XP reward log: Avi and Lucci / Ravens non rp - 5-10-13

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XP reward log: Avi and Lucci / Ravens non rp - 5-10-13 Empty XP reward log: Avi and Lucci / Ravens non rp - 5-10-13

Post by Lucci on Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:11 pm

Participants: ℒưссі (babygirllucci), KittyDiane Warwillow, Avrilia Jewell, Umbreal (umbrealesparza), MaxKieran, Ace Kieran, Samantha Han (sammy.han), Andromeda Recreant

Time: 2 hours 56 minutes

[2013/05/08 21:19]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me turns into the alleyway and leans up against the wall in her normal spot. She notices the rest of the S.C.A.R. are no where to be found and sighs heavily. She just leans there thinking to herself a moment.

[2013/05/08 21:19]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me glances to Jin... wondering for a moment if he was going to explode. She then looks back and wonders where Lucci got off to. She takes a few steps down the street, then grins around the corner. "Hey there!"

[2013/05/08 21:20]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me tilts her head and mutters in a subvocal purr.

[2013/05/08 21:21]  Avrilia Jewell: /me looks over to Umb and tilts her head "you certainly are .. odd.. ya knwo he really isnt a big vibrator.. if thats what yer thinking .. course i have an idea what else you might be thinking that has nothign to do with dirty stuff.. but a kiss? reall?" she shakes her head then shrugs "bah what do i know anyway"

[2013/05/08 21:22]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me turns her head to spot Kitty as she was peered around the corner. "Hey Girl. Is your Chaperone gonna pop by and send you back to timeout if she catches me talking with you again. Last time I faceplanted her into the dirt for running her stupid trap. I'm sick of her shit. Sorry How are you?"

[2013/05/08 21:24]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me chuckles and rolls her eyes. "I have no chaperone. And we don't need to be swinging egos around. I'm great, and you? Avi and I were gonna take a stroll by my place. Wanna come?"

[2013/05/08 21:27]  Avrilia Jewell: /me flipps her ears backward right at the so called sneakin Maus "dont even think about it you" she smirks and didnt turn her head

[2013/05/08 21:28]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me snaps her head towards Kitty. "You and Avi? Why is it I don't like the sound of this already?" She narrows her eyes but her curiosity was already peeked and she couldn't refuse. "I guess I should go huh? You wouldn't ask me if you didnt have a reason." She presses herself off the wall and begins to follow you eyeing those around the street. She would wave and nod to Thomas. "Long time no see. Hope you are doing well? Talk later sometime ok?" She doesn't wait for an answer and follows Kitty.

[2013/05/08 21:29]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me turns and heads down the street, waving for Avi to follow...

[2013/05/08 21:30]  Avrilia Jewell: /me then pointed one ear forward.. one to her right and looked down at the Maus "uh huh.. i bet you wernt gonna not gonna do it anyway.. um.. something like that .. anyway.. i gotta bail.. gotta get somethign done.. i might be around later.. if ther is anything left .. i know bombs have been goin off lately" she mirks and then sees the other moving off.. turnign to follow them too

[2013/05/08 21:32]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me turns her head toward Umbreal and the Cyborg not recognizing them at first glance at all she continues up the street behind Kitty. She would nod at Avi as she passed by.

[2013/05/08 21:32]  Avrilia Jewell: /me snickers and nods then buggers off down the street

[2013/05/08 21:37]  Avrilia Jewell: oh look.. and airplane hanger?

[2013/05/08 21:37]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me narrows her eyes. "Raven HQ? You think I'm going in there?" she chuckles. "I'll wait out here."

[2013/05/08 21:38]  Avrilia Jewell: /me smirks "who are you standing with? seriously? ya htink they could keep me in there?"

[2013/05/08 21:38]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): [21:37] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) narrows her eyes. "Raven HQ? You think I'm going in there?" she chuckles. "I'll wait out here."

[2013/05/08 21:38]  Avrilia Jewell: /me smirks "who are you standing with? seriously? ya htink they could keep me in there?"

[2013/05/08 21:39]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me stops and smirks at Lucci. "Do you really think I'd be leading you into a trap or something? You can trust me."

