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Post by Legion on Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:30 pm

- ℒưссі (babygirllucci)
-ℒasciel Massani
- Maljai Jhamin
- Mateo Delvalle
- Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n)

RP Length: 4 hours

- Lucci and lash take some time to relax, get to know more about eachother

RP Log:

[19:37] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) smiles "You're still agent lucciano on paper hun" she grabs a bag she had sitting under the counter "I've got our booze if you've got the time luchi" she smiles, though sighing at the back and forth between the two infornt of her "The hell happened between you two anyways?"

[19:39] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) 's stares at Wezab as she walks past her. "Unfinished business. That's what happened." She turns back to Lasciel. "Lets go to the Z and put a few back while we talk. Its been a while since I've tied one on. If thats ok?"

[19:41] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) nods "Sure...though I'm not exactly sure what that saying means" she hops off the barstool and makes her way to lucci's side "Its been far too long since we've had some time together, this should be good"

[19:43] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) nods and turns for the door. As she opens it she spots Macen and politely waves. "Hey Boss man. Gonna have a drink in the Z wanna come?"

[19:45] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart) looks over to lucci and chuckles some... 'sure why the heck not.. drinkin is always a good time waster..' he'd gather himself up and follow over to lucci

[19:49] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) saunters into the bar after lucci, sitting herself back up onto a stool at the bar. She pulls out a large ornate silver bottle covered in cryllic writing "Vodka, aincent bottle, straight from kremlin, thought we might get some use out of it da?"

[19:50] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) takes up behind the bar and begins to pull down a Vodka bottle before noticing Lasciel had already beaten her to it. She reaches under the bar for three tumblers and begins to pour herself one. "What will you be having Boss? Got a particular poison?"

[19:53] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) smiles and opens up her bottle "So, how do you want to do this hun? just head through the sheet? one drink or shot per question?"

[19:58] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) "How do I wanna do what? Drink and bullshit with you? The same way we always do I suppose." She turns to the two already in the bar. "I hope we didnt disturb you two, would you like a drink before leaving?"

[20:00] кαℓιкα (kali.static) shook her head at Lucci and waved, "No thanks, I'm already buzzed!' She called out while waving her half full water bottle.

[20:00] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) chuckles "Lets just hope alcohol dosen't play with our other sides...could wind up messy" she pours out two shots, passing one to lucci with a smile "Bottoms up girl" she holds hers in the air

[20:02] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) smirks and graps the tumbler with the shot in it and throws her head backwards and instantly downs the entire shot. She growls a bit. "Ahhhhhhh been a while since I've had one of those." She nods to Lash. "Refill?" She asks as she shakes the glass in her hand a bit.

[20:06] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) nods with a smirk after taking her drink back, licking her lips and pouring the next couple of shots "Da...da...too long myself as well" she grips the bottle "I love this thing...last thing left from my old sad that its reduced to nothing but rubble" she sighs and looks up "Hey, in all our months of knowing each-other, you never got talking about where you came from, no hometown stories...something your keeping secret hun?" she smirks and drinks back her second shot

[20:11] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) shakes her head, "No No." She sighs a bit. "Its a rather boring upbringing and stuff, But you are fine to ask sweety. No secrets. I grew up just outside Raleigh North Carolina in a rural town called Wake Forest."

[20:16] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) smiles "Typical family and stuff, no parents trying to kill you and turn you into a robot?" she chuckles and takes another shot "Everyone has their past though, some more interesting than others" she ponders a moment "Wait if you were normal back then...howd you wind up in this hell hole?"

[20:26] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) pours Mateo a mind eraser. She then sighs heavily. "I grew up on a farm. Yea me, the farmers daughter. Insert jokes here." She starts to clean off the bar counter. "When the meteor hit we lived in a community that had been gated off to try to keep non humans out and keep the humans inside safe."

[20:28] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) pours lucci a double shot and sighs "I think i missed all that apocalypse stuff...when i was in cold storage" she raises a brow "So basicly the same sort of thing as the syndicate...humans only, to survive together kind of thing?"

[20:31] Maljai Jhamin reaches over behind the bar for a bottle of whiskey as she then popped the top and took a good swig before putting the bottle back.. She turns about glancing at Lucci and Las..."What have you kids been up to?"

