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Tipsqueek - Knife to shoulder Empty Tipsqueek - Knife to shoulder

Post by Legion on Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:53 pm

- Tipsqueek
-ℒasciel Massani

RP Length: 1 hour

- Lash meets up with an injured tipsqueek and manages to patch the woman up as she passes out.

RP Log:

[19:04] ℒasciel Massani saunters over, slowly but surely, reaching out an arm to stop tip "Pryvet need for tears, what is wrong?" she smiled "A little curvy girl asked me to come see you, said you might be worried about me"
[19:06] tipsqueek Resident stops part way seeing lash and she screams like she has just seen a ghost "l.......l........lash you are ok" she looks at herworried of what she sees she forgets the injury on her shoulder and stands there frozen
[19:08] ℒasciel Massani nods "Da..da I'm fine...for the most part anyways...rebirth isn't an easy process, takes time, sacrifice and pain" she groans, though looking at tip's shoulder "Lets get you into the medbay hun, I can at least stop that from causing further harm"
[19:10] tipsqueek Resident in shock follows lash if she was heading towards the med bay
[19:11] tipsqueek Resident stops at the door "lash is that really you what happened"
[19:11] ℒasciel Massani takes tip into her office and gestures to the table "Just breathe hun...take a moment and make sure there isnt anything still in your shoulder"
[19:13] tipsqueek Resident would sit annd not notice a throwing knife in her shoulder or the pain tyhat she should be feeling she would try to touch lash to see if she isnt imagining thigs
[19:37] ℒasciel Massani was definitely real, and rather concerned. She moved over to the counter after letting tip touch her and grabbed a couple of tools, first off a syringe filled with an odd liquid, the next a section of gauze and medical tape. She returns to tip with a fake smile "Hun, I need you to relax, and try not to scream, I have to pull this out in order to patch up your shoulder"
[19:38] tipsqueek Resident would think for a bit and nod very fearfully
[19:40] ℒasciel Massani smiles and holds her finger out to tip "Bite down on this if you feel pain, it will stop you from biting off your own tongue" she takes her other hand and slowly but surely pulls out the throwing knife, making sure not to damage the area further before setting the knife aside as evidence.
[19:43] tipsqueek Resident would bite hard as the knife is pulled she screams in pain and passes out on the table as the knife is pulled out of her
[19:47] ℒasciel Massani sighs as tip passes out, but continues her work. She injects the strange liquid into tipsqueek's wound, the medi-gel quickly expanding out to seal the wound before changing to match the flesh already on her body.
[19:49] ℒasciel Massani then grabs the gauze she had prepared and tapes up the wound, leaving the girl upon the exam table with a set of pills for the pain set aside for her. She grabs the knife as evidence and drops it into a marked bag before setting it into the cupboards.
[19:49] ℒasciel Massani sighs and grabs her tablet to fill out the reports she needed to

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