The death, of lasciel Massani

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The death, of lasciel Massani Empty The death, of lasciel Massani

Post by Legion on Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:37 am

- Fryso
-ℒasciel Massani
- Samantha han
- Kittydiane warwillow
- Umbreal
- andromeda
- arabella
RP Length: 2 hours 15 minutes

- Lash and fryso travel to the raven compound in lvcs, upon arrival they attempt a diplomatic approach to dealing with the raven threat, and are not taken seriously, upon wanting to get her point across, lasciel puts her own weapon to her head, hoping to get some form of reaction from her past lover. When even that action didn't get more than a simple request to see the leaders of the faction, lasciel pulls the trigger and kills herself.

RP Log:

[2013/06/13 21:09]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   saunters into the building and leans against the counter "You ready to go talk with the commander of the ravens? you don't even seem dressed" she smirks "No offence"
[2013/06/13 21:11]  Fryso (fryslander):   nods "This is how Sam always sees me, not sure I should do anything different." shrugs "But yes, I'm ready to go see her."
[2013/06/13 21:11]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   nods "Alright then, follow me, I assume you know where we're going?" she says as she heads out the doors
[2013/06/13 21:12]  Fryso (fryslander):   chuckles "I have no idea where we are going... unless we're going to their base in LVCD... then I know."
[2013/06/13 21:12]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   nods "Da, the only place she would keep herself"
 [2013/06/13 21:16]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   's eyes widen "You live here? nice place" she looks around a bit "Alright, lets move, we don't make a offencive push at all, wait at her entrance, she lets us in to talk if she wishes"
 [2013/06/13 21:18]  Fryso (fryslander): [21:17] Fryso (fryslander) smiles "Thanks, I will take you there." and heads in the direction "Did I tell you they have two choppers on the roof and a tank inside?"
[2013/06/13 21:19]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   smirks "I've been there before fryso, it used to be my home"
 [2013/06/13 21:20]  Fryso (fryslander):   nods "But you've never walked there directly from the Fryso and Arabella's den of iniquity." chuckles
 [2013/06/13 21:27]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   sighs "Alright then, lead on"
[2013/06/13 21:29]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   looks over the building "they've made changes...interesting" she moves into the building "Lets go wait in the lobby"
[2013/06/13 21:31]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): they've been using an oil rig to base out of... we're goign to hit them there,,,visitors?"
[2013/06/13 21:31]  Fryso (fryslander):   follows her inside, dosen't see a ringer or buzzer or bell so knocks on the wood.
[2013/06/13 21:31]  KDR Arclight AI: CRNA IFF detected. Proceed no further. or you will be engaged. this is your only warning
 [2013/06/13 21:32]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   rolls her eyes at fryso "She'll know we're here, likely be greeted by-" she hears arclight "We don't plan to proceed any further arclight, its lasciel massani, we've come to talk"
[2013/06/13 21:33]  KDR Arclight AI: We know who you are, Sargeant Massani. we know who you both are.
 [2013/06/13 21:33]  Samantha Han (sammy.han):   sighs. ' come on, andro.
[2013/06/13 21:33]  Fryso (fryslander):   grins "I'm sure she does, cameras all over this place I'll bet."
[2013/06/13 21:34]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   rolls her eyes "Arclight you arent the only one who's had to deal with multiple people in your mind, cut the "we" stuff alright" she groans
 [2013/06/13 21:36]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): whatever you're selling, we're not buying. whatever you're buying we're not selling. ' she says, the green glow coming from the plasma ejectors in her palms.
[2013/06/13 21:39]  Fryso (fryslander):   sees Sam and Andro appear, smiles "Doc, next door neighbor." shaking his head and speaking cordially "Not here to buy or sell anything, just here to visit with a couple of friends of mine, and that would be you two. A little stop n chat of sorts."
