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Post by Legion on Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:57 am

- Toska Moriarty
-ℒasciel Massani

RP Length: 1 hour

- Lash takes toska in for an apparently much needed physical, finding a bout of cranial injuries and mental issues before sending him off

RP Log:
[22:42] ℒasciel Massani leaned up against a part of the PD's wall, seeming less than pleased with herself as she thinks about drinking from the flask. Remembering that toska just headed into the building and he hadn't had his physical jet she kind of jumps and heads into the building herself
[22:44] ℒasciel Massani saunters in and raises a brow "You grabbing some cookies? bring one with you and follow me into the medbay would you? I've got to get your physical done"
[22:45] Toska Moriarty sips at his coffee, turning around when the door is opened. Seeing Lasciel walk through, he offfers a quick though half-assed salute before taking another sip. Nodding and snagging a couple cookies off the table, he walks after the...cyborg? He made a mental note to ask, but just stuck with "Of course, Ma'am."
[22:47] ℒasciel Massani heads off, a little slower than normal, not as energetic it seemed, but none the less she had a job to do "Alright, to start things off before we head inside, I need your full name, date that you joined us, your particular race, and date of birth"
[22:50] Toska Moriarty quickly swallows another sip of coffee, listing off answers as he followed. "Alright. My name's Toska Moriarty. No middle name, no real nicknames either. I joined in...sheesh, lemme' think. I mean, technically I', just a recruit still, so is it the day I signed all my applications?" He scratches his head, deciding to come back to that. "I'm a human, rare it seems, but I still think of it as 'normal'. And, uh...As far as a birthdate is concerned, I'm not totally sure..."
[22:51] ℒasciel Massani nods "Yeah lets say when you signed your papers...and if you don't know your date of you at least know how old you are?"
[22:54] Toska Moriarty shrugs. "That's about two weeks ago. June 25 I believe. I'm sure they're on file if I need to check..." Scratching at the back of his head, he continues. "Well, I don't have a date, so I'm not really sure when the 'transition is', so as of right now I'm either nineteen or twenty. Hard to know the details without any of the, ya' know, details." He lets his arms drop back to his sides, shrugging, apparently a tidbit embarrassed.
[22:54] Skylar Agrotera nodded to Luci and looked down at her bracelet and sighed, "And the description I just got fits almost every male in the city. Tall, well built, long hair and facial hair. Tattooed."
[22:56] ℒasciel Massani nods "Alright then, don't worry about the details, come on in" she pushes through the door and almost right away starts setting up for the physical, preparing an assortment of tools, sterilizing herself and her equipment "Just hop onto the exam table after stripping down...and don't forget to close the door, privacy is a good thing"
[22:59] Toska Moriarty follows Lash into the medbay room, mentally thanking himself that he was able to walk in on his own this time as he closes the door. Taking off his tanktop and folding it on the table, he looks over to Lash, asking quickly; "How much am I peeling off, here, doc?"
[23:03] ℒasciel Massani shrugs and comes back with her tablet, already filling out the form "Just the top is fine...unless you have issues down below, or injuries" she continues "Alright then, next part is health history, I'm going to name off a big list, you just tell me which ones you've experienced" she takes a long breath "Asthma, kidney disease, diabetes, psychiatric issues, cardiovascular disease, head or spinal injuries, neurological issues, any other disorder illness disease or injury that has lasting effects on your person"
[23:08] Toska Moriarty nods along through the list, one hand counting with his fingers each time he hears something familiar. "Alright, head and spinal injuries have happened a couple times, been concussed once or twice and been smacked around the head quite a bit since signing on." He nervously scratches at the back of his head. "And uh....Psychiatric means crazy, right boss?"
[23:09] ℒasciel Massani nods quietly
[23:11] Toska Moriarty breathes deeply. "Yeah, been dealing with a bit of that lately, it seems like. Hellcat knows more about it than I do, I'm still really thrown off by it, it's kinda tough to explain..." Hed shrug, nervously looking around the floor before remembering to hop onto the table.
[23:13] ℒasciel Massani nods "Alright then, I'll check up with him and the other leads about that particular issue" she moves to the next section "Alright, name your poisons, pharmaceuticals, narcotics, nicotine, alcohol what have you, and then any other specific medical needs you might have"
