Fryso's Arrest of Xekiil, Arabella confirms DNA to the rapist

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Fryso's Arrest of Xekiil, Arabella confirms DNA to the rapist Empty Fryso's Arrest of Xekiil, Arabella confirms DNA to the rapist

Post by fryso on Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:32 pm

Fryso saw the suspect that had been identified as Tip's rapist on the street in front of the Z and approached him, ultimately making an arrest. Arabella tested DNA on the guy and found his DNA to match that which was gotten from Tips. When Lucci showed up to further interrogate, Fryso and Arabella departed.

Submitting for:
Fryso (fryslander resident)
Arabella Varela (arabellawinter resident)
Xekiil (john.sidran)

Time: 19:52 - 22:35

[19:52] Fryso (fryslander) sees the man that Silver was concerned with earlier and walks over to him.

[19:53] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter): hurries after her Master, watching the man warily

[19:54] Fryso (fryslander) walks up behind the winged man "Excuse me. I'm Fryso with the local PD, scar department. Need to have a few words with you."

[19:54] Xekiil (john.sidran) looks at the man and tilts his head. He looks up at the sky, "The darkness will listen. Proceed." he says in an eerie tone.

[19:55] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) arches a brow at the man's words and crosses her arms as she watches him, her golden eyes blazing

[19:55] Fryso (fryslander) nods "Do you know a man in this city named Silverblade? If so, what is your association with him?"

[19:57] Xekiil (john.sidran) looks back at the man with his silvery demonic eyes, "Yes... the darkness knows of this man." he says, thinking deeply before continuing, "This man regularly guards the angels. The darkness suggests you look at the church for this man." The fallen angel turns, "The darkness has spoken." he says, in a satisfied tone.

[20:00] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) slips her hands to her hips "Well "the Darkness" thinks awfully highly of himself." she says tartly, little flames of annoyance licking up her shoulders

[20:00] Fryso (fryslander) listens rather intently to the man "Yes, the church. Thank you.... oh, one more question. Do you know a man named John Xekill or vice versa?"

[20:02] Xekiil (john.sidran) turns his head, with only the contour of his face showing as he answered Fryso, "Xekiil died a long time ago. An angel slaughtered him. The darkness knows this." he then answers the girl, "The darkness apologises. The darkness apprieciates everybody. There is a darkness in everybody. In fact... the darkness can be seen in you as well. Indeed... you have a darkness..." He turned his head back forward, and he sighed deeply.

[20:04] Fryso (fryslander) shakes his head as he studies the man closely "Not according to the video tape that I acquired at the Syn store after a break in the other night, nor via the testimony of some choir members. I've not seen you in the city before. What is your purpose here?"

[20:05] Xekiil (john.sidran) turned his body to face the man, to answer him more thoroughly, "The darkness seeks... redemption. The past is unforgiving. Time stops. The starsigns are frozen. The darkness see everything." He glares at the man.

[20:07] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) far from being soothed by the hooded figure's words, her fiery temper only flares up further, and she has to struggle not to turn to flame, to pull it back inside her pores. Her demon fangs do start pricking her lower lip, and her 24 karat gold eyes seem to shift and flow like a molten river "Do not make the mistake of thinking you know me, señor, you do not. You do not see me!" she says tightly, bristling with anger

[20:08] Fryso (fryslander) nods "Yes, the darkness. I get that." taking in his glare which didn't sit quite right with him "I believe I'm going to have to take you in for more questioning, so time is about to stop for you I'm afraid." nodding upon hearing Arabella "You tell him girl." grins although knowing good and well of her darkness.

[20:10] Xekiil (john.sidran) shifts his eyes to the girl, not answering her, but agreeing with the man, "The darkness agrees to go with you. The shadows will come with me as well." then he turned his head and pointed behind him, "Is that the man you seek?" he asked curiously.

[20:13] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) looks behind the man and sees nobody and pinches the bridge of her nose, beginning to mutter in her native tongue "Oye maravilla, tenemos un loco.""

[20:13] Fryso (fryslander) glances back to see Silver, grins "Is this the guy Silverblade?" before looking back to the man "It's a good thing that you come in peacefully, you alone that is... we'll not be entertaining any other guests tonight. This is a rather large and special case we're working."

[20:14] Fryso (fryslander) heard Ara and looked back to see no Silver at all "Damn it." he'd mutter before resuming his attention to Xekiil.

