Explanation to Toska for his actions..

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Explanation to Toska for his actions.. Empty Explanation to Toska for his actions..

Post by Hellcat on Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:45 pm

Explanation to Toska for his actions..

Major roles: (the account names not the display names)
Hellcat (Gnomie Thatch)
Toska Moriarty (spartan289)

Minor roles: (the account names not the display names)
ŤåŔɑTara (davryntri.zabelin)
Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti)

time begin: 21:52 time end: 00:29

Role Play:

Spoke to Toska about what happened the other night when he headbutted Hellcat's nose.


[2013/07/06 21:52] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "You've done it before. And you cant keep your cock to yourself... from what I heard."

[2013/07/06 21:52] Andromeda Recreant: I gots no reason to pee on you

[2013/07/06 21:53] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me looks quizically at the strange interraction between HC and the...talking...dog? "Bah..." He shakes his head, having already seen weirder things about.

[2013/07/06 21:53] Fryso (fryslander): /me returns a smile to Arabella "You showed up just in time for the fireworks tonight it would seem."

[2013/07/06 21:53] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks to Toska, "We need to speak in the station." he glances to Fryso, "If something goes down Kitten will be on the comm."

[2013/07/06 21:54] Fryso (fryslander): /me laughs hearing HC addressing Andro then nods to him "Got it, I'll let you know."

[2013/07/06 21:54] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter): /me chuckles softly "Well, it'll be interesting for sure." she says

[2013/07/06 21:55] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me glances up the street, noting Tara and...The demon thing that tried to rape Lucy!?! He turns to head into the station, scowling, patting at Fry on his way. "Keep an eye there. I'm comless but the girl's my contact in The Tribe..." He points up the street before hurrying after HC.

[2013/07/06 21:58] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me follows HC, a little apprehensive. "You going to tell me whats up?

[2013/07/06 21:58] Fryso (fryslander): /me grins to Ara "Sleep well?" then nods to Toska "Will do." and glances up the street.

[2013/07/06 22:00] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me walks to the desk and takes a seat. Raising a finger he double checks his actions and rises to his feet and points to the seat, "You may want to sit down."

[2013/07/06 22:01] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me cocks his head to the side, question still unanswered. "I don't, actually. The hell's goin' on?" He crosses his arms over his chest. "Unless that was an order" He adds, half sarcastically.

[2013/07/06 22:03] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "Don't question me. It's an order. Just like everything I mostly say to you." he was still slightly vague but he was clear enough to tell him it was an order this time. "Take a fucking seat."

[2013/07/06 22:05] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me mumbles out a quick 'Fine." before sitting down. "Really, though. What's going on? We're getting shot at, we've got search teams out there, and you drag me down here? Can't you just fuckin' fill me in?" He keeps his arms crossed over his chest. facce more confused and curious than really annoyed.

[2013/07/06 22:08] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "This will be confidential." As he said that the air fills with a smell of sakura petals. Hellcat's illusion would act as everything he would be doing. HC would lean forward and place both elbows to the desk and ask, "Do you remember what happened last night?"

[2013/07/06 22:09] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me sighs, having figured this is where it was going but still hoping for the best till now. Looking down to the desk in front of him, he mutters quickly. "Most of it..."

[2013/07/06 22:13] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "Explain it to me?" he says softly. Real HC would walk to the cabinet where the paper was kept. The illusion would act as if it were down in the basement. Smells of stale air. Hellcat's normal feline musk. The illusion shifts his hands to rest is head on supporting it. "Don't let a detail out and don't get cocky. Theres a point to this." the Fake HC would rub his nose and a bruise would visually show like the one HC had right now. The illusion would show him wincing.

[2013/07/06 22:19] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me looks up only at the cocky comment. "Eh, I'll tell you what I DO remember, arright? We did our little training session, you were tough but fair, everythin' was kosher. Then, I went to poke around the base a bit with Lucy, get a feel for the other safezone, and you barge into our conversation, calling us weak and vulnerable even though you had JUST told us we were doing great!" He uncrosses his arms, holding onto the side of the chair. " Your bi-polar ass, freaked when we told you we weren't, you threw me and tried to light the both of us on fire! I got worried, pulled my shitty ass unloaded pistol, and then Nora chewed me out." He sneers, breathing out heavily. "Anyway, I left, headed back to the station. Well, to the Z, I needed a drink. Either way, you showed up again and dragged me into an alley, screaming at me and shoving me around for no fuckin' reason!" He exhales again, relaxing a bit before lookin' up at HC. "Right around there's when I figure I passed out... But listen, that doesn't usually
[2013/07/06 22:19] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): happen. Only once or twice in the past month, and even though I get a wicked headache the next day, I still function, so no biggie. No reason not to be accepted here, Im still a functional human being." He crosses his arms over his chest again.