[20:36] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) waves and smirks at MJ "I would have poured you a glass. Silly. Lash is asking me about my past. while we get our drink on." she says sarcastically. She turns to Lash and nods "Before the comet we had a very successful farm, but I hated working on the farm. It wasnt for me. As you could probably guess I was a bit of a tomboy. At 13 I started training in Shaolin Kempo karate and studied the art for years wanting to get out of the rural life. After the Comet we held the commuunity for awhile but well you know how it goes. Our community was breached. Creatures flooded the commmunity I knew that son of a bitch did it. Jealous fucker. Ruined for everyone. We were over run and my parents were killed in the process."

[20:38] Mateo Delvalle can't hold it "Who did it?" he asks like a child who's listening to a fairy tale... he hasn't drink more from his glass.

[20:40] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) smirks and raises a glass to malaji "Da, getting drunk for once in a long while" she takes back the shot after listening to lucci , swearing something vile in russian "Sorry hun...didn't realize...but you survived obviously, that training must have been useful"

[20:42] Maljai Jhamin nods to the two.."Good to hear... I just came by for a swig then back to work.. Anything important happen today?"

[20:47] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) shakes her head no to MJ and then perks her head up as she hears the all too familar sounds of gunfire in the street and begins to shake her head. "A dead mother fucker that's who. That was the day my Alter ego was born. My Callsign for comms. But that 's a who nother story for another day. you notice my hatred of the suckheads right? Well now you know why. This asshole Darren Walters, a Vampires familiar and blood toy was on guard duty at the gate. He shot the other guard and let them in. When he was dying in my arms he told me he just wanted to live and if he did what they said they would let him live." She smirks. "Yea well i didn't. After the community was taken. I had heard talk that the Humans were putting up a fight in L.A. So i head to Fort Brag and used my skills to break into the base. I stole a bunch of weapons and got with a group of travelers and head this way. I later joined up with Syndicate hearing that they were this big time Human resistance group. What a fucking mickey mouse organization that was."

[20:52] Mateo Delvalle listens and sips another bit of his glass... forcing it down his throat with a funny expression... "sorry to hear that" he says a bit dispassionately and let his head rest again on his crossed arms on the bar

[20:57] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) "Thank you but it's about a year ago this happened." she replies.

[20:58] Mateo Delvalle gets up from his sit... "well.. i think i should leave" he says and leaves if not stopped

[20:59] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) waves not stopping him. "Have a good night."

[21:00] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel) nods "Da, and I know where you wound up after that, with me" she smiled, though sighing in realization "Though that shit didn't go so well either" she takes back a shot "Definitely understand why you hate the vamps so much though..." she lets out a long sigh

[2013/05/23 21:12] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): nods her head. "Yea I hate those fucking suckheads." She turns to Lash. "Yea the Syndicate just was such a let down. But at Least I met Havoris, ENA, and Molly through them. So its not all bad.Black Ravens were another group i thought were on the up and up. Boy was that a mistake. I mean shit. I haven't seen Molly in months now. I fear the worst but I try to hold onto hope but this is L.A. is there really any hope?"

[2013/05/23 21:17] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): sighs and takes a shot "I honestly cant even answer that without needing the rest of this me hope was having a family, having rei, and a daughter...chance for things to get better" she puts things together "Now...lets see, you joined up a couple weeks after me right? after new years i think" she nods "da...i think thats about right, though i never really figured out why....I mean I joined because it was the only place left to go, one last chance at maybe doing something for the city" she shrugged "That kinda fell through though...not sure if we're really saving the city, or just saving it for ourselves" she pulls her bottle back and takes a long swig from it

[2013/05/23 21:25] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): narrows her eyes. "Well the reason i joined up I thought would be obvious. ENA is like a sister to me. When I caught on to the fact that the Ravens wanted me dead its the only Logical move. Turn to the government and my sissy. Besides this crew needs someone with my skills. Not to brag. But lets be honest. Who else do you know with my infiltration ability." she smirks. "As far as Rei and your daughter thing goes. I hope you know what you are doing girl. That's all Im gonna say. I said my piece to you regarding that situation."

[2013/05/23 21:28] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): nodded "Da, that you did, and I ybderstand your views on it" she takes a moment to be sober before shooting back another swig of vodka "You ever think of settling with someone, maybe having a kid? I mean I know you kinda swore off dating a while back...but dosen't mean it cant be in your future"

[2013/05/23 21:32] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): shakes her head. "No." She sighs heavily. "Why so I can just watch them die? Its inevitable. We are all on borrowed time. Its just a matter of time before we all go. Some last longer than others. You think I wanna raise a kid in this shit hole world? Now with what Avi has done to me? I can't even Imagine it anymore. I will continue to live for the moment. That's it."