[20:16] Xekiil (john.sidran) gestured with his hand in front of him, "If you seek the man name Xekiil, you will not find him, for he is dead." He would bring up the obvious before bringing up the truth, "In a past life, the darkness had been Xekiil. Now however, death's cold embrace has taken him." He put his hand out again, as if giving the air something, "In Xekiil's place, the darkness has chosen me." The dark figure glared at the man longer, his eyes focusing into his iris like a scalpel.

[20:19] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) looking grumpy she draws a set of demonic runes in the air, flames crackling and retaining the shape. She finishes and speaks a word that seems to echo, and a pare of shades start trying to shove themselves onto her Master's face "Do not look at my Master like that." she says in a deceptively soft voice

[20:21] Fryso (fryslander) listened to the man's explanation, took in his sharp glare but was most focused on his hand that was put in front of him, twice when his vision was shaded from the man's glare by Arabella. At that point he would draw his cuffs from his back pocket and reach to grip the man's wrist and if successful, he'd attempt to slap a cuff upon it.

[20:25] Xekiil (john.sidran): "Even when Xekiil ceases to exist, you try. Xekiil is not here any longer. One can never truly capture darkness..." He looked down as his hands were cuffed, and he inspected the cuffs, tilting his head, "...the darkness can capture you though. It had captured Xekiil. He was mortal once. Like you were." He looked up at the sky, unresisting the man's arrest.

[20:26] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) hearing the man she stiffens "You touch my Master with your scummy darkness and I will find a way to end you." she hisses over to the man, smoke poouring out of her nose and mouth

[20:30] Fryso (fryslander) grinned a show of fangs at the man's mention "Like I once was is correct." then securing the cuffs on his other hand, locking them, and gripping them before turning toward the PD and smiling to Arabella "You know of my darkness and hot it is manifested." He'd then see Silver and up nod to him "Good to see you again Silver. This gentleman of sorts has agreed to be detained for further questioning. He says he is some sort of replacement for a now dead Xekiil."

[20:31] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) moves around her Master like she orbits him, nuzzling into his shoulder "He touches you he dies." she grumbles to him

[20:32] Xekiil (john.sidran) looks at the girl curiously, his gaze cold, "You seek to protect those that you care about... should it be severed, your own darkness will rise to the surface..." he warned, his wings fluttering softly before going to a still.

[20:33] iniobong Silverblade walks to the group from the zodiac seeing xekil he adresses them more or less fryso and arabella "im guessing you lot wont need me" he points to the xekil person "im not reaaly fusssed like i said before hes your problem i will meet with mj later should i be needed" and starts heading off leaving them to their ways he heads back to the zodiac

[20:35] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) growls angrily, her form briefly flickering to that of a large snow leopard before she regains control "You do not know anything about me!" she snaps "Tú no eres Dios!"

[20:38] iniobong Silverblade did not pay atention he had already rurned during her transformationand carries straight into the bar unless stopped

[20:39] Fryso (fryslander) smiles to Ara "Not to worry dear, you have my back." winks, before his head snap turns to the winged one, fangs flaring in a snarl upon hearing his warning and fluttering about "I will be the only one giving warnings tonight. Am I'm warning you that the only thing that may be severed in this transaction is your head from your shoulders if you are found guilty of the crimes for which I am about to state... breaking into the Syn store, confining a woman without her consent, raping her then locking her up and leaving her there. Do you understand Mr. replacement of Xekiil these charges?"

[20:41] Xekiil (john.sidran) nodded his head, "The darkness understands. Xekiil isn't here to answer you. Killing me is impossible. There is no light without darkness. You only prolong the inevitable." he threatened. He would still not resist the cuffs on his wrists.

[20:44] Fryso (fryslander) face would dead pan in expression to the man's response "That we'll find out in due time possibly. For now, there are several questions that need to be asked... and answered. He'd then walk the man to the PD and head inside.

[20:45] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) seeming unable to stick to english she growls low "Lo inevitable se cortándome sus testicals con una cuchara oxidada!" though her Master would understand through their bond as she stalks into the PD after them

[20:51] Fryso (fryslander) walks the man into the cell, removes one cuff from him and cuffs it to the pole by the wall, looking to the man "Let me reiterate that your cooperation is appreciated. Now, let's get down to the brass tax here. Have you ever been to the Syndicate's store?"

[20:53] Xekiil (john.sidran) watches as the man uncuffs one of his hands and cuffs him to the pole. He stands there and answers in his normal tone of spectral and human, "The darkness has never been to this place." he said.