[2013/07/06 22:21] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): (When speaking it will be illusion with ' this before HC for lightening up the fake and stuffs))

[2013/07/06 22:23] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((I cant tell what what you just said means. I get that its the double talking though.))

[2013/07/06 22:24] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): 'Hellcat glances over Toska and pulls up a seat from nowhere, "I see.. You don't remember headbutting the shit out of my face?" he points to the darkened area around his nose. "Because I really remember.. and I thought that would give you release to cool the fuck down." 'Hellcat would shift uneasy in the chair with his arms to his side. "You sure you don't remember what happened before you passed out?"

[2013/07/06 22:25] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me would shift against the bookshelf and watch the illusion take place with Toska and his fake self. There was a good reason that Hellcat wasn't doing it himself but that had yet to be revealed.

[2013/07/06 22:27] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me perks an eyebrow at the double, shaking his head. "No, I woulda' rembered knocking your face in. Woulda' been satisfying as all hell, honestly, but I didn't do that. No fuckin' way. " He shifts uncomfortably in the chair. "That's all I got. Woke up on the couch in that alley with some girls hoodie in my hand, but that's all I've got to work with. I figure I must've been knocked out or drugged or some shit, unless it IS me bein' unhealthy and blackin' out." He shrugs, exhaling again.

[2013/07/06 22:29] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): double?))
[2013/07/06 22:30] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((The illusion HC. Sorry.))
[2013/07/06 22:30] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): okie, just type 'HC if need be or 'Hellcat))

[2013/07/06 22:34] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "Do you want me to tell you what you did? How scary... from someone normal you seemed to be? Or show you..." the illusion shook his head. "You would think that you only went to that extent... of giving you release.." the illusion would wave as if it were a mirror image in water and the small waves would disturb the image. The real Hellcat would be standing where he was against the cabinet, "But you didn't. You went much more beyond that of a real person in their right mind."

[2013/07/06 22:35] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): The illusion, the chair, the petal scent all faded away as Hellcat said his statement.

[2013/07/06 22:41] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me stands from the chair, looking around, very concerned, near panicked. "The fuck're you doin'? No shit I wanted to hit you, but I didn't, you're a goddamned officer! The fuck's goin' on? You drug me?"

[2013/07/06 22:46] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks to him very plainly unconcerned, "You can check your pulse.. vitals.. everything. I gave you no drug. I use a ninja technique called genjutsu. Namely an illusionary technique." he paused. "Do you think I would do this to trick you with something so meaningless as recalling an event?" he sighs through his nose, "Dont get so excited I am an officer and have had interrogating experience. How else do you think I avoid bloodshed?"

[2013/07/06 22:57] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((Shall I continue?))
[2013/07/06 22:57] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): yeap))

[2013/07/06 22:57] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me relaxes a bit, looking around, still trying to process the idea of illusions and ninja techniques. "I didn't think we need to avoid SHIT." He breathes in deep, relaxing a bit again, some strange new smell being just delightful. "Listen..I have no idea why I'm up here with you right now. All I know is that you were bein' more abusive than normal and it REALLY pissed me off...then I woke up on the couch with a POUNDING headache and this.." He reaches into one of the oversized pockets of his cargo pants, pulling out a neatly folded woman's hoodie. "Whoever left this behind must've smelled fantastic, but Im clueless. Sorry."

[2013/07/06 22:57] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): we in basement by the way Razz))
[2013/07/06 22:58] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): (9thought this was up?))
[2013/07/06 23:00] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): ((kk))
[2013/07/06 23:01] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): ((Yup!))
[2013/07/06 23:02] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): **no idea why Im DOWN here with you

[2013/07/06 23:02] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me nods, "Well you seemed like you were roaring?" he questioned. "Something along the lines of loud screaming, yelling and roaring... it sounds odd. And it was odd." he said. "But you headbutted the shit out of my nose. Which I let you do to get rid of the aggression.. You see.. a time to release pent up energy. Do you understand?"

[2013/07/06 23:03] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): "I don't remember any of that, sir. I see the bruises and figure I woulda' wanted to, but I jsut outright did NOT do that. I don't know what else to say." He holds his arms out in defeat, face twisted up in thought and confusion.

