Fryso & Arabella shopping at Syn store for a fire extinguisher and intel

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Fryso & Arabella shopping at Syn store for a fire extinguisher and intel Empty Fryso & Arabella shopping at Syn store for a fire extinguisher and intel

Post by fryso on Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:37 pm

Fryso & Arabella go into the Syn store to purchase a fire extinguisher and gather up some information, finding out that the Syn moved out of their old base or compound.

Submitting for:
Fryso (fryslander resident)
Arabella Varela (arabellawinter resident)
Airiena D'Nix (airiena427 resident)

Time: 16:39 - 17:52

[16:39] Fryso (fryslander) walks into the store with Arabella, smiles politely to Airi "Greetings cousin, how is your existence these nights?"

[16:41] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) walks into the store with her Master and looks around curiously "The front's pretty empty" she murmurs doubtfully, and waves a little to the woman in the trenchcoat.

[16:42] Fryso (fryslander) takes in that Airi is in a bit of a trance at the moment, sighs "A lot of that going around it would seem." he'd mention to Arabella, nods "Yes, and I still don't understand this new set up of theirs... guess the thrift shop bandits were getting off with too many supplies."

[16:44] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) frowns "Well I suppose that could be troublesome." she concedes after several moments, tracing the tatoos on her Master's upper arm and following with her lips, her hot breath caressing his skin "Then again, how many people have money to pay for the items?"

[16:46] Fryso (fryslander) smiles down to her heated trace and kisses up his arm "Money is no good here unless its contents are worth something to be melted down and used for some sort of ill repute, for example, silver... great for bullets for when the Lycans get froggy on a full moon. Strictly bartering here my dear."

[16:48] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) chuckles softly "Fair enough. It must be a difficult system though." she says with a shrug

[16:48] Fryso (fryslander) then points to the sign "Oh damn, never noticed that before." the big white one to their left.

[16:48] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) blinks behind her glases as she shakes off the daydream. "Hmm? Oh hello cousin... and... girl I don't know yet. Sorry, my mind was elsewhere. Did you need something?"

[16:50] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) turns to look at the sign

[16:51] Fryso (fryslander) looks to Airi upon hearing her "Caught you snoozing on the job." grins then looks back to Ara "Arabella, this is Airiena, she's vampire like me." then looks back to Airi "Airi, this is my sweet and tasty odalisque Arabella.... and yes, we're looking for a fire extinguisher. Got one?"

[16:52] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) chuckles softly. "Tasty huh? Well isn't that lucky since she's cute as well. Yea, I think we have an extra one in back. What goodies have you got for me?"

[16:53] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) smiles and wiggles her fingers at the woman, her long hair swishing behind her.

[16:55] Fryso (fryslander) grins to Airi "That she is...." an expression of surprise upon hearing they had one, yet canted his head to her "Full right, of that extinguishing stuff they put in those things?" having no idea about such tings, and digs into his pocket where his pen and pad were "... nope, not there." then checking his other front pocket.

[16:57] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) chuckles. "Yea, I just had to refill a couple actually... we had a bit of a fire problem recently." she sighs.

[17:00] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) smiles as she lisens to her Master, nudging his pen and pad up in his pocket with a mischievious grin. Hearing the woman she instantly says in a higher pitched voice "The fires weren't me I swear!" even as she tries to remember if she'd accidentally sparked or anything

[17:01] Fryso (fryslander) continues to pick through his pockets, nods "Good, and I hear ya on that... Arabella here gets so heated up the sheets, comforter, mattress, drapes, rugs, pillows.... all go up in flames." chuckles "but her heat makes me feel alive again if you know what I mean." grins "What's up with this new set up anyway.?" shaking his head "It's not very customer friendly to say the least." laughs yet nods upon hearing Ara "Is a good thing we've not.... been... in hear to cause such a disturbance.... yet." grins

[17:05] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) shrugs smiling. "I can understand that... though I don't have that... cold problem you do." she winks. "Yea, the new set up takes a bit of getting used to, but well... gotta protect our humans and their stuff right? Especially with people like Roa running loose still." she sighs shaking her head. "You better not cause trouble cousin, or at least wait for the days when I'm not here." she teases chuckling.

[17:08] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) grins up sheepishly, though she gives a lusty purr at his mention of her combustion in bed, her hips grinding into his side as she sends naughty thoughts through their bond, involving some of those sheets tying her up. She wrinkles her nose "Roa as in Roary?" she asks warily

[17:11] Fryso (fryslander) glances to Roary's name on the board after Airi mentioned her, nods "I hear ya on that." chuckling and shaking his head "No worries, we'll not be fornicating in your store." laughs then pulls out a ruby red gem that was part of his stash from his five finger discount of that pirate ship a couple summers ago, holding it in the air to her between his thumb and index finger "How's this for ample payment?" as Ara's purr and visions of her entrapment via the satins wrenched around her wrists and ankles nudges his libido while her heated grind nudges him. He'd cough and stammer a bit in an attempt to regain focus, nodding to Ara's question "Yes" then winking to her before looking back to Airi.

[17:13] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) nods and gestures for ben to go get the extinguisher as she holds her hand out for the gem. "May I?"

