Arabella tests and heals Tipsqueak

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Arabella tests and heals Tipsqueak Empty Arabella tests and heals Tipsqueak

Post by ArabellaWinter on Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:48 pm

Major Roles:
arabellawinter resident
tipsqueek Resident

Minor Roles:
fryslander resident
Maljai Jhamin 

Start Time: 14:10   Finish Time: 16:01

[14:10:46] tipsqueek Resident remains calm asleep on the medbay bed
[14:12:18] Fryso (fryslander) landed in the medbay with Arabella, who was in a bit of a trance, looking immediately to Tips "How you doing Tips?"
[14:15:14] tipsqueek Resident remains asleep not yet awakend to the presenceof the people around

[14:17:44] Fryso (fryslander) "Hmm, still asleep I see." he'd walk over to the sink, pour a bowl full of hot water then walk over to Tips and take her left hand if allowed and placed it in the hot water if successful, then waited for her reaction.

[14:18:16] Arabella (arabellawinter) snaps out of her daze and looks down with a frown at Tips
[14:23:33] tipsqueek Resident would not resist the efforts made as her hand i dipped inside the water she would not react for one second fter which she stirrs a bit before shee wakes with a jumpprobably knocking the water offshe ooks around confused seeing fryso then falls over when she see the dead body beside her she screams

[14:27:15] Fryso (fryslander) catches the bowl although a bit of water splashed onto the floor and he placed the bowl on the counter top, chuckling to her scream "Easy there Tips, take it easy... and how are you feeling?" looking then to Arabella "She's yours to heal baby, whatever needs healing."

[14:28:36] Arabella (arabellawinter) lifts her hands and beckons a towel over, a drawer opening and closing as a fluffy white towel flies over and settles on the water. She smiles and presses Tips down "Ok what would you like me to check? Have you cleaned since you were raped?"

[14:31:52] tipsqueek Resident would look confused a bit she nods and then shakes her head and holds it confused two fingernailswould be missing on her hand in a fresh would that would have been painfull ly done with a knife

[14:35:18] Fryso (fryslander) pulled out his pad and pen ready to jot down whatever info he could get from Tips considering the delicacy of her situation. Upon hearing Ara he walked to the other part of the room to see if there was a shower but there wasn't. "No shower in here, looks like a sits bath is in order." walking back into the main area "Alright Tips, while Arabella is cleaning you up and healing you, I'm going to need for you to answer a few questions. Were you raped, by what, and where... on your person that is?"
[14:37:30] Arabella (arabellawinter) blinks at all the directions her head goes "oookaaay.... Well I can take a rape kit, if I get my hands on the right equipment we can identify your rapist beyond a doubt.... First let me tend to those nails of yours." she murmurs, beckoning one of those rolling metal trays that had been slowly filling with medical equipment, and it rolls over squeakily. She lifts a soft cloth and pours some alcohol on it, holding tips' hand firmly knowing it would hurt before she starts cleaning the fingers
[14:41:02] tipsqueek Resident would scream and try to pull her hand from bella again she strugles and nearly falls off the bed she looks nervoouls and scared around the room her scared gaze drops on ara

[14:43:55] Arabella (arabellawinter) holding her firmly with one hand she steadies her "Easy, that's the worst part I promise." she says, soothing her. She puts the cloth and the alcohol away "Now do you want me to regrow them?" she asks softly

[14:45:40] tipsqueek Resident would still whimper confused and nod holding her hand to ara the hand is shakey

[14:46:22] Fryso (fryslander) takes in Tips' state, shakes his head "You are traumatized Tips, but the sooner we get information from you, the quicker we can catch this guy and his accomplice. What can you tell us about what happened to you?"

[14:50:46] tipsqueek Resident would shake she was too focused on ara she forgot about fry "i.............i................" she looks around worried "she sighs "i didnt see his angel he meant harm on the angels i know he met man in a suit at the shop i dont know if he actually attacked the angels he wore black and had a sword his acomplice wore a pink top it was a woman i dont know much else in describing to add" she looks to the floor

[14:52:16] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Tips "That's plenty on a description, but one more question along those lines. Do you know what race he is?"