[23:16] Toska Moriarty nods, holding up a hand. "Uh, is occasional blackouts Neuro-lodge-ick-al or psycho-based? Because I've been fighting those off recently...Bit of memory loss there too." Shrugging, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out an orange bottle, handing it out to her. "Said blackouts are followed by intense headacches while I recover. I traded these offa' the Syndicate to treat the headaches. Been working good so far." He smirks. "I don't smoke and used to only drink lightly. Now I've cut back, basically swearin' off the stuff. I figure it wouldn't help with my other issues, and I'd rather be alert as much as possible."
[23:20] ℒasciel Massani smiles "Don't worry about it, just keep taking those pills properly...and if you have an issue with them, come straight to me or someone else with medical training" she hands back the bottle of pills "Alright, I'm going to grab a tray of tools and then start the physical portion, you alright with having your blood drawn?"
[23:22] Toska Moriarty quickly eyes over the tools, unsure of what any of it was used for, slipping the half-empty bottle into his pocket. "Do what you gotta, I can take it. Blood drawing should be no issue, I've bled before right? Just never quite on purpose."
[23:24] ℒasciel Massani chuckles "Da, I likely should have gotten one off of you the last time, just wasn't thinking straight myself" she headed back and brought over the tray "Say ahh for me?" she asks before placing the tongue depresser down and looking down his throat, noting what she found before checking the eyes ears and nose with an otoscope
[23:26] Toska Moriarty does as instructed, being completely compliant and trying to do as well as possible, despite that having no effect, on the tests, occasionally trying to shoot a glance towards her notes.
[23:28] ℒasciel Massani gives toska a bit of a 'tsk tsk' sound before continuing her work, grabbing the stethoscope and getting up close to him "Warning, both this and my hands are cold as ice" she says before pressing the stethoscope against the center of his chest, checking his airways before moving on to his heart
[23:30] Toska Moriarty starts to respond with a "Don't worry abou-" before shuddering slightly, closing his eyes and breathing as instructed.
[23:34] ℒasciel Massani smirks "Told you.." she sets the stethoscope aside and hands him a length of rubber tubing "Tie this around your left elbow" she says before starting to wipe down the area with alcohol, and bringing up the syringe to his arm "This might sting a bit" she exclaims before pushing the needle in to catch the veins inside
[23:35] ℒasciel Massani groans, muttering into her comm unit
[23:35] :: REGION:: Legion (Lasciel): Anyone who sees lowan outside or in la, could you bring him in? he's due for his physical
[23:37] Toska Moriarty ties the bit of tubing as best he can, stumbling with it a few times; clearly he was not a heroin addict. Following Lash's arm down tho the needle, he watches go through his own skin, offering a small "Hssssh" of a reaction before re-relaxing.
[23:41] ℒasciel Massani smirks "You can take an explosion but my hands and a needle are painful to you?" she rolls her eyes and draws out the blood sample she needs, setting the vial into the fridge with the others and cleaning up after herself. She hands him a small piece of gauze and medical tape "Put this on the hole. Unless there is anything else you feel you have to tell me, you're free to go...oh and if you see lowan, send him in"
[23:43] Toska Moriarty chuckles. "Guess I'm not a fan of the needlework. And your hands were cold, a little reacion ain't that bad." He takes the gauze over his arm, hopping down from the table. "Think the explosion had a lot to do with adrenaline...Plus I didn't see that coming." He smirks at her. "If I see 'em, I'll send 'em. Anythin' else you need from me?"
[23:45] ℒasciel Massani shrugs "Other than finding other recruits that have yet to do this with me and sending em my way?" she smirks "Try to stay off my exam table as much as possible, makes for less work for me, and a longer life for you"
[23:47] Toska Moriarty nods, grabbing his shirt and putting it back on. "Gotcha'. I'll try to avoid the visits that cause you too much trouble." He chuckles, since those were the ones where he HAD to come in. Smiling, he heads for and opens the door. "Thanks again Doc. When can I expect results? Or do I even get to see 'em?"
[23:49] ℒasciel Massani continues writing up the medical record "In general you don't see your own medical records, they are for my and other medical personnel's use, if you have an issue that we find, we'll tell you about it in private, doctor patient stuff right?"
[23:50] Toska Moriarty nods, still smiling. "Sounds about right. Hell, you're the professional. Thanks Lash, I'll try to stay out of your hair. You already got enough of my blood today." Shooting her a quick wink, he turns to leave into the lobby.

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