Criminal Record: Adrian Trastamara

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Criminal Record: Adrian Trastamara Empty Criminal Record: Adrian Trastamara

Post by Toska Moriarty on Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:20 am


..:::Criminal Record:::..

::Name:: Adrian

::Age:: (Debatable) (Not going to tell you) (Nineteen, I think)

::Race:: (Doesnt Believe in it)(Insists hes human) (Diageron's taste-test stated that he's Fae. Merfolk of some sort...Unseelie.)

::Fingerprints:: Taken, both hands, full fingers and palms.

::Blood Sample:: Taken from a wound, smells of 'peppermint and petrichor' Upon ingestion, (Tara, Toska and Diageron all attempted to ID it this way) it causes hallucinatory highness, and acts as an aphrodisiac.


::Faction Affiliation:: (None of our business) (Not with one, per se)



::Date Taken In:: 8/21/2013. Evening. Circa 11 PM.

::Offense Arrested for::
Two Counts Violation of Article 2, subsection 2
One Count Violation of Article 4, Subsection 1

Resisting Arrest. Starting a fight in the PD. Fleeing scene of a fight. Assaulting a CRNA agent. Unauthorized wearing of Local Flora.


::Bail Amount/Conditions Set:: None set, Was not held

::Bail Posted:: N/A

::Person that Posted Bail:: N/A


::Punishment Dealt:: Between the savage beating during apprehension, psychological impact of interrogation, severe violation of privacy, blatant torture for information, and collection of all information necessary to file a full report, subject was allowed to leave with a severe warning, bit of pencil lodged in his shoulder, and quite a bit of blood and dignity left behind. This was his first offense, if he is seen again, no mercy needed. Additionally, questioning the one known as 'Smith' about him may lead to more information.

::Mug Shot::

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