[2013/05/08 21:41]  Avrilia Jewell: /me looks around "where yer friend? thought she was with us?" she then rubs her face and yawns..

[2013/05/08 21:42]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me turns to Avi. "Please don't take this the wrong way hun. I don't trust the Ravens period. Not after what Sam and Hatter have pulled. And Avi no offense also, they may not be able to hold you. But it's not exactly like you and I have had a very stable friendship. You hate me then you turn me then you hate me again and now we are in this weird kinda like me stage. I dont exactly expect you having my back." she would smirk sarcastically.

[2013/05/08 21:43]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me sighs and looks to Avi. "My friend had other plans... and if she wants to wait outside... we can still get this done. Lucci can telecommute."

[2013/05/08 21:43]  Avrilia Jewell: Well what ever.. i dun wanna stand around all night.. i get edgy when im idle.. and things happen when that happens ya know?

[2013/05/08 21:44]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me sighs "I will enter. But god help you and the Ravens if this is a trap or I so much as see Sammy or Hatter. I will drop them where they stand."

[2013/05/08 21:45]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me rolls her eyes again. "Stop with the fake moral superiority. You and I are still friends, right?"

[2013/05/08 21:45]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me tilts her head and mutters in a subvocal purr.

[2013/05/08 21:46]  Avrilia Jewell: /me shakes her head a bit "maybe this isnt such a good idea " looking at lucci then Kitty and.. another feline? "and um.. who is that now?"

[2013/05/08 21:47]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza): /me strides over towards the three, looking curiously between Di and Lucci with her large, jade eyes. Her tail flicks and her ears perk up as she looks past Di towards Avi, giving her a catlike smile and leaning a bit to get a clearer look. "Just coming back in from exploring the outskirts... what do we have here?"

[2013/05/08 21:47]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods "Yes of course we are Kitty. But its not moral superiority. Thats what the Ravens and the rest of the Factions pull on the C.R.N.A." She turns to Avi with a nod then to Kitty. "Who is this?"

[2013/05/08 21:47]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me starts to head inside. "Geez. It's fine guys. That's a friend of mine... I'm very popular."

[2013/05/08 21:48]  Avrilia Jewell: /me shrugs "nobody is pulling shit im sure.. they wouldnt let me in there... they would do it away from this place ya?" she then move to the entrance

[2013/05/08 21:48]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me extends her fingernails into large sharp claws but doesnt shift her form then follows Avi inside.

[2013/05/08 21:49]  KittyDiane Warwillow: "You guys are with ME. I'm not one to be tricky. I LIVE here and try for a drama free zone."

[2013/05/08 21:49]  KDR Arclight AI: Damage Control repairs completed. Right Arm Replacement Completed, Plasma weapon system repaired. frontal armor restoration completed. no neural network damage detected

[2013/05/08 21:49]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me raises her voice to the ceiling. "Bringing in guests, HAL. Don't frag anyone.

[2013/05/08 21:50]  Avrilia Jewell: /me smirks and raises her hands snapping her fingers and flames appear "yeah caus ei have more fire" then continues walking

[2013/05/08 21:52]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me narrows her eyes at Kitty. "What did I tell you."

[2013/05/08 21:52]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me enters the engineering bay and sighs. She nods to Max, then back to Avi. "Avi, this is Max, he's kinda of a tech expert." She then looks in slight surprise to Lucci. "Tell me what?"

[2013/05/08 21:54]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza): /me lowers her ears to the sides and follows, walking in and leaning up against a far wall. "Umm... didn't think you were this caught up in things tonight. If you're busy Di, I can leave. Was just stopping by to say hi."

[2013/05/08 21:54]  Avrilia Jewell: /me tilts her head.. her eyes in rapid mode looking at everybody.. and things.. Nodding to Max "err.. hai.. im a living thermal nuclear device.. jsut kinda a disclaimer if anybody wants to pull funy stuff ya know? im not so fussy on boxes.. err.. buildings.. "

[2013/05/08 21:55]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me "You told me I'd be coming to have a chat with you and Avi. I didnt come here to walk into a trap. Max and Ace are Ravens. I was under the guise this was gonna be a private conversation... " She takes an aggressive stance. "This isnt what I signed up for."