[2013/06/13 21:39]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   sighs and looks to sam "Seriously, thats your response to people coming to talk? its me sam, you know I'm not here to harm anyone" she takes a moment "Your message was brought to the attention of almost everyone in the local detachment, and we've been sent to ask you just what it would take from us, to see things settled, so that our two groups don't have to be at arms anymore"
 [2013/06/13 21:44]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): I see and either of you in command of that bunch of miscreants?' she asks, armos crossing in a fashion that makes it easy to bring them straight if needed
[2013/06/13 21:46]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   raises her hand "I am an officer and medical lead of the local detachment, though i still take orders from zoe"
[2013/06/13 21:48]  Fryso (fryslander):   shakes his head in response to Sam and walks closer to them to close the distance which in his mind was not good for friends talking or factions negotiating. "Doc, I volunteered to visit with you because I've always respected you, we've always been allies, and to let you know that this is not the CRNA that we all fought against when they first showed up nearly two years ago, or whenever that was. It's a much different group, or I wouldn't be with them."
[2013/06/13 21:48]  KDR Arclight AI: System switched to Combat mode.
[2013/06/13 21:53]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): Right. they cut the denver command loose when it seemed that the whole city was going to pound them in the arse along with A Company, 32nd Power Infantry Battalion, CRNA Army. ' she says. "
 [2013/06/13 21:56]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): For the most part, tripp and ves turns them into the second coming of the collective. ' she says. ' but you know. I told my troopers to leave you all be. I figured you'd fuck it up on your own, like you all were ted kennedy or something. then lucci engages me. and this last time apparently the tits that ate Cleveland joined her. Give me a reason to believe that you speak for your commanding officer. or that the rabid or stupid in your merry little band are going to listen?"
 [2013/06/13 21:59]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   groaned "Sam my being here is reason enough that our group is willing to listen, everyone put their two cents in as to what to do about your message, and everyone agreed to hear you out, even lucci and maljai" she takes a moment "If they don't listen their actions are their own, and will be dealt with as such. I do not tolerate insubordination"
[2013/06/13 21:59]  Fryso (fryslander):   nods to Sam "You and I were a part of that, wanting to kick those Colorado troopers asses. I hated the CRNA from the time of their initial workings here." again shaking his head "But it is only the local group now, and to be honest, only a few of them are hold overs from even the war that we Coven had against them. Tripp and Ves are gone. Macen and Zoe are the new leaders, and they.... look. You know me, you know how i operate, how independent I am, but they embraced even me. If I can be comfortable with them, I'm sure that you and yours can."
 [2013/06/13 22:09]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): I dropped their helo. I still have most of the parts form it. and we cleaned up after the AR, and supply the ERs, and fix half the fuckers in this hole. all I've ever heard from the red chicken brigade is how they do so much for this town. yet it's always the ravens. or the ravens and the vanguard. ' she says, shaking her head.
[2013/06/13 22:09]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   sighs "Can you give us a bloody chance sam?"
[2013/06/13 22:11]  Fryso (fryslander):   nods in full agreement with Sam "I couldn't agree with you more, but that was then, and this is now... new leadership, new members, and the best of what was them is still with us in Lash and a few others."
[2013/06/13 22:11]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): because I run the fuckign Vanguard now, til their command staff gets back from whereever the hell. ' she narrows her eyes. ' I did. Lucci fucked it up, and now we are here. "
[2013/06/13 22:13]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): Fry, you say the best is with you's the worst. I'm tired of digging CRNA Chips out of heads. and hearing the CRNA garrison here taking credit for shit me and mine do. you want the mess to stop fine. prove to me that I should believe anything has changed, that anything WILL change.'
[2013/06/13 22:15]  Andromeda Recreant: wrrrrf
[2013/06/13 22:15]  Fryso (fryslander):   eyes narrowed but not to Sam upon hearing this. He'd glance back to Lash inquisitively regarding Sam's statement that Lucci fucked it up." then looked back to Sam "Please tell me the previous issues so that I can make sure those are taken back to Zoe and Macen and dealt with moving forward."