[14:54:06] Arabella (arabellawinter) smiles and sends little tendril;s of her healing fire into the fingers, though this fire was gentle, warm rather than hot. It wasn't as effective as her stronger fire but she wasn't going to put tips through more than she already had been put through. As a result, the regrowing would takelonger. First she starts with the nail bed, regrowing skin and healing the trauma to it. That done, she goes to the matrix of the nail, slowly regrowing it, but it starts out lumpy, the regrown nail looking mangled and dented as it would with that much trauma. She keeps growing it, expending extra energy until the nail was growing straight and clean. She pulls out nail clippers and trims the overgrowth on the nails "There all better, you can even have a manicure done if you like." she teases
[14:56:50] tipsqueek Resident would llisten "he called himself a mortal with magical powers or something like he has a pure hatred for angels but not humans i tred warning the choir but they did not take me seriously now after this i dont care i saw him robing the shop i tried runing and got caught and" she starts crying for a bit the notices her nail have coe back she smiles "the angels would know more yesterday i heard him talking of a fight with one of them he really needs them dead maybe for a ritual i dont know"
[15:00:15] Maljai Jhamin walks into the clinic seeing Fryso and Ara seeing Tip on the table.."What happened?"
[15:01:32] Fryso (fryslander) sees her nails growing straight and clean "Great work Arabella." smiles to her then looks back to Tips, nods and jots down the additional information. "Ok, you're doing great Tips and we're all good on descriptions and the whole choir thing. Now... what did he do to you and be specific to your memory, don't leave out any detail so Arabella can heal what needs to be healed." He'd turn to MJ and nod "We're trying to find out actually."
[15:02:58] Maljai Jhamin nods as she stays quiet and listens

[15:03:33] Arabella (arabellawinter) smiles up to her Master then asks tips seriously "Can you answer me clearly? Were you raped, and have you cleaned yourself at all since the rape?"

[15:04:34] tipsqueek Resident would nod and start crying "no i havent cleaned not been chanced" she would continue crying
[15:06:35] Arabella (arabellawinter) nods and says softly "I'm going to need you to remove your clothes hun, underwear too. I'm going to take a rape kit, it won't hurt I promise."

[15:07:10] Fryso (fryslander) then looks back to MJ and mouths silently while his fingers helped to describe what he was miming.... 'Minotaur'.... his fingers going toward his crotch making like a huge cock gesture.... 'for'.... he held up four fingers...... 'you'.... he pointed at her then looked back to Tips "We're going to take that as a yes, you were raped. Now, was it oral, vaginal or anal?"

[15:09:19] Maljai Jhamin raises her finger up gesturing a 'not now' as she was focus on Tips and gathering the details

[15:10:19] tipsqueek Resident would give fryso the odd look of i need privacy "i cant talk of this" she faces arabella she did not notice the exchange between fry and maj and would have been violent sf she did

[15:11:29] Arabella (arabellawinter) turns to her Master and smiles apologetically "Can you step outside for a few minutes?" she murmurs, brushing a finger over his arm

[15:12:24] Fryso (fryslander) was doing his dam-nest to multi-task but if the patient choose not to answer him, his work was done here. He'd smile to Arabella "You don't have to ask me that twice." then head outside.

[15:12:33] Maljai Jhamin turns about hearing Saya come in as she whispered to Saya.. "We have a situation in the clinic at the moment." as she turns looking as she hears Ara, Mal gestures Saya to follow so that Tips would have more privacy...
[15:14:36] tipsqueek: when she does get some privacy she starts to take off her clothes and when she is done she sits on the bed for arabela to do what she had to

[15:17:53] Arabella (arabellawinter) looks longingly after her Master before turning back to tips, wiggling her fingers at a drawer and rummaging through it in her mind and beckoning a vial and a little tongue depressor, unscrewing the top of the vial and walking over "Can you spread your legs please?" she asks softly

[15:19:21] tipsqueek Resident would do it uncomfortably as she was told

[15:20:28] Arabella (arabellawinter) pats her calf reassuringly before using her gloved fingers to spread her labia "I'm going to take a sample now ok?" she says calmly "This I can use to check for STD's and for your attacker's DNA."