[2013/05/08 21:55]  Avrilia Jewell: /me would also look back and shake her head to the dark fured girl "no you stay.. ore cats the better yup"

[2013/05/08 21:56]  MaxKieran: /me gives a smiling nod at the women as they enter the lab "Pleasure to meet you again Avi, not sure we exchanged names last time we met. I appologize for the minor rush but may I have the chip? I want to make sure it's not transmitting anything before we go too much further." His eyes move to meet each of the women in turn his smile persistent and unwavering "Good to see you again Lucci, I hear you had some brain surgery. If this were a trap Lucci we would have sprung it on you in the elevator." he gives a nod to Umb as she speaks

[2013/05/08 21:57]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me turns to Lucci and sighs. "We're here to find out a mystery that Avi brought up. It's not a trap, we don't do that. *I* don't do that. You should know ME better than that, if nothing else."

[2013/05/08 21:57]  Ace Kieran (annacorrine): /me pulls away from Max and finds an out of the way spot while everyone makes their way in. Chuckling and shaking her head at Lucci's comment.

[2013/05/08 21:57]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza): /me looks over at Avi and blinks, smiling a bit and tilting her head. "Cats are wonderful... much as I'd love to stick around, looks like a lot of stuff I shouldn't be sticking my nose into. What was it... curiosity killed the cat?"

[2013/05/08 21:59]  Avrilia Jewell: /me smirks hearing the dark feline and then shakes her head "thats not true.. Curiosity evolved the cat.. thats why they are the superior race now.. its all history stuff but thats how it works ya?"

[2013/05/08 22:01]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods her head at Kitty. "You I trust... the rest... Not a one of them have had a kind word since I left. So please excuse me if I say fuck the fake pleasantries. I see one of you move wrong and Im shifting and lighting up the first person in range. Are we clear? You all know what I have become and know what Im capable of." She turns to Avi with a scowl. "This stinks of it." She turns back to Max and narrows her eyes as she moves back to a casual posture while shaking her head obviously annoyed.

[2013/05/08 22:02]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me sighs and rolls her eyes a bit. She gives Lucci an appraising look and flicks her tail... then looks to Avi. "So you have a chip for Max to look at?"

[2013/05/08 22:03]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza): /me purrs and flicks her tail against the wall, her features searching Avi for a few moments before smiling and nodding. "That has a nice ring to it..." she says, her eyes darking over towards Lucci, studying her silently for a few moments before she turns back to Avi and waits for a better chance to introduce herself.

[2013/05/08 22:03]  MaxKieran: /me chuckles at Umb with a wink "Yet satisfaction brought her back." He watches Lucci with a shake of his head his smile fading briefly "You come into the Raven base and expect what? A CRNA party instead of ravens? Keep your paranoia to yourself and let me do my damn job." His smile returns and he moves up to Avi holding out a gloved hand "The chip if you please."

[2013/05/08 22:04]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): /me is currently without her frontal armor, and her left arm. a dented frontal armor plate, and damaged pair of arms are on the floor as a replacment arm is being fabricated

[2013/05/08 22:05]  Avrilia Jewell: /me spins around then tilts her head "it thought you said you were gonna do it? " she then eyes Max "you really wantit? you should know that if it gets damaged im prolly gonna lose my temper real fast.. you sure you can look at it without it blowing up or somethign stupid like that? and i do actually have some technical background so im pretty sure im gonna figure out if you pulling somethign ya?"

[2013/05/08 22:06]  Ace Kieran (annacorrine): /me bites her lower lip and looks down while turning away to hide hr grin with her mate's words.

[2013/05/08 22:07]  BARRY AI (lobo8): /me an electonic sigh comes from his speaker with a hint of sarcastic inpatients "Yes cause all we do is blow shit up. It's always more fun with an explosion or 5."

[2013/05/08 22:07]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza): /me's ears perk as max finishes the phrase she'd come to learn recently, "That's right... and satisfaction brought her back." She goes silent then, looking towards the door for a few moments and then back towards the group. "Hmm..."