[2013/05/23 21:35] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): sighs and nods "I get haven't been given the best hand in life...hell avi's served you some of the worst of it...and da...this world is shit...but isnt that what the CRNA is supposed to be fixing, isnt that what we've been telling everyone?"

[2013/05/23 21:38] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): nods "It's what we try to do yes. But the town hates us, doesn't trust us, they spit on us. I say Fuck em. I'm done trying to help em. I do what I need to do to keep myself alive in this shithole. The C.R.N.A. and Ena have given me a home, new friends, a feeling of safety in an unsafe place. I could die tomorrow but I know these people have my back. I haven't had that since my parents died."

[2013/05/23 21:41] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): smiles and raises a glass to that "I'll drink to that fact hun, we've all got eachothers back, every day, no matter what" she smiles "Cheers hun" she drinks down a shot and wobbles a bit "Ngh...I think im getting old...used to be able to drink down a full two bottles before it hit me..." she sighs "Maybe its just been a while"

[2013/05/23 21:43] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): nods and slams her drink down with an exhale, "Whooo I haven't had good Vodka in so long." She shakes her head and taps her glass for a refill.

[2013/05/23 21:45] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): pours lucci another shot with a grin "You expected less from your russian sister?" she drinks a bit herself and ponders a bit "Ok...lets do the math...I was born back in 1990...its what...2043?" she groans "Math while tipsy is a bitch...." she calls out loudly "holy 53" she twitches a moment before drinking down a hell of a lot more than before

[2013/05/23 21:48] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): smirks "Not to be an asshole here. But technically you are only a few months old. Your memories might be fifty three but your body isnt." She raises the glass and sips it this time.

[2013/05/23 21:53] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): groans "Don't remind me, hard enough when my memories and mind and body, are all contradicting eachother " she sighs " young as hell if you want to get old is my lovely blonde sissy then?"

[2013/05/23 21:56] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): points to her self "Me? I'm 31 next month." She sighs. "Don't remind me."

[2013/05/23 21:57] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): chuckles "Coming from the woman who should for all natural means be 53....i know the pain hun" she drinks from her bottle again "We should have a birthday or something for ya...get drunk and go hunting together or something" she smirked, baring her fangs

[2013/05/23 21:59] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): "I don't celebrate my birthday anymore. I know I'm such a downer tonight right?" She shakes her head. "Just another day in Hell." She gulps down the rest of her drink. "Another please?"

[2013/05/23 22:00] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): wanders in and looks at the two at the bar. It was quiet in here... He strolled up to the bar and looked to the girl behind, "Are you serving?" he questioned

[2013/05/23 22:03] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): nods "What can i get you?" she says as she turns to the man in neon green. She squints her eyes. "That's some outfit dude. Whats with the uhm...." She points to the mans bandana style face mask. "You some sort of Bandit from the old west?" She says in jest.

[2013/05/23 22:03] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): shakes her head "Not a downer hun, just a realist" she smiles and pours lucci a double shot before getting out of her seat and moving to lucci's side "Plus, We've been having a good time, getting plastered or trying to....and ive been pelting you with questions" she smiles "I'm the one with the messed up changes recently...there anything you want to know?"

[2013/05/23 22:06] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): turns to Lasciel "Believe it or not I have a few but not as many as you would think due to the fact that I have taken note of you and your actions for some time. I always do my homework on people before trusting them." her lips curl into a wicked half smile. "I know you are from Russia but what part? And what made you come to L.A.?"

[2013/05/23 22:07] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): chuckles to the woman, "Just showing my ravers pride!" he laughs before pulling the bandana down off his face. "Liquor, strongest and cheapest" he says to her.

[2013/05/23 22:09] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): turns to the man in green. "Ravers pride? I don't follow. Ravers as in Rave parties? Or is that some group?" She would ask.

[2013/05/23 22:10] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): laughs, it seems wearing a bandana was far more complex than he originally thought... "Rave parties!?" he said, "I got this bandana from a festival!" he said, waiting for his drink.

[2013/05/23 22:12] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): "What can I get you? pour him a glass of 101 ice Peppermint schnapps. "Strongest and cheapest. Coming right up." She slides it over to him.

[2013/05/23 22:13] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): pour him a glass of 101 ice Peppermint schnapps. "Strongest and cheapest. Coming right up." She slides it over to him.

