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Lash's awakening Empty Lash's awakening

Post by Legion on Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:57 pm

- Zoeallie
-ℒasciel Massani

RP Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

- Lash's new body makes some changes as her soul takes it for its own, Zoe observes and helps out the newly reborn lash in getting back on track, after trying to figure out just what happened.

RP Log:
[17:17] ℒasciel Massani sits there floating in the stasis chamber, hung up by the connection at the back of her neck. Most of the readings on the machine show almost no brain activity and a perfectly healthy empty shell, a copy of the original lash.
[17:19] Amber is online.
[17:20] zσє-αℓℓιє shifted her weight in the chair she had moved into the tech department. Every so often glancing up from the book that she had propped on her lap to look over the different vital signs that were scrolling past on the monitor.
[17:22] ℒasciel Massani 's body jerks a bit in the chamber before a set of alarms and vitals started going off on the different monitors, showing rapid increases in brain activity as her body almost convulses in the stasis chamber.
[17:24] zσє-αℓℓιє jumped when the alarms starting sounding. Stood from her seat, moving to place the book onto the counter top as she moved towards the monitors. Scanning quickly over the various readings from the activity that was being reported.
[17:28] ℒasciel Massani 's eyes suddenly open as she stops convulsing, the readouts show things in her body returning to normal, though things in the human clone were starting to change, augmentations happening all throughout her body, sending some scanners haywire as she hangs there, staring off
[17:30] zσє-αℓℓιє knitted her eyebrows together a bit as the readings seemed to be calming to normal. Crossing her arms tightly over her chest, moving from the monitors towards the chamber.. Her gaze turning over Lash's form to see if she could see any signs of the female coming to, as well as taking in any visable changes that might be happening to her.
[17:35] ℒasciel Massani 's arms would start to change, almost as if dissolving entirely to show the mechanical skeletal system underneath before more parts started filling in, making up her augmented arms. Though it wouldn't be seen, her generator, wings, lungs and nanites were coming into place inside her. Over most of her skin, ink was filling in, through runes and otherwise to form her full bodied tattoo. Last to fill in were her eyes and the peircings to her face, she winced as each one protruded into her body before the changes seemed to cease
[17:39] zσє-αℓℓιє tilted her head watching the way the flesh melted away from the bones, in turn showing off the mechanical structure. Almost leaning forward a little to get a good vew of the workings before the rest of the parts began filling in. Leaning back to her place before watching the changes one by one happening. Her arms slowly unfolding to clasp hands behind her back, once the changes seemed to come to a hault. Focusing her gaze onto Lash's face trying to look for eyemovement behind closed eyelids, facial twitches, or anything of the like that might signal she was coming to.
[17:47] ℒasciel Massani 's body almost seems to visually split, copying itself three times over, each form hovering just slightly off from the original, one her inner death adder, tail filling up the tank, another seeming to be a almost feral shifted version, much akin to a taigryen or lycan change, and the main fallen angel, wings outstretched. These separate forms push themselves back upon the body before taking its final shape and showing whoever was around, the true form of a mythlar. Blood red hair, nails and lips, eyes red with a slit and pitch black otherwise, skin almost albino and covered in her tattoos, that had turned to the same red. Her smile wide open, rows of sharklike fangs hanging out infront of the dark and glowing red inside. Last but not least was a glimpse of her soul finally taking place, almost a void of red and black flowing into the body.
[17:50] zσє-αℓℓιє continued watching the changes quietly. Seemingly studying each one as it took place, making mental notes on the changes here and there, some things she might question at a later date. She'd remain in her stance, with hands clasped calmly behind her back.
[17:52] ℒasciel Massani finally comes to as her body resides back to its fallen angel like state, her mechanics giving off a almost flaming glow as a similar kind of aura seems to come from her body, she screams out in pain, high pitched and almost electronic as her body curls in the chamber
[17:56] zσє-αℓℓιє knitted her eyebrows together some as the high pitched scream filled the small room. Her toes wiggling slightly in her boots as she remained in place, fingers tapping lightly against the clasped hand as she watched. Once Lash's form doubled in the chamber, she'd move back to the monitor to look at the read outs of different things debating whether or not the chamber was ready to be opened.
[17:58] ℒasciel Massani 's chamber was still locked to her own voice, though her pain seems to subside as she regains proper conciousness, looking to zoe "Ngh...pryvet leetle long have I been gone?"