[2013/05/08 22:07]  KDR Arclight AI: Left Arm Replacement In work, Frontal Armor Fabrication In work.

[2013/05/08 22:10]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me turns and removes her backpack... tossing it onto the floor under the torpedo thing... the weapon making a fine coat rack as she shrugs it off and tosses it over the tube. She then returns to the group. "Let's all be nice and polite." She ends with a bright smile.

[2013/05/08 22:10]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me continues to scowl as she steps back to keep everyone in line of sight. She would be scanning the room and her eyes would dart toward anyone who moved "You say Paranoia. Your Boss attacked me outright. So its not paranoia when its cold hard Facts. The bitch wants me dead shes said so on multiple occasions. And here I am in the belly of the beast. Excuse my not trusting this scenario one bit." she turns to Avi and grumbles her displeasure then growls something in Taigryen only Avi would understand.

[2013/05/08 22:12]  Andromeda Recreant: /me starts growling loudly at Barry "What are you doing to teh sammeh!!!!!"

[2013/05/08 22:13]  Ace Kieran (annacorrine): /me looks down to her pj's and bunny slippers "Guess bunny slippers and pj's scream ambush" Looking to Avi "I like your hat by the way"

[2013/05/08 22:13]  MaxKieran: /me chuckles slightly at Barry's comment still holding Avi's gaze "If I wanted to damage it I could have done it with a small EM blast before you set foot in this place." His grin quirks a bit "I'm just as curious as a cat on what it is right now." His eyes move to Lucci for a moment "Well I'm sure there was a reason, much like Miss Avi here has reasons for attacking those she does. I'm not asking you to be comfortable, but please, if it's not constructive do kindly shut the hell up." He's still holding out his hand for the chip

[2013/05/08 22:14]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): /me has her left arm installed, by a pair of robotic arms, as a new piece of armor plating is fabricated. once it is ready, it to is moved into place and bolted onto the front of her chassis.

[2013/05/08 22:14]  BARRY AI (lobo8): /me his head swivles to Andro "I am doing nothing, I'm not in that part of the system. I therefor can not do anything to 'teh sammeh' andro."

[2013/05/08 22:15]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me winces a bit. Seems some people DO have trouble being polite... her ears flick a bit at the unknown language. She would step closer to Lucci, her purr low and pleased. "I like your outfit. Shows off your goods well."

[2013/05/08 22:16]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): 1 Probate Andro, AI-Barry has done nothing. Major Han inintated an Emergency Battle Damage Repair cycle at 2000 Los Angeles Local Time.

[2013/05/08 22:16]  KDR Arclight AI: Probate Andro, AI-Barry has done nothing. Major Han inintated an Emergency Battle Damage Repair cycle at 2000 Los Angeles Local Time.

[2013/05/08 22:16]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza): /me turns and gives a concerned glance over towards Sam, though she would do her best to hide her emotions... right now she didn't know Sam well enough to figure out it was her. "I like Diane's idea... I'm not really seeing too many reasons for me to stick around though. I did have some other business, but I'll drop by when you're not so busy." she says, looking over at Di before she turns to head for the door. She stops when she hears Ace, looking back and nodding. "She has a cool look going on... and the body to pull it off. Both of the visiting ladies do. I'll see you all later though... hopefully your cyborg over there will be alright." Turning towards the door again, she scratches her head. "Is this door open access?"

[2013/05/08 22:16]  Avrilia Jewell: /me moves closer to max now "do you really think i am that stupid? really? I already told Kitty i dont have the chip on me. I guess that lil detail got left out.. and the smart assed comments that are flying about here right now im not taking a liking to.. " she looks over to Kitty and shakes her head "i dont think this is such a good idea.. perhaps another day and or another place. You told me that you wanted to look at it.. there behavior is telling quite a different story.. cause.. i really dont need to do this. that i have it is enough."

[2013/05/08 22:17]  Andromeda Recreant: No hurting the sammeh robotboy. Promise?

[2013/05/08 22:18]  KDR Arclight AI: All Repairs completed. APU Offline. Main power restored Waking Major Han. Rebooting Main AIU cores.