[2013/07/06 23:06] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me shook his head slightly agitated, "Well I didn't bounce my face off the wall. And you didn't see any bruises on my face earlier that day right?" he continued shaking his head and then raised a hand to delicately rub his nose. "I'm not lying. What would I benefit from a star pupil that I want to succeed? Not your downfall obviously."

[2013/07/06 23:08] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me sits down on the ground, rubbing the sides of his head. "I don't know what you want out of this. I wasn't going to actually hit you, I swear. I've got too much at stake to attack anyone!" He sighs heavily. "I already told you everythin' I got, bossman."

[2013/07/06 23:14] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "You know I I conducted the illusion right? Do you think you could handle what I saw when I projected the illusion from you? From where I stood bleeding from my nose?" he jerks away from the cabinet and walks closer. "I can't give you drugs or they disturb the reality of my illusions. And I need you to tell me real talk if you can handle it. Not that you think you could handle it. But that you could be mentally stable out of what I can do?"

[2013/07/06 23:15] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me stands again, looking down at the folded hoodie in his hand before repocketing it, thinking hard. Humbly, he manages to mutter very little. "Yeah. I can handle whatever. Just wanna get this straightened out, 'cuz I didn't show shit."

[2013/07/06 23:15] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): *didnt DO shit

[2013/07/06 23:16] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks to the hoodie he had in his hand remembering how he did get it. "Do you remember getting that?" he asked. "'Cus maybe that might help smooth things out in your head."

[2013/07/06 23:19] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me shakes his head. "Not a clue. I've been lookin' at it and thinkin' bout it all day. Could fit a hundred different girls in this city, Im sure, but When I woke up all I knew was that my head hurt like hell and that I was grabbing onto this for dear life..." He breathes out, steeling himself. "Show me what you've got to. I jsut wanna' figure it all out."

[2013/07/06 23:24] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks to him, "You need to know right now... You have no need to be apologetic because I had the situation covered the whole time. Understood?" he states. "And what I will project to you is that of my memories. And the only thing fake about this while I show you is where the both of us will stand in the illusion. Kinda like that Christmas story with Scrudge."

[2013/07/06 23:25] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me nods. "Scrooge? Idunho, I'm ready. Show me, I can take it..." H e cracks his knuckles and prepares himself as best he can, ready to see screaming and a solid headbutt.

[2013/07/06 23:27] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): "Let's go to a room we can lock. We can't be distrubed."

[2013/07/06 23:27] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me follows. "C'mon. Hit me with it. I wanna get this over with, sir."

[2013/07/06 23:30] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me punches in a lock code. "Don't tense up... Just breathe a lot. Maybe you can learn this genjutsu technique." Hellcat turns and sakura flower petals begin to fall from the ceiling. As soon as Toska would look to them they were place in the alley. Everything played as it did.. but the two of them were standing behind Toska. The illusion would begin when they were arguing and Hellcat just got headbutted.

[2013/07/06 23:33] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me breathes in deeply, focusing as best he can, soundproofed room in the basement. ((Sorry Tara)) Looking around, he circled the scene, standing off to the side of himself. "See, I didn't hit shit...And look at how much of an ASSHOLE you're being!" He points at the illusion HC, before standing back and waiting for it to play out."

[2013/07/06 23:34] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): "Wait, the fuck!?" His eyes widen, and he steps back even further, very confused. "I didn't fuckin' do that! The hell!?!" His jaw drops, staring transfixed at the whole thing.

[2013/07/06 23:41] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me nods to Toska, "You're doing fine right?" everything slowed to a stop. "Because if this throws you off I can dispel my illusion. Hellcat would walk to the Hellcat on his knees and fix a strand of Hellcat's hair. The Hellcat which would project the images hasn't occured yet but he and Tara would come later. An illusion inside an illusion and to top it off a person who controlled the illusion with a bystander sitting by. Hellcat would walk to where him and Toska was originally placed, "Want something to drink? Lemonade?"

[2013/07/06 23:43] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me waves his hand dismissively. "Just trying to figure this all out...I don't remember that at all.. And..Ugh..." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small orange bottle. "Fuck..no drugs,,,right..." He muttered dropping them back into his pocket. "Painkillers, to deal with these headaches..." He shrugs, waving to the frozen scene. "It's hard to focus, so surreal but..I think I got it. Go on with it..."