[20:59] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) starts getting busy writing runes in the floor, a mixture of demonic and arcane. She sends her fire through them until they all join. It was a barrier, extremely difficult to pass but not impossible. She continues the runes up the wall until it was a sort of bubble

[21:02] Fryso (fryslander) nods to the man and steps back, flipping the switch to activate the cell sensors, pulling out his pen and pad and jotting down the mans answer with no show of response before looking back up to him. "We'll get back to that. Do you have plans for any of the Choir members and what would those plans be? Oh, and we're going to need some DNA on you, you wouldn't mind handing us a couple of samples now would you?" then looked to Arabella "What to you prefer? Hair, feathers.....?"

[21:06] Xekiil (john.sidran) looked from beyond the cell sensors, standing in a calm posture, "The darkness believes it has no plans for the Choir as per the moment." Then Xekiil turned his whole body around, his angel wing covering him, "You may have a piece of the darkness. Feel it's searing power in your fingertips. Let it seethe in your hands. Feel it's overpowering aura, if you wish." He kept his wing over him, and he was close to the cell sensor. The man could take a feather from his wing, if he was so bold.

[21:09] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) looks at the man blankly as her Master writes, looking over to him then over to the man who called himself the darkness "I am less than impressed by your ego." she says coldly before waving a hand and dismissing the runes, walking over and standing inches from him, waving a small portal over as she does, calling out a swab and a vial. Once she has them she unwraps the swab and glares up at the man "Open your mouth, oh great one." she says with sarcasm just dripping from her words "And if you bite I stab you in the eye."

[21:14] Fryso (fryslander) jots down DNR on his pad at the top then writes down the man's response to his Choir question. "I see... as per the moment. He'd start to reach for one of the man's feathers when Ara walked up requesting a swab so he went back to questioning instead. He'd pull a photo of Tips out of his back pocket and attempt to hand it through the beams to the man "Guess we'll hold off on the feather for now, but I need to know if you have ever seen this woman and where... even if that is in the memories of the one that you claim to have replaced."

[21:18] Xekiil (john.sidran) looked at the photo for a moment before dismissing it, "It's impossible to say. The darkness has not seen this person before." then as the girl told him to open his mouth for the swab, he would do so, but what came next was eerie. As Xekiil opened his mouth, there was nothing but a black void. No teeth, no tongue, nothing but a black, empty void. Some kind of spine-chilling sound could be hear escaping his throat. It would sound like a swirling wind, or a type of whispering.

[21:20] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) glares at him and shoves the swab roughly in his mouth and takes a swab of his cheek, pulling it out and sticking it in the vial and screwing it shut "Not impressed." she says tartly

[21:27] Fryso (fryslander) jots down his answer "Right, the darkness... how bout those shadows I believe it was you mentioned? Have they seen this woman before perhaps?" He'd taken in the abyss that was this man's mouth but was unable to hold back a chuckle upon hearing Arabella as his attention remained upon the winged one "She's to die for isn't she?" grins

[21:30] Xekiil (john.sidran) watched as the girl put the swab in the vial. The swab tip was covered in some kind of black saliva. The saliva moved on it's own, covering the entire swab in it's blackness. He looked at the man again with his unwavering demonic eyes, "I am of shadow. Darkness incarnate. Where I go, the shadows follow. They do nothing, except follow, and hear, and watch." Then he looked to the both of them, "The darkness is restless." he added, implying he wanted to leave the cell.

[21:33] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) looks over at the man and says dryly "Well the darkness will just have to do pushups or something." she examines the saliva and shrugs "Still not impressed."

[21:34] Fryso (fryslander) nods "Yeah, I get a bit restless down here as well, but I'm sure the darkness can cope. "You say that the shadows watch. Surely what they watch is projected to someone, something. Were the shadows with Xekiil that night he raped this woman, do you know?" grinning again upon hearing Arabella. She was so cute at playing, well, being the bad cop he thought.

[21:38] Maljai Jhamin walks in and waits for Fryso to finish before getting his attention.. "How far have you gotten with him..." not even acknowledging xekill yet

[21:39] Xekiil (john.sidran) looks around the cell for a moment, ignoring the question. Then he speaks in his spectral accent, "Yes, perhaps. I could not have been created, if not for Xekiil. Perhaps the darkness had consumed him when he died." He looked around the cell some more, and then back towards the two. "If Xekiil was revived, he would no doubt have been completely devoured by the darkness that cursed him." He turned, thinking for a moment, before turning back to look at the two, "Maybe I am that. Perhaps." he said, thinking..