[2013/05/08 22:18]  Avrilia Jewell: /me would also nod to luccis growling

[2013/05/08 22:18]  Avrilia Jewell: lucci's*

[2013/05/08 22:18]  Ace Kieran (annacorrine): /me had meant the compliment but shrugged.

[2013/05/08 22:18]  Andromeda Recreant: /me goes to the back of engineering to get his armor and shift... due to.... visitors

[2013/05/08 22:20]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me raises her eyebrows at Ace and Max "One more comment I beg you." She flicks her nails across her own thigh one finger after another in succession. After hearing Avi's response and seeing the nod a wicked smile would curl her face. She would then turn to Kitty. "Thank you hun. But Im kinda with Avi on this. I didnt know this was gonna be a Raven party. And I'm not sure I want the Ravens involved in anything regarding my head or about the C.R.N.A. Since they threatened to kill me and all. It kinda takes the damper out of my wanting to help or caring about them."

[2013/05/08 22:21]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me growls and sighs. "Fine. I'll show you out." She starts to stomp towards the door.

[2013/05/08 22:21]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): /me would sit up in the chair. Most of her remaining armor is soot stained, and covered in streaks of copper and lead. Her camogel slowly reforms, Giving her back her human facial features. ' Frankly, Lucci. I give not a tin shit about you. come go, take our help, don't your choice.

[2013/05/08 22:22]  MaxKieran: /me drops his hand with a shrug "I won't take verbal abuse in my own house without responding in kind. If you dislike that..." He points toward the door "You are welcome to leave. Yes, that little detail about not having it on you was left out. Having something and knowing what it does means two very different things Miss Avi. I can answer what it does with great accuracy." He looks to Lucci and rubs the bridge of his nose "Again, Lucci, you were going to the raven base...why would you -not- expect other ravens and allow you free roam of our instillation? Serious question there."

[2013/05/08 22:24]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me stands at the open door, waiting for Avi and Lucci to follow. "Let's go ladies... I'll show you both out."

[2013/05/08 22:24]  Avrilia Jewell: /me shakes her head "the tension is to high now.. i dont have it but it is easy for me to get without even leaving.. but leaving is whats happening next.. " she looks to lucci "we better go.. i got a burning inside and that never good." she then heads for the door

[2013/05/08 22:25]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me "Good the feeling is mutual Sammy." she turns to Max. "i was not made aware this is where I was being taken as I made my protest before entering the building. I was told I was gonna have a meeting with Avi and Kitty at Kitty's 'home' Not Raven HQ. I would have never consented to this." She turns to Kitty. "Yup thats my Cue." She waves back sarcastically at the crowd.

[2013/05/08 22:25]  [NeurolaB Inc.] LUNAR-2 DOOR METAL DOUBLE SLIDE V.2.3 (MESH): You aren't allowed to control this door, BabygirlLucci Resident.

[2013/05/08 22:25]  MaxKieran: /me twiddles his fingers in a wave his smile going from ear to ear "Toodles."

[2013/05/08 22:27]  Avrilia Jewell: Sorry Kitty.. that was gonna go south really fast.. not mad at you just saying

[2013/05/08 22:27]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me shakes her head. "Sorry Kitty. I trust you. I do. I don't trust them and have no interest in helping them."

[2013/05/08 22:27]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me sighs a bit. "I know. I just try too hard sometimes. Stay safe."

[2013/05/08 22:28]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods

[2013/05/08 22:28]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): "You too hun. I mean that."

[2013/05/08 22:29]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me retracts her claws as she feels the danger has past.

[2013/05/08 22:30]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me shrugs a bit. "Whatever. I try to deal with things amicably. Seems fighting is more efficient." She looks to the panel to close the door. "I assume you both can find your way back?"

[2013/05/08 22:31]  Avrilia Jewell: /me lifts her hands cupping them together.. then squeezing.. lifting one hand and a pile of sand is now present.. she blows the sand away and grins.. a small chip left behind "safe and sound.. "

[2013/05/08 22:32]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me sighs heavily. "I hope you arent angry with me Kitty. You told me this was a meeting with you and Avi. Not Max , Ace, Sammy, and Andro."