[15:29:38] tipsqueek Resident would sit still as arabella works she looks to the side and sees the cover of lashes body she does look releaved a bit as she knows lash is ok she looks to ara to see if she is done
[15:31:59] Arabella (arabellawinter) scooping out a bit of the semen, she pushes it into the vial and closes it again, letting go of it and directing it to a shelf. That done she cleans up and goes back to her "I'm done sweety. It will take 24 hours to finish the testing, then I will let you know ok? Would you like an emergency contraceptive?"

[15:33:31] Maljai Jhamin knocks the wall to get Ara's attention

[15:34:19] tipsqueek Resident would nod as ara speaks and start puting on her clothes she looks at mk a bit shoked pausing before she continues

[15:34:30] Arabella (arabellawinter) looks up "Yes?" she asks softly

[15:36:22] Maljai Jhamin walks up towards Ara and whispers in her ear.. "It was suggested that Tips may need a sedative if you haven't done so already.."

[15:38:43] tipsqueek Resident was not really hearing what mj said she continues to put on her clothes and smiles nrevously she looks uncomfortably at the blanket beside her again
[15:41:03] Saya (saya.bravitz) offers a vile with a white nanite solution" this nanite solution detects DNA quickly. it should be able to tell us more about what happened"

[15:42:25] Arabella (arabellawinter) listens to her seriously and nods "I will take that into consideration." she whispers back. Turning she goes to the cabinets and looks down methodically, plucking out a bottle, a syringe, and a pill. She pours a glass of water and gives that and the pill to Tips "Take the pill, it will prevent an unwanted pregnancy." Turning so she couldn't see what she was doing, she blocks her movements with the syringe and the bottle. She uncaps it and plunges the needle into the bottle, pulling back the plunger until the proper dosage is reached. That done she taps it and squirts out a little to make sure there are no air bubbles, and puts the bottle away. She takes the nanites and puts them in a pocket "I will apply these to my sample in a moment." she murmurs

[15:43:09] Maljai Jhamin nods as she heads out placing her hand on Saya to follow..

[15:43:33] Saya (saya.bravitz) hands ara the reader as well" you will need this"

[15:43:49] Arabella (arabellawinter) smiles her thanks and places it on the counter before heading back to tips
[15:44:10] tipsqueek Resident would take the pills and tae them not noticing what was going on she looks confused at ara as she returns to her

[15:46:11] Arabella (arabellawinter) placing a reassuring hand on Tips she swabs her thigh with an alcohol wipe "This will help you rest, and calm." she murmurs, not waiting for an answer as she attempts to plunge the syringe into her thigh,and if she was successful she would press the plunger

[15:48:20] tipsqueek Resident did not notice the needle untll it was too late and the contents were in her system and they would start to take effect on her
[15:49:57] Arabella (arabellawinter) smiles apologetically and she murmurs softly "I'm sorry it was recommended.... it's for your safety." she pats her thigh and tosses the syringe in the biowaste. That done, she goes to the vial of semen, pouring in the nanites and going to the reader. Looking down at it she frowns, watching as it reads out the dna.
[15:52:44] tipsqueek Resident wouls start getting drowsy as she falls back her breathing gets calm but loud "why" she rests tired not able to move
[15:59:12] Arabella (arabellawinter) printing a copy of the DNA analysis, she turns back to Tips "Because I heard about the last time." she admits "I have to go meet with my Master." she says, stroking her hair "I'll come back to check on you, and let you know how things go."

[16:00:34] tipsqueek Resident would fall sleepy the last words falling from her mouth "last.........tim" and she lseeps peacefully

[16:01:06] Arabella (arabellawinter) smiles and turns down the lights before slipping out quietly
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