[2013/07/06 23:47] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me continues the illusion. This time it wouldn't have stopped but continued to go. How the real Hellcat injected him with paralysis needle. How Hellcat projected the illusion so easily. The hoodie picked up from Tara and grabbed. Hellcat would stop the illusion when Hellcat would dissappear from the scene and the rest would just be placed on pause so they could talk in the illusion to discuss what occured.

[2013/07/07 00:09] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks to Toska and shakes his head and shrugs. Hellcat would disperses the illusion and Toska would be standing as if he's been standing there the whole time. "Yeah... it's what happened. Thats why I said illusions avoid bloodshed.. or the exact opposite. I let what happen run it's course and the paralysis dart did it's job. Good thing I was the officer in charge...." he added

[2013/07/07 00:11] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me nods, still holding onto his head. "Can I take this medicine now?" He asks, looking up at the Neko. "I gotta kill this headache....And thank you...I..I dont remember anything past you shoving me. The fuck does that MEAN?" He stands still thinking as hard as he could.

[2013/07/07 00:15] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me looks at him and then walks to the door to unlock it. "Means you have a bit of a rage problem. Means you need to stay away from things that would get you overly raged until I can to control tests with you to correct the malfunction." he says nodding. "Welp. I have one more thing..." he pauses. "I want you to do some rest. Don't stress about it too much.. and just have rest for the time being. Everything I do with you. And I mean EVERYTHING, I do. Is for your benefit. So trust me a little. I'm overly unorthodox but it all has a reason to my madness.

[2013/07/07 00:17] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me nods, following the cat out. "Yeah, stay away from anything that'll piss me off. Just gotta ignore the whole damned city then huh?" He chuckles, wincing at his booming headache. 'I'll stay outta' trouble chief...Really, thanks. I trust you."

[2013/07/07 00:17] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me nods, "I'll escort you down." he walks to the elevator. "Just keep this under wraps? Got me?"

[2013/07/07 00:20] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me nods along. "You got it boss. No arguments, no stress. I'll just relax is all..." He shakes his head and follows the cat down. What could possibly bother him here at the station?

[2013/07/07 00:21] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): go ahead))

[2013/07/07 00:22] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me walks in the room and stetches, "Time for Kitten to retire.." he yawns. He would walk up and attempt to massage Lucy's shoulders while he looked to the peeps at the counter, "Oi, sis!"

[2013/07/07 00:23] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me 's eyes light up as she sees Hell Cat, "KAAR!!"

[2013/07/07 00:23] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me follows HC into the lobby, stopping to look around, one hand still holding his head. Seeing a few friendly faces, he smiled widely, about to greet everyone before he noticed that the wrong faces were in the wrong places. "Ah shit.." He muttered to himself, walking up to the desks. "Uh, 'ello everyone...What's goin' on here?"

[2013/07/07 00:24] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((Well, it was fun playing but Ive got to go toni- jk, jk. Wouldnt dare right now. Just praying that nobody dies is all. ))

[2013/07/07 00:24] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): /me's eyebrows raised in shock as their mentor called Tara his...sister? She then noticed Toska walking in and cursed under her breath. She was hoping Nora had been wrong.

[2013/07/07 00:25] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me growls softly, " Toska, where's my hoodie you stole from me" she says as she slips off the counter, her voice dark yet had a subtle hint of silkiness to it, " I want my clothing back please" crassing her arms over her barely covered chest

[2013/07/07 00:25] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): *crossing

[2013/07/07 00:28] Hellcat (gnomie.thatch): /me opens a drawer as if it had clothing in it. Hellcat reaches into the shadows of the drawer and grabs a handful of shirts and pants that were roughly her size probably bigger. Walking to her, "If you in need of shirts here you go." he would place it on her lap and then fall backwards where shadows gathered in an oval.. close to a coffin shape. Hitting the floor where the shadows were he sunk into it slowly as if it were sludge.. or chocolate.

[2013/07/07 00:28] Lucy Valentine (edessa.andretti): (Night!)

[2013/07/07 00:29] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): /me nods along, not wanting to quite ask why Lucy seemed so glum. Hopefully the manipulative little cat hadn't already lied away all the air in the room. "Right..Here, listen...Hell just showed me what happened...Here." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the hoodie, holding it forward, waiting for her to come get it, trying to ignore her body and Hell's dramatic exit. He couldnt process more illusions.

[2013/07/07 00:29] ŤåŔɑ (davryntri.zabelin): /me growls loking to her brother, " No I want My hoodie" she growled as she tossed the clothing back at Kaar

[2013/07/07 00:29] Toska Moriarty (spartan289): ((Night HC, that was great again, thank YOU!))

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