[2013/06/13 22:16]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   nods "As I've said, we are looking to you, to tell us what it would take to end the troubles between us...neither of us need the bloody conflict, and with it out of the way we can both go back to trying to do our jobs, which by the way, no matter how much you seem to think it, is not destroying the city" she groans a moment hearing sam's response "You want proof? fine heres proof" she pulls out a pistol and holds it to the side of her head "If this will end the suffering of the city ill do it, hell if it will stop the crap between us ill do it...." she takes a while "because at this rate, this is what will happen anyways if we cant work together"
[2013/06/13 22:16]  Andromeda Recreant:   yips up "Wait, if you're going to do that, do it by the meat grinder.... We need burgers."
 [2013/06/13 22:27]  Samantha Han (sammy.han):   brings her hand up, the plasma cannon working apparently. " No it won't, if that was the case. I'd have used the paladin I found upstairs to crater the embassy building by now. ' she says. ' Now stop the melodrama massani. it gets old rapidly and frankly your head's not the one I'd call for. " she lowers the hand , but doesn't power down the plasma weapon. ' first. I want to hear this from your Commanding officer. this way if It goes to shit, I got it from the boss in charge, and you all know who I'll hold responsible. Second. get lucci on a leash. IF you can't I will. " she says. ' do that, and we'll play this like the Koreas did. big ol fucking pause button. IF you all keep up the shit you all have in the past...well we all know what will happen. "
[2013/06/13 22:28]  Andromeda Recreant: Yup.. Burgers.
[2013/06/13 22:29]  KittyDiane Warwillow:   wanders into the lobby, holding Umb’s hand and walking side by side with the other neko. She stops and looks curiously around at the assembled people, then smiles and nods to Lash. “Hey there.”
[2013/06/13 22:31]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza):   purrs as she and Di walk in, gripping the other's hand happily, though her attention shifts to Sam holding up a plasma cannon towards the two visiting. Umb would give a brief smile to lash as well, continuing to look around and get a feel for the situation. "So..."
[2013/06/13 22:34]  Fryso (fryslander):   didn't like Lash's offer and took it serious, although Andro's response helped to lighten the mood a bit, at least Fryso's. "Andro, we need to visit later, haven't seen you around much lately. Thinking about having a block party for all the residents." He'd up nods to the those that just entered and stood relaxed in front of Sam's weapon. "Not here to get peppered or blown to smithereens Doc. We'll relay your message to our commanding officers, and appreciate you taking time out to visit with us."
[2013/06/13 22:36]  Fryso (fryslander):   then turned to head outside before offering a "Safe paths" to those in the room.
[2013/06/13 22:38]  KittyDiane Warwillow:   smiles and waves to Fry. She leans in to whisper to Umb. "Not many guys can pull off the shirtless look... but he does it well." She then pulls her lighter from her pocket and smiles to the others in the room. "Excuse me please... I have a message." She turns and would tug Umb with her farther into the base.
[2013/06/13 22:41]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza):  's eyes had been studying Fryso a bit as well, and she leans in a purrs in response, whispering back. "I like him... we'll have to see about that party." With that, she looks at the lighter and allows Di to start tugging her off and deeper into the base, waving behind her. "See you all around, hopefully!"
[2013/06/13 22:42]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   twitches a moment and holds her weapon where it was, shaking almost "Not enough" and she pulls the trigger, sending one of the rounds of her m9 straight through her skull, and the brain inside, likely causing quite a mess. Her soul seeming to leave her body and hover above it
 [2013/06/13 22:44]  KittyDiane Warwillow:   jumps at the report of a gun and spins to stare at Lash's body. "What the fuck?"
[2013/06/13 22:45]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza):   would have jumped at the shot as well, and she'd be reaching back for her weapon as she spun around with Di, only to see Lash lying, bloody, and apparently dead on the floor. She blinks, and echo's Di a bit. "What the... why?"
[2013/06/13 22:45]  Andromeda Recreant:   sighs "well it looks like we have our burgers... Get her to the meat grinder."
