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Post by Legion on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:47 am

- Lucy Valentine
-ℒasciel Massani

RP Length: 2 hours

- Lash Brings lucy in for her required physical

RP Log:
[20:56] ℒasciel Massani saunters out of the pd with a tablet in her hand, seemingly going over reports "Hey Lucy, you haven't been in for your physical yet, would you like to get that out of the way? should only take an hour"
[20:58] Lucy Valentine found herself staring up at the sky before her daydream was interrupted by a friendly face. "Oh! Hey there. Yes, that sounds good to me. Where are we headed?"
[20:58] ℒasciel Massani gestures with her thumb behind her "Just into the medbay you're so familiar with" she smirked
[21:00] Lucy Valentine laughs half-heartedly, thinking about her last time in the medbay with Lash. "Ah! Well, at least I won't be surprised."
[21:00] ℒasciel Massani nods and heads back inside "Follow me hun"
[21:02] ℒasciel Massani sets her tablet down and smiles "Alright then lucy, to start, while you strip down, I'm going to need your full name, the date you joined up, your race age and date of birth"
[21:06] Lucy Valentine follows Lash into the medbay, quickly searching for the needles. Lucy always had a slightly discomfort with needles and of course, injections. She follows the doctor's request and begins removing her clothing piece by piece while answering, "Alrighty. I'm Lucy Valentine. I was born on May 7th, 2018, and am currently 23 years old. I'm a human for the most part. And I joined the organization on June 24th." She said, taking off the last bit of her garments.
[21:11] ℒasciel Massani fills out the sections of the form pertaining to the basic recruit information "Well then lucy, why don't you have a seat up on the examination table there for me, im going to list off a set of bits of health history, and I need you to tell me if any of them pertain to you" she takes an elongated breath "Asthma, kidney disease, diabetes, psychiatric disorder, cardiovascular disease, head or spinal injuries, neurological issues, any other permanent issue from illness disease injury or disorder"
[21:17] Lucy Valentine nodded and moved over to the examination table as requested. Folding her hands in her lap, she listened closely to Lash's list. She frowned, realizing she would have to be upfront with the doctor about her past. It wasn't like Lucy could hide it from her anyway, not now that she was exposed. "When I was thirteen, I was suffering from anorexia and depression. I went through therapy and am fine now, but I do have my scars." Lucy would turn her wrists over to reveal several small horizontal scars that went up her forearm. She gestured to the insides of her thighs, which revealed more scar damage.
[21:20] ℒasciel Massani nods with a concerned look "You going to be alright now with us? no more depression?" she looks over the scars "I can have a procedure done for you if you'd like to clean up your skin in those areas, it might involve a bit of magic...but its up to you"
[21:23] Lucy Valentine laughs, shrugging at Lash's concern. "Funny thing is I was teased for being the fat girl. The other girls would verbally abuse me every day for the way I looked and dressed." She paused, looking at Lash confidently. "Now I have to worry about being abused by way of vampire bite, demon rape or something else completely vile. Trust me, the weak, fat depressed girl that I once was is long gone now." And that was the truth, Lucy hadn't needed to take medication for a very long time thanks to her treatment, which was of course all before the Fall. At Lash's offer, Lucy shook her head. "Usually I cover these with my clothing anyway...but no, they're a reminder of a painful past I would never want to go back to. They're battle scars, in a way."
[21:26] ℒasciel Massani nods "Alright then hun, but if you ever want treatment for something that isn't the usual damage caused by the city...just ask, I'm usually free" she moves to the next section "ahh yes, vices and poison, we're talking pharmaceuticals, narcotics, nicotene, alcohol" she looks to lucy "Do you or have you had any issues, like use or abuse of these substances?"
[21:29] Lucy Valentine smiled in response to Lash's kind gesture. She wasn't use to people wanting to help her the way her CRNA companions did. "Nope! Never smoked. I am the occasional drinker, I'll admit. But never to the point of alcohol poisoning or getting to the point where I feel like I need it to keep going."
[21:31] ℒasciel Massani nods "No problem, most people I get in here drink, it isn't strange" she shrugs "Now before I start the physical portion, I need to know if there is any other specific medical needs you have, or something you wish to tell me"