[17:13] Kagehi Kohn wanders in, looking around at the two unknowns, then nodding to Airi.

[17:15] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) chuckles throatily, knowing full well the effect she was having on her Master, and the next images she lets slip into their bond are of her bent over the bed with him behind her..... She only looks briefly to the new arrival

[17:17] Fryso (fryslander) was shocked to see Ben actually fucking do something in here, calls out to him "Bout damn time... at least you're not playing video games 24 and 7 on the job like you use to." then drops the ruby onto Airi's hand when seeing Ara's next visual sent to his head and his left hand reached to her left ass cheek to massage it and he turned to her "You are incorrigible." chuckles

[17:20] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) nods to Kagehi as she looks the gem over. With a pleased smile at Fry, she turns to call for Ben. her lips just parting as he scurries back out and holds the extinguisher out to Fry. "Ah, there's a good boy.... Yes, this will do nicely I think cousin. Was there anything else?" she asks slipping the stone into a pouch tied to her belt.

[17:21] Kagehi Kohn glances at the gem, wondering at the odds of it being another 'enchanted' one, like some people fobbed off on the Syn a while back, before simply commenting, "So.. admit being a bit lost without the compound, where the heck do we turn in incident reports now? Just delivered the computer thing, and figured on needing to file the paperwork."

[17:23] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) laughs merrily and nips at his shoulder, groaning softly she grinds back into his hand, savoring every second. She tilts her head watching ben, drawing some runes in the air and sending them towards him. If they succeded they would cause his hair to stand out like he'd just been electrocuted. Returning her gaze to her Master, she grinds back into him, images running wild through her mind

[17:26] Fryso (fryslander) took the extinguisher from Ben, near ripping it out of his hands in an attempt to make him almost fall forward and growls at him in jest. He'd perk a brow upon hearing Kage "No compound? That sucks." before looking back to Ben Einstein, laughing "Good one baby." or maybe he just thought he saw that. Ara's form continuing to exchange her heat for his cold, drawing out a long low sigh of pleasure from him.

[17:28] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) chuckles shaking her head. "Alright you two, if there's nothing else, maybe you should get going before things get... too hot." she teases before looking back over at Kagehi. Next door, there's a laptop back there for the sir's."

[17:30] Kagehi Kohn eyes the two's antics, then looks back to Airi, "Ah right. Forgot that was there. I swear, we need a map. But.. then again, someone can steal a map.", before heading out again, with another frown towards the 'customers'.

[17:33] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) examines the extinguisher and traces some runes on the metal, watching it sink in and then shimmer slightly. She nods in satisfaction, projecting her thoughts to her Master, protection against extreme heat.... like a molten half demoness. Next she traces some runes in the air, which shimmer with flames and then rearrange themselves into a boquet of tiger lilies. They whoosh over to the woman and hover in front of her for her to decide to take them or not. She turns to look at Kagehi, crossing her eyes and sticking out her tongue before she turns back to her Master, grinding her hips into his

[17:36] Fryso (fryslander) chuckles with Airi "Your a smart one Cuz, and good to see you. Safe paths." tossing a wave and a grin to Kage "Hey, ole Ben here use to play video games all night instead of working... someone needs to keep him on his toes." chuckles then smiles to Ara as he gripped the fire extinguisher "This bad boy is gonna come in handy." then watches the bouquet of lilies floating to Airi as he spoke to Ara softly "You're so sweet." of course, he didn't see her look cross eyed to Kage and stick her tongue out at him, but he felt her horny, i mean, ornery aura there for a moment.

[17:38] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) takes the flowers with a smile an a nod. "Thank you... go on you two and um... try not to burn the city down aye?"

[17:41] Kagehi Kohn wanders back in, from his brief upload of his report, slipping the hand held he had typed it on back into his pouch, noting the two still in there, and blinking at the lilies that seemed to have shown up out of no place.

[17:42] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) just grins and grins and grins and follows her Master, waving to everyone there, her arms wrapping around her Master's waist as her hips grind into him with every step "I'll try not to set the city afire." she calls with laughter in her voice

[17:43] Fryso (fryslander) heads outside with her, waving to Airi with extinguisher in hand "See ya cuz." and calling back to Ben "Later stiff." while being hip molested by Ara's grind with each and every step.

[17:44] Kagehi Kohn watches them wander out, "What the heck was that about?"

[17:46] Airiena D'Nix (airiena427) chuckles softly and sends the flowers off into the shadows with a smile. "Horndogs... but at least they bought something before they started getting all... hot and bothered." she chuckles.

[17:46] Kagehi Kohn arcs a brow, "Sounded more like arsonists, or something."

[17:47] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) tilts her head and looks back in the direction of the store "I am fire, fire is me." she says cheerfully

[17:47] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) tilts her head and looks back in the direction of the store "I am fire, fire is me." she says cheerfully

[17:48] Fryso (fryslander) nods all proud like to Ara "You tell em baby." then heads to the office with her.

[17:49] Fryso (fryslander) hands the extinguisher to Ara "Can you send this home for us?"

[17:50] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) grins to him and takes the extinguisher, droping it through a small portal and closing it before wrapping her arms around him again.

[17:52] Fryso (fryslander) smiles to her "Thank you dear."

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