[21:42] Fryso (fryslander) nods to MJ "He claims to be the replacement of this Xekiil that we seek. Xekiil is apparently dead according to Mr. darkness here. But we have a DNA sample that Arabella will test against the one taken from our victim." He'd look then back to the man "I'm sorry, maybe you are... what? When you say 'that.'?"

[21:43] Xekiil (john.sidran): "The darkness." He answered, respectfully.

[21:46] Maljai Jhamin listens as she continues to address Fryso.."Can you confirm he's telling the truth and not trying to plea insanity?"

[21:48] Fryso (fryslander) nods "I see. The darkness. Well, here's the deal. We're going to test your DNA with that taken from our victim and if it is a match...." sighs "Whether you claim to be this Xekiil or not, the DNA is going to over rule your claim. You catchin what I'm throwin here?" then looks to MJ "Don't think it will matter if the DNA comes back positive. If it comes back negative, further, more intense interrogation will be needed."

[21:50] Xekiil (john.sidran) looks around the cell more. He turns his body to examine the walls, putting a hand on the surface if allowed, "An interesting place. Everything in this realm is so concrete."

[21:51] Maljai Jhamin nods as she finally looks over at Xekill.. studying him as she looks him over. Then turns back to the couple.."You both got a good handle on this.. I would like Tip to be present and preferably have her deal with his punishment .. I think it would be good for her..."

[21:52] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) tucks the vial into her back pocket as she watches the pale dude "You know, you have a pretty high opinion of yourself for a guy in a cell." she says, retracing the runes on the walls and sending them through the cell. It was a spirit and mental block as well as physical. Not impossible to break but extremely time consuming and exhausting.

[21:55] Fryso (fryslander) nods to MJ "Definitely. I wish she were here now for ID purposes." then looked to Ara "How soon can you have his DNA compared to the rapists?"

[21:57] Xekiil (john.sidran): "The darkness wishes to leave." he asked, rather politely.
[21:38] Fryso (fryslander): will that dna match Xekiil's?

[21:38] Xekiil (john.sidran): it will match.

[22:01] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) looks over sharply at the man "You aren't going anywhere, especially when you call yourself that. Say it with me, 'I am a rapist, my name is bob." she snorts and shakes her head "Darkness mi culo." She goes over to her Master and wraps her arms around him "When I get the tools, less than an hour." she says and shrugs "I just need the vial of nanites that tested the last sample."

[22:02] Maljai Jhamin leans over and whispers to Fryso.. "Perhaps it's best we don't tell too many of the others of him being here till we confirm him.. Lucci for example would get...messy.. with him right away then ask questions later.."

[22:04] Fryso (fryslander) nods to the man rather nonchalantly "I hear ya. I mean, I'd rather be home with my nuts pressed to her guts right now...." gesturing to Arabella "but, some ass hole raped an innocent in our city, and.... here we are." shrugs then nods to Ara "Can you get on that right away. The sooner the better before word of him being here leaks out to the wrong people." nodding then to Mal although a splash of darkness abounds in his gaze "I will do my best to remember that."

[22:08] Xekiil (john.sidran) paces around the cell, looking at the walls before turning to the both of them, "This place is confining. It is not unlike our realm." He turns his head to the wall and then looks back at the both of them, "This Xekiil must have caused trouble for you when he was still alive."

[22:13] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) nods and traces some runes in the wall, opening a portal and pulling out a vial and a little gadget, a reader. Taking out the swab, she sticks it in the vial with the nanites and fiddles with the reader for several long moments. Little beepings and whirings are heard, and finally she prints out a little strip of paper. She takes out another strip of paper, and puts them side by side. She smacks the papers to the wall and draws some runes and flings them at the papers. the markings float off and enlarge and merge into each other, showing a perfect match. She is silent, simply looking back at the man challengingly

[22:15] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) would nod to MJ "Hey girl. Everything cosher around here. Its too quiet."

[22:17] Fryso (fryslander) frowns upon hearing the man, seeing him pace, nods "Rather confining. It's what we do to those that commit crimes against society in THIS realm. Sounds like you're a bit familiar with the concept though. Let's go back to this death thing you mentioned outside. Just out of curiosity..." cant's his head to him inquisitively "Is there not anything that can kill you Mr. darkness? Not anything at all?" Then he'd watch Arabella with great anticipation, ultimately seeing the match, a brow would perk along with the curve of his lips upward when seeing the merging that showed a positive matching of the DNA "Looks like we've got a winner." he'd state rather amused. Then he turned to the man and shook his head. This does not bode well for you." looking then to Arabella "Please go show the match to MJ and who ever else is upstairs."