[21:36] Lucy Valentine pursed her lips, seeming hesitant about something. She sighed and with a shrug, she replied, " know how I said I'm human for the most part? There's some kind of...ability, I guess, that I've had since I was about six years old. I can't control it, but sometimes when I touch people, I can temporarily blind their senses." She paused. "I used to just be able to make people who were angry suddenly calm. But sometimes when I'm angry...I can make a whole room feel like they're intoxicated. Their vision goes fuzzy...their hearing...Maljai knows about this. She wanted to find out more about it, but we haven't had the time to get together, so I've just been wearing my gloves everywhere I go."
[21:38] ℒasciel Massani nods "Just hand contact or general contact hun? I don't want to have issues while doing the exam. I'm sure maljai will be able to help you with your ability, it seems more of a magical ability than something I could treat"
[21:42] Lucy Valentine frowned. "The last time it went off, I stunned everyone in the front lobby of this building, except Nova, the vampire who attacked me, that day you treated me for a blood transfusion?" She paused, shaking her head. "But you have to keep in mind that Nova had her fangs inside my neck when it went off. I can tell when it's about to happen. There's a strange vibration in my head when it happens."
[21:45] ℒasciel Massani smiles and writes something down "Alright hun, just tell me if something is going to happen, im not going to try and hurt you, and the only needle im going to use is to draw a blood sample, nothing more" she smiles and heads back to the sinks, grabbing a tray of tools for the physical exam
[21:48] Lucy Valentine heard the word needle and tensed, laying her hands flat on each side of her body and beginning to breathe in and breathe out slowly. "Alrighty...sounds goooood," she replied half-heartedly. "How long have you been doing medical work?" Lucy asked, trying to distract herself from her nerves.
[21:53] ℒasciel Massani shrugs "That depends on how one would describe my existance, I was born in 1990, moscow, russia, in my early teens I was conscripted into the spetznaz, worked as a field medic before being transferred to a higher paygrade of surgeon...and then into other non-medical work, though my skills still existed, I wasn't always using them" she took a long breath "I'm not anywhere near young dear girl, but I have my experience" she says as she brings the tray back, reaching over "Say ahh" before pressing lucy's tongue down to look at her throat, stopping only to pull up her otoscope and check her eyes nostrils and ears, writing down her findings once she finishes
[21:56] Lucy Valentine's eyebrows raise surprisingly as Lash mentions she's from Russia, and that she was born in 1990? It's obvious that Lucy was wondering what race Lash was, but also obvious she was too uncomfortable to ask as she thought it might be rude. Doing as Lash asked, Lucy opened her mouth wide and allowed her to proceed with the physical.
[21:57] ℒasciel Massani smiles as she fills out the first section "Sit up for me please hun? I'm going to be checking your airways and heart, as well as a slight breast exam"
[22:00] Lucy Valentine nods, sitting up as Lash requested. "Do you find your job more difficult these days?"
[22:03] ℒasciel Massani shrugs "Depends on what you think my job is hun" she moves up close and places a stethoscope to lucy's chest, checking the airways, and just above the heart to check her pulse "I'm a military woman hun, and have done almost everything there is to do with them...even the stuff that gets blacklisted, hell thats how I got to america" she smirks "But thats a story that id need alcohol for" she moves to cup lucy's breasts and check them over, raising a brow in the middle of doing so "You've had work done?"
[22:10] Lucy Valentine appears extremely interested by Lash's background, noting that she will have to go to the bar with her sometime to get the rest of the story. "Wow, and I thought I was so cool with the little bit of work I did for the Red Cross." Lucy blushed as Lash notice her implants. "Uhm...yeah...about that. Mom was pissed, but my body was finally getting to the way I wanted it to be when I started college. So I figured, why not enhance a bit? Don't tell me you've never thought about it before."