[18:01] zσє-αℓℓιє nodded as she heard her voice.. still looking over read outs of her vitals as she spoke "Not long.. considering.. couple, two-three days from the moment the incident occurred until now." she'd tell her finally pulling away from the monitor to look through the chamber. "still don't know the full story. Me and Macen tried finding Fryso to talk about it. We seem to keep missing eachother though. Learned you were here through a paniced Agent Tips. Might need to find a type of Xanax to put that one on..."
[18:05] ℒasciel Massani smirks a bit, her fangs sticking out "Da...she needs meds, maljai needs cream, and I believe you might need a prescription as well..." she shakes her head "Unimportant at the moment. We retrieved an answer from sa...I mean, major han...She wasn't willing to take me or fryso seriously...wanted you down there with macen...and a promise to keep luchi on a leash" she sighed "Apologies for causing problems...after all that has happened...the woman didn't even stop me from ending my own life....I have erased that part of my life now though" she looks to zoe "Anything else you need from me?"
[18:13] zσє-αℓℓιє perked a brow a moment as she listened to the medical talk "cream? and no.. I think I'm perfectly functioning without perscriptions" she'd tell her with a small smile "well those are interesting requests. I'll speak to the others about it.. honestly, it sounds like mostly she'll get a little fuck you in response but.. never know, sometimes the others surprise me." she'd mention with a one shouldered shrug before shaking her head. "If you could just make a full report over the issue that would be greatly appreciated. Also, should probably prep med bays. If things do go to war, I'm sure we'll be needing to make good use of them." she'd mention watching her thoughtfully for a few moments "are you feeling alright? I'm sure being reborn is never as easy as it sounds" she'd mention with a joking smile, trying to make light of the situation.
[18:15] ℒasciel Massani groans "I'll get used to it...body is still making itself right I think...not everything has set in" she takes a moment "Eva, release locks" the chamber disengages and drops lash down "I'll get that report for you hun...just might take a bit..I did kill myself last time I thought about any of this..."
[18:17] zσє-αℓℓιє nodded in understanding "no problem.. take your time. I hope you don't consider me heartless here asking for it. Just alot rides on that meeting. I fully understand though it needing a bit" she'd tell her, moving forward to offer a hand to help her out if able "you need help getting somewhere? "
[18:18] ℒasciel Massani groans and takes the offered hand " body...there are a couple things on it I wish to keep...before we dispose of it"
[18:19] zσє-αℓℓιє nodded moving to help her towards the corpse lain out on the examination table "that's understandable.." she'd tell her helping her to the beds edge, before she'd take a step back to the entrance of the room.
[18:20] ℒasciel Massani smiles to zoe "Also...if you could fetch a uniform or something from upstairs...I can't exactly start running around naked now can i?"
[18:21] zσє-αℓℓιє chuckled nodding and moving to head upstairs to find something that appeared Lash's size. After a few minutes had passed she'd bring the items down to her "here ya goes.. nice .. semi clean clothing"
[18:23] ℒasciel Massani had already moved and was seemingly out of breath, leaning back on the doctors chair in the medbay, her fingers pressed into the bracelet that she got off the corpse "Ngh...thank you do we want to send me off?"
[18:24] zσє-αℓℓιє looked over her with some concern, noting that she was out of breath. "how do you usually do these things?"
[18:25] ℒasciel Massani shrugs "I haven't exactly died before"
[18:26] zσє-αℓℓιє nodded "alright then.. cremation would probably be the best way.. unless you want to try bartering the parts with the chop shop..." she'd mention thoughtfully
[18:28] ℒasciel Massani shook her head and started getting dressed "Nyet...don't let someone get their hands on that body...if you cremate it, you'll be left with all my augmentations, might be best to melt those down for use otherwise"
[18:29] zσє-αℓℓιє nodded "okies. I'll get someone on that. I'm sure tips might be interested in the parts." she'd mention glancing to the body for a moment
[18:36] ℒasciel Massani nods "Spasbio hun...I think im going to need to take it easy for a bit...but I'll try and get some work done tonight...let alone try and see some likely concerned people"
[18:37] zσє-αℓℓιє nodded "just take it easy. I'm sure your daughter is most likely worried about you hun. Should stop by the church."
[18:44] ℒasciel Massani gets up and moves to hug zoe "Spasbio again hun...if you could let the others know I'm alright?"
[18:45] zσє-αℓℓιє nods .. moving to return the hug "of course hun. Be sure you do stop and see Tips.. that girl shed more tears then normal over ya. I know she's worried sick" she'd tell her with a warm smile. pulling away from the hug
[18:46] ℒasciel Massani nods, grabbing her tablet on the way out "I'll see you later, and ill have that report for you soon enough"
[18:48] zσє-αℓℓιє nodded waving to her as she went "be safe out there.. and no more shooting yourself in the head!" she'd call after her with a little smile before moving back to the lab to look over recordings

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