[2013/05/08 22:33]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me raises an eyebrow. "Why should that matter? I brought you here, against orders, on my own honor. And you didn't care." Sighing. "I didn't realize how much distrust you grew for me."

[2013/05/08 22:35]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me "Kitty its not you.... Sammy tried to kill me. I'm not wanted around here. Its not you. I came here cause you wanted me to. I entered for you. I wasnt expecting a Raven welcoming party. the same people who tried to kill me."

[2013/05/08 22:35]  Avrilia Jewell: /me sighs and squeezes her hands together again. another pile of sand appearing but this time the chip was gone from view when she cleared the sand away "gawd i am glad i got my majiks back" she sorta said to herself then looked to the other two. "maybe i better bugger off so you two can talk"

[2013/05/08 22:38]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me smiles a bit to Avi. "I don't mind if you stay." She then turns to Lucci. "If I say you are safe in here, then you are. I know these people better than I know myself. They would never promise me something then do something else. That would be the day I pack up and leave here. If I led you here and someone attacked you after saying they wouldn't... I'd fight on YOUR side." She takes a step towards Lucci. "No one is free of blame of anything. We can argue who hates who more all fucking day. But that doesn't solve anything. *I* wanted to find out what that chip was and why it was in your head."

[2013/05/08 22:41]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods "I have no issue with you at all. Sammy attacked me and wanted to lynch me as a traitor when C.R.N.A. was fighting the Coven. The Coward attacked me after the Coven released me after beating me up. I did nothing to provoke an attack from her. NOTHING. After that its been game on. You have to understand my comfortability with that is gonna be shaky at best. Doesn't mean I don't trust you."

[2013/05/08 22:44]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me sighs a bit and leans on the open door. She pulls a joint from her tail and a batter lighter from her belt. "People attack people. You think you know the whole story? I got stabbed by some guy my first day. Everyone walks around this city with chips on their shoulders and they make sure everyone can see it." She lights the tip of the J and takes a big toke. "I am under the mistaken assumption that cooperation is the key to greater power, but I guess that only works for ants and bees and stuff."

[2013/05/08 22:44]  Avrilia Jewell: /me makes a rrrRRrr saound.. seeimg a but frustrated at this point.. "im going to dig some holes.. " she looks to Sammy then to lucci "and maybe you should bugger off some place too.. cause i got this funny feeling that as soon as i leave things are gonna get hot

[2013/05/08 22:45]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): /me walks back, carrying her blade, from where she came back across. ' Evening, Avi. Lucci..." she says, moving to head back inside.

[2013/05/08 22:46]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me turns to Sammy. "Ok lets air this out then. Sammy did I do anything to warrant you attacking me coming off the Lot the day the Coven had me Prisoner?"

[2013/05/08 22:47]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me exhales her latest hit. "how about we don't talk about it? Words have a funny way of starting fights. I don't get it, but there you go."

[2013/05/08 22:48]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): besides being an enemy combatant trying to escape, no. Not that it matters. you'll believe what you'll believe, and at this point I'd rather moot. The Los Angeles Garrison of the CRNA is not my concern.

[2013/05/08 22:49]  Avrilia Jewell: /me looks at the sky then shakes her head and buggers off towards tempura "done standing about..."

[2013/05/08 22:50]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me shrugs "Trying to escape? I was released by Amber of the Coven and you decided to detain me. So theres your answer Kitty. I DID NOTHING. We'll talk another time when less ears are present if you still wish to hun. I bare you no ill will." she turns to follow Avi.

[2013/05/08 22:50]  MaxKieran: /me walks out of the hanger with his arm around ace and a smile on his face "We're off Sam, you need anything give me a shout."

[2013/05/08 22:51]  KittyDiane Warwillow: /me sighs and turns... heading in and stomping along the floor in her irritation.

[2013/05/08 22:51]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): Ah... but you see the clan who I was workign for didn't release you. so yeah you were still an enemy combatant.

[2013/05/08 22:52]  Avrilia Jewell: /me carries on as intented

[2013/05/08 22:52]  Avrilia Jewell: intended even

[2013/05/08 22:52]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): "The Clan didnt have right to hold me to begin with. Toodles." she walks off.