[22:14] ℒasciel Massani chuckles "I haven't needed to hun, its actually a bit of a condition I have, been lactating and growing since puberty, still get growth in my age even, I've got plenty" she smirks "Though not everyone sees the actual size, I keep it hidden...little bit of illusion can keep me from looking like the major" she says, keeping lucy distracted as she takes up her left arm and starts drawing the blood "If you were wondering, nyet, not human, or I wouldn't look this good" she giggles a bit "I am what you might call a fallen angel, da I've had work done on my body, mechanical augmentations...but angel none the less"
[22:19] Lucy Valentine's eyes widened. She had noticed the mechanical pats, but she would have never guessed Lash to be an angel, or a fallen angel for that matter. "I've never really understood what a fallen angel means?" She asks, making sure to key in on every word as Lash begins drawing her blood to keep herself from thinking about the needle.
[22:25] ℒasciel Massani continues to draw the blood "Hard to explain, but I will try" she takes a breath "The easiest explanation, is I once was a proper angel, like some of those in the choir, like my daughter" she sighs and finishes the sample, pressing a piece of gauze and medical tape to the woman's arm before heading back to the sinks "But my time as an angel ended when I was sent to earth, cast out from their ranks as if I were lucifer himself, lost my I made new ones, and continued to try and improve myself back to what I once was" to further show what she ment, she gripped into the counter and groaned for a bit, as a pair of bio-mechanical wings sprout forth from her back "I have issues when dealing with things of a holy nature, but my being cast out brought me abilities some will never see" she grinned as she turned around and pushed her wings out "I have a strange ability to control and create machines, warp them how I please...though I have an inept craving for chaos and shadow, I'm also able to play with those" she smiles "As I said...hard to describe"
[22:29] Lucy Valentine twitches as Lash finished drawing her blood. Her jaw then drops as the bio-mechanical wings sprouted from Lash's spine. They were certainly a beautiful sight - something Lucy had never seen. "Those are...amazing..." She said, listening to Lash explain her peculiar ability to manipulate machinery. "I bet that really comes in handy. Damn, you certainly have all of us beat. Healer and engineer? Damn...that's all I can say...damn!"
[22:30] Lucy Valentine shakes her head. "The CRNA is certainly lucky to have you. What made you join, anyway?"
[22:34] ℒasciel Massani smirks "And I'm pretty good with weaponry, but that is more due to my military background" she groans a bit as she puts her wings away "Da, the abilities come in handy especially when I can use them in tandem with my work, nanites are rather powerful healing machines" she smiles "I try not to show off the wings too much, but I figured id give you a treat, you managed to get through the blood sample without issue" she thinks things over as she fills out the rest of the form "I joined back in a time when we were run by the denver based command, of course that is no longer the state of things. But I had joined for my own safety, and the safety of the ones I love, things were bad for me half a year ago, and they were the only ones seemingly willing to help" she sets the tablet aside "Alright hun, you're all done, unless you need something from me?"
[22:41] Lucy Valentine frowns as Lash is finishing up, speaking of her past. It was the second time Lash mentioned family in a seemingly sad manner. In a strange way, Lucy already felt like she could put her complete trust in Lash as a person. Maybe that was because Lash knew of her ability, which few did in the organization. Maybe it was because Lash was the only one to see her scars? Or maybe it was simply because she was laying on an examination table with her fake boobs hanging out. Either way, Lucy was glad to have had this time in the medbay today. "Well seeing as how I braved that terrible needle," she said, pausing with a laugh, "I think I'm good! Thanks very much for taking the time to do this, Ma'am. I really appreciate it." She said with a smile, pulling herself up so she could gather her things and put her clothes back on.
[22:45] ℒasciel Massani smiles and gives lucy some space "Tis but my job hun, I'm glad I was able to do eet without making you uncomfortable" she said, writing up the rest of her report "Now, I do ask one thing of you, as I do all my patients" she smirks "Try not to end up in here too often alright?"
[22:46] Lucy Valentine finishes putting on her clothes, grinning and nodding at Lash's request. She raises a thumbs-up to the woman. "You got it. See ya' around." And with that, Lucy turns to walk out the door into the main lobby.

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