage to his hand. Leg giving out, he collapses to his knees against the crate, Snarling and lunging at HC as he falls, trying to get a grip on him as the syrum worked its way into his main body.

[2013/07/06 01:36] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me comes back around the corner and her eyes flash glaring at Kaar then looking to Toska walking up to him with a worried expresion on her face

[2013/07/06 01:37] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): A smell of rose petals would fill the air only for Toska. Hellcat had created an illusion. The eye contact would allow an easy transfer. Hellcat moved out of the way of where Toska would have smacked into him. The illusion displayed Hellcat crossing his arms. It would feel real and it would feel as if he slammed into HC but Hellcat wasn't there.

[2013/07/06 01:38] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): Crossing his arms defending his face*

[2013/07/06 01:40] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me snags onto the illusory HC with one arm, pulling his slowly numbing body on top of the neko. THe other arm would rap around, trying to find some way to pin him, gripping onto Tara's hoodie on the ground as a result. Believing he had the real target, the beastly, feral Toska begins to chew and growl at the fake-neko's arms and face, apparently trying to actively maul him to death, grip on both the fake shoulder and the hooded sweatshirt impossible to undo.

[2013/07/06 01:45] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me looks to Kaar, and in a hushed voice growls, " What did you do to him Kaar!"

[2013/07/06 01:46] Alicia (aliciatarnswing): /me mews softly as she wakes up and crawls out from under the desk

[2013/07/06 01:48] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me was awefully surprised at how far Toska had went into his rage. Something must've built in a ball and kept to it..never to be released. Hellcat would only be able to witness the illusion.. Hellcat was glad he had projected it. Slowly rising up to his feet. The illusion would hush the other senses Toska may have had. But Toska appeared to be ontop of some air biting it. To Hellcat it was like watching a fucked up porno. He glances back with the vision still in his eyes. Hellcat couldn't see Tara but he would turn his head, "Quiet..he's fine."

[2013/07/06 01:50] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): In the Illusion Hellcat would be screaming in pain trying to peel back Toska and eventually going limp.

[2013/07/06 01:51] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me chewed at the fake neko, ripping flesh from bone and growling at him, pinning him and going totally berzerk. Slowly the syrum worked upwards, going through his waist and then u his back and chest, slowing his breathing. Eventually the arms stopped working, and despite the hands still being locked onto whatever they were clawing at (An illusory HC and a hoodie), the yell-growling slows, quiets, and the man slumps onto the ground, completely asleep.

[2013/07/06 01:55] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me steps closer to Toska's body and looks at Kaar reaching down and gingerly touching Toska's neck to make sure he was still breathing

[2013/07/06 01:59] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((He's still breathin'))

[2013/07/06 02:00] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((sorry, playing with the camera))

[2013/07/06 02:01] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((obviously Very Happy))

[2013/07/06 02:02] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me steps in the way to block Tara from Toska. He'd know that Toska was unconcious because the illusion would stop. "He just ripped off my face and ate me until I died. Might not want to go next to him for the time being. Hellcat would turn over Toska's limp body and wipe the blood from HC's face onto Toska's hands, face and chest. Hellcat wanted to let Toska know he did something uber bloody but there would be a lack of blood to make it look exclusively real.

[2013/07/06 02:04] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me breathes steadily, deeply, staying limp and under control, eyes shut almost...peacefully. Not even so much as groaning. When the illusion leaves, one of his hands clench into a fist, the other still locked around Tara's hoodie.

[2013/07/06 02:05] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me growls softly, taking a step back to accommodate Kaars stupid interference. "what the hell was it for..why would you let him assume he's hurting you"

[2013/07/06 02:06] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "Cus he woulda hurt me."

[2013/07/06 02:06] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me was as serious as serious could get and his voice and body stiffened.

[2013/07/06 02:07] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me giggle snorts, " Kaar come on.. he can barely hold a gun right let alone keep it loaded, there's no WAY he could have hurt you"

[2013/07/06 02:09] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me clenches his jaw looking to her with no budge in his form, "The soldier needs to rest. He's had an extremely long day. Take care of him for me, please." he'd add the last part as a type of begging. "Just no odd sex. He needs to get whatever that was outta his system."

[2013/07/06 02:10] Alicia (aliciatarnswing): /me looks over curiously at the small group, scrubbing her sleepy eyes with a curled hand and scooting over, coming up behind the one with kitty ears and attempting to snuffle his hair

[2013/07/06 02:11] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me looked almost confused, she thought she wasn't suppose to be seen aiding the CRNA people, " Umm uhh ok" and knelt down by Toska and ran her hand through his hair

[2013/07/06 02:13] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me continues breathing steadily, paralyzed and asleep, blood and bits of tiny debris on his face and chest.

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