[2013/05/08 22:52]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): so before you get any more righteously indignant. make sure you had all of your fact straight. but at this point. It doesn't matter you won't take help,a nd frankly.

[2013/05/08 22:52]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): shouts: Come on my property again and I'll throw you out,

[2013/05/08 22:54]  Avrilia Jewell: /me stops while looking at the ground "i shoulda just come and dug holes like i planned to.. what a fucking waste of time that was"

[2013/05/08 22:55]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods her head. "I was under the impression you and Kitty wanted to talk. I was all for that. I'm sorry."

[2013/05/08 22:56]  Avrilia Jewell: /me shrugs "doesnt matter.. i told her that i didnt need to know what the chip does.. that i had it was enough.. after your people told me i was just being paranoid when i suspect they did somehting to you. Ill figure out what this thing does.. Kitty told me SHE was gonna look at it.. not the other possi of tards"

[2013/05/08 22:59]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods again. "Thats why I agreed to come along. I don't trust you 100% but you have helped me in the past and I share this crazy bond with you that draws me to you. Its undeniable." she would admit sheepishly. "I trust you more than i should."

[2013/05/08 23:00]  Avrilia Jewell: Maybe so... Maybe you are just playing nice with me to get closer.. setting me up for something.. anything is possible." she then shrugs "the difference is i worry about why i can control. not what others do ya know?"

[2013/05/08 23:00]  Avrilia Jewell: Maybe so... Maybe you are just playing nice with me to get closer.. setting me up for something.. anything is possible." she then shrugs "the difference is i worry about why i can control. not what others do ya know?"

[2013/05/08 23:06]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods "You have always suspected something is up with me talking to you. Yet nothing has ever happened to you. But be suspicious its good to be on your toes. If I had a trap set for you it would have been sprung long ago." She would frown and lower her head. "You made me what I am. I felt at first it was a curse. Now I have embraced it. It has saved my life numerous times when i would have surely died. I am grateful for the gift you gave me"

[2013/05/08 23:09]  Avrilia Jewell: /me grins a lil but tries not to let it show.. keeping a calm monotone voice "whats done is done.. i do think its time to make the fam a lil bigger though.. im sure your people would just get a kick out of that.. but its not for that reason. I really dont care what hey do as long as they stay out of my shit.. unfortunately.. my 'shit' seems to be exactly what they hate.. so you can see why i trust very little. you may not even know if you are setting me up.. that sort of thing has happened int he past with others.. not crna but before them

[2013/05/08 23:11]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me "I understand. So keep me at a distance then if you need to. But I do rather enjoy us being Civil over the whole trying to kill each other thing. But I will try to stay out of your business as much as I can but if you attack mine You understand I must defend them. I would of course try to stop it before it escalates to a fight though."

[2013/05/08 23:13]  Avrilia Jewell: /me smirks and nods "i didnt get mad at you for trying to defend mal.. I wouldnt. get mad at you for defending. Besides it only makes you stronger learning how a real predator hunts and attacks. its to your advantage i suppose. "

[2013/05/08 23:17]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me 's mouth curls into a half smile. "I'm glad. Cause I dont want us enemies. I'm still learning about myself. And my limits and stuff. I ne--" she cuts off her sentence and stops dead in her tracks. "I uhm...Nevermind. You plan on extending the family ehhh? Any potential candidates?"

[2013/05/08 23:19]  Avrilia Jewell: /me shrugs as she fiddles with the cross bow "not sure yet.. very few can be turned to start with.. and i really dont just want any joe blow either.. maybe a male this time.. " she looks at you with a smirk "ya might like that huh? gettingbent over by a tom Taigyren?"

[2013/05/08 23:23]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me smirks "ME?" She giggles. "What about you? I didn't hear you complaining both times we were a bit rambunctious." She chuckles

[2013/05/08 23:28]  Avrilia Jewell: /me smirks again "we ARE animals you know? thats kinda part of being one.. maybe you havent gotten used to that yet hmm?"

[2013/05/09 00:07]  ℒưссі (babygirllucci): /me nods "Still getting used to it... I will see you soon hopefully."


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