[2013/05/23 22:17] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): sniffs it, "Oh my god, i forgot mint was a thing..." he says, "This smells awesome!" he takes the shot and turns the glass upside down slamming it back down on the table. Breathing in letting the alcohol vapour fill his nose and lugs, "Minty!" he says, "More please!

[2013/05/23 22:17] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): raises a brow with a smirk, slipping her arm around lucci if allowed "Keeping tabs on me hun? I hope im trustworthy to you" she thinks things over a bit and drinks back from her bottle "City girl mostly, though I spent my chyldhood inside merecary camps, training till I was of age" she smiles "I was born not far from where i got this bottle, Moskva" she translates a moment "Moscow in your tongue da?" she shakes her head a moment "I thought you knew what brought me here...guess i wasnt as vocal once I was later into the ravens" she shrugs "I'm technically on the run from my dearest father, see after a while of being in the russian military, spetznaz, information warfare, you name it" she takes another sip "My father learned of the fallen angel that had taken root in my mind when i was chyld, he had me kidnapped, torn apart, tested upon...and finally sealed into a full body mech unit, behind the AI you might know as EVA...she managed to escape his grasp from his facility in raven rock DC" she shrugs "I cant exactly say why the ai wound up here...could just be the furthest point away from my father she could find"

[2013/05/23 22:20] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): placed his hand over the badge on his trench shovel that read "военный" he looked at the woman who was talking, "Spetznaz hey?" he questioned, with a clearly Russian accent.

[2013/05/23 22:24] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): sighs "Wow here i am wishing for my parents back and you can't get far enough away from yours." She shakes her head. "I remember Sammy speaking about your crazy father. i had no idea it was that bad." She turns to the man in Green with the word Military on his shovel. She doesn't reveal she knows what it says and flicks her hair to the side. "Oh?" She points at it and turns to Lash. "Whats that?" She was fluent in many languages but never revealed this knowledge. She pours a second shot and slid it over twirling her fingers in her hair attempting to look dumb. "Here ya go sir."

[2013/05/23 22:27] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): chuckled a bit, "Have you hear old saying... What is is... Blyait...." he taps his chin before looking at her, "Can't teach an old dog new tricks?". He took the next minty minty shot and slams it down too, "Any pickles back here?" he questions the bar tender before talking to Las again, "What you do in Spetznaz? Science?"

[2013/05/23 22:28] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): shakes her head. "Sorry no pickles I'm afraid." She sat back and listened some more.

[2013/05/23 22:30] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): shrugs "Simply standard issue e-tool, not uncommon for old soldiers to still have them around, I have one as well" she nods and sighs "It gets worse with my father, hes still at it, he took out the hospital in tempura in a ground assault aided with air based drones, and has put me close to death five times over since I arrived in town....still need to kill the bastard" she looks to the man "Da, intelligence, mostly information warfare, I made weapons, big ones, small ones, some that could take out contrysides" she shrugs "I was what you call a War criminal to some, monster to others...but that is over now"

[2013/05/23 22:31] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): chuckles at the womans story, "Oh, I see.

[2013/05/23 22:31] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): says to her "I was simple potato farmer. Nothing interesting."

[2013/05/23 22:31] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): he looks over his shoulder and back to the women, before saying "One more shot please. What do I owe you?"

[2013/05/23 22:33] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): shrugs "I don't know no ones ever asked me for money here. The Liquor always seems to be restocked too. Fuck em they don't watch the cost, not my problem." She pours him his last shot and slides it over.

[2013/05/23 22:34] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): shrugs "Everyone has their past, as ive said recently, some more interesting than others"

[2013/05/23 22:35] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): smiles, "My luck..." he says slamming that other one down again, "You seem... like you guys have things to talk about." he looked between the two, "Am I intruding?"

[2013/05/23 22:37] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): shakes her head. "I'm headed out in a second anyway. Got some things to check on."

[2013/05/23 22:38] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): leans in and shrugs "And that would spell me heading back to work as well" she looks to lucci "We will have to do this again sometime...I miss us"

[2013/05/23 22:39] Viktor Chernov (fa1c0n): nods, "Ok, have a good night." He also wanders off

[2013/05/23 22:40] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): nods "We should hun." She trails her hand over Lasciels back as she heads around her, She places a small kiss on her cheek. "Definetly"

[2013/05/23 22:41] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): smiles and lets her go "Just don't let it be too long hun"

[2013/05/23 22:41] ℒưссі (babygirllucci): smirks, "See ya hun."

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