[22:18] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) smiles and picks up the papers, waving her hands to dissapate the magic. She goes over and kisses her Master softly "I wish you were balls deep in my guts too." she purrs into his ear, licking it and giving it a soft nip before dancing out

[22:22] Xekiil (john.sidran) points to Ara's fingers where she grabbed the swab, "The darkness manifested itself there. It's trying to seethe into her skin." The black saliva was oozing on her fingers, trying to push into the pores of her skin, "The darkness is looking for the rest of itself within your heart. The darkness assumes it will do what it did to Xekiil, once you... are dead." The dark figure watched the two as they react to his words.

[22:23] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) waves and smiles warmly to Marrianne. She would shrug at her question. "I'm not sure let me check I just got back into L.A." she reachs up to ear piece.

[22:23] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) presses her throat mic and mumbles quietly into her comm.

[22:23] :: REGION :: BK (ℒưссі): Death Are you around? Marrianne Bury is looking for you.

[22:25] Fryso (fryslander) grins to Ara's mention, as well her purr and lick. After her soft nip he'd bite air in her direction "Still time for that my sweet treat." watching her ass as she sauntered out of the room, another sigh of pleasure released after a deep unneeded breath was taken in. Then he'd look to the man and shake his head "Nah, that's not gonna happen."

[22:25] Fryso (fryslander) chats in the C.R.N.A.'s code.

[22:25] :: SHORT-RANGE:: Death (Fryso): "Down in the cell with a prisoner."

[22:26] Xekiil (john.sidran) continues, adding on, "If she dies, and comes back like me, it would prove my innocence."

[22:26] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) freezes hearing the man and speaks a series of words in a jangling echo, and looks down as she watches the darkness shatter and turn to dust "Nice try, bastardo." she hisses to the princess of darkness

[22:27] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) presses her throat mic and mumbles quietly into her comm.

[22:27] :: REGION :: BK (ℒưссі): Prisoner? Should I tell her to come back?

[22:27] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) she holds up one finger as if to say one sec please.

[22:27] Marrianne Bury smiles "if he is tied up not to worry i will catch him later"

[22:28] Fryso (fryslander) chats in the C.R.N.A.'s code.

[22:28] :: SHORT-RANGE:: Death (Fryso): "Nope, come sit in with this guy... he's Tips rapist by the way. The DNA just proved it. And I'll come up and speak to her."

[22:28] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) presses her throat mic and mumbles quietly into her comm.

[22:28] :: REGION :: BK (ℒưссі): Tips Rapist?

[22:28] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) presses her throat mic and mumbles quietly into her comm.

[22:28] :: REGION :: BK (ℒưссі): you caught him?

[22:28] Fryso (fryslander) chats in the C.R.N.A.'s code.

[22:28] :: SHORT-RANGE:: Death (Fryso): "Affirmative."

[22:29] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) face hardens quickly. "Fryso will be right up to see you. I now have some business to attend to, so if you would please excuse me. I dont mean to be rude sweety."

[22:29] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) chats in the C.R.N.A.'s code.

[22:29] :: Short-Range :: Phoenix (Arabella Varela): he's a delusional bastard. Thinks he's all that.

[22:29] Marrianne Bury: "ok..thanks"

[22:30] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) rips the police station door open violently and storms toward the elevator almost stomping her feet she was clearly pissed.

[22:32] Fryso (fryslander) looks to Arabella "Looks like we're headed up and Lucci is coming down." then shakes his head to the prisoner "Oh, this is Lucci. I'm sure you'll get well acquainted the two of you." then to Lucci "This is Mr. dark, stated he's a replacement to this Xekiil guy, but, the DNA shows them to be one in the same. Have fun." grins then heads out if not stopped.

[22:32] Xekiil (john.sidran) watches him leave.

[22:33] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) smiles and hands Lucci the slips of paper proving the DNA match "The best of wishes to you both." she says cheerfully

[22:34] ℒưссі (babygirllucci) storms off the elevator and into the holding cell area. She eyes over to Arabella and Fryso before her gaze fixated on the man locked up. Her face twists in fury. "So this the shitbird who raped Tips?" She looks back to Arabella, You headed out or wanna stay for the fun?"

[22:35] Arabella Varela (arabellawinter) points to the papers "The one and the same." she says, and then shakes her head "I am going with my Master"

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