[2013/06/13 22:47]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): My concern has been keeping LA from being overrun, or imploding. If you all want to turn over a new leaf, fine. prove it... now, if you'll excuse me, I have a war to prosecute tomorrow. " she doesnt' react to the gunshot. ' Fry you have your answer, and it seems that she decided a pound of flesh was needed. please take your trooper's corpse off my property. I had the place warded against ghosts for a reason.' she says, apparently not amused. ' YOu going to eat that meat, andro? I dont' see diane pulling a Mrs Lovett and making special meatpies.
[2013/06/13 22:49]  Fryso (fryslander):   froze upon hearing the gun shot, head snap turning back to Lash in time to see her body crumple to the floor. "What the fuck!" his natural response even though Diane had beaten him to it. Concern overtook him as he rushed back to Lash, squatted down and attempted to lift her in his arms, the scent of her blood breathed in immediately and he'd nod to Sammy without saying a word and then leave with Lash immediately if not stopped.
[2013/06/13 22:50]  Andromeda Recreant: Nope, but we can sell it and make new friends.
[2013/06/13 22:52]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   's soul seems to disappear in almost an instant, her body moving along with fryso
[2013/06/13 22:52]  KittyDiane Warwillow:   stands in shock, her mouth agape as she looks between Sam and Lash. "What the fuck?" She knew that Lash was tougher than she looked but... "Is she... dead? Like really real dead?" Her look of disgust is evident. "I don't eat people! Well... not often..."
[2013/06/13 22:54]  Samantha Han (sammy.han): she took a round in the head, and I doubt it's that necromantic trick i used. so who the hell knows. ' she says, more worried about things she has control over, than things she can't.
[2013/06/13 22:55]  Umbreal (umbrealesparza):   has to think about Sams comment for a moment, but knew if she were going to make special meatpies, it would have to be quite the occasion. Umbreal enjoyed the scent of blood, but would be keeping herself in check... for the sake of whom it was, she would feel a bit of loss, as she knew Lash was a close friend of Diane... and Umbreal would take a step towards her lover, wrapping her arms around her neck from behind and nuzzling into her hair silently.
[2013/06/13 22:59]  Arabella (arabellawinter):   looks up and grins, her eyes lighting up as she dashes out the door and tackles her Master
 [2013/06/13 22:59]  Fryso (fryslander):   carried Lash's seeming lifeless form back to the house and laid her down on one of the pool chairs calling out to Arabella "Arabella! Come now!" Lash' head had a hole blow through it along with brain matter as she lay there bleeding out and either unconscious or dead.
 [2013/06/13 23:00]  Arabella (arabellawinter):   stops and looks on with alarm "W-what the hell happened?" she asks, touching lash and lifting up her hand and twitching her fingers to summon her medical tools
[2013/06/13 23:01]  Fryso (fryslander):   shakes his head "She shot herself in the head to prove a point, but I felt no heartbeat when carrying her over here and half her brains are sprayed all over the Raven's lobby."
[2013/06/13 23:07]  Arabella (arabellawinter):   frowns "Well what part of her brain did she shoot? I can't grow it back the same!" she says, her eyes wide as she places her hands on either side of the woman's head and quickly shoves her fire into it, sweat trickling down her brow as she hurries to stop the blood... hell to do anything at this point "There are different possibilities at this point... The front of the brain controls personality.... then there is memory and body functions...." she starts cursing in spanish as she turns her concentration on the wound "If it isn't memories or personality, ella esta muerto..." she growls as she shoves more fire into the hols
[2013/06/13 23:12]  asciel Massani (lasciel):   's body would heal however attempted, but her life was ended, the body merely an empty container now
[2013/06/13 23:13]  Fryso (fryslander):   didn't know so much about brains "From temple to temple" is all he could add, shaking his head "She's gone baby." he'd reach for her wrist, no pulse, lay an ear over her heart, no pulse. Looking up to Arabella "She's got no pulse. She's brain dead baby." his concern for Lash having succumbed to the rather apparent outcome of death then becoming a concern for he and Arabella, since he'd near insisted on taking on this task. "This isn't good baby. Fuck, this isn't good. My first major assignment in the family and this is allowed to happen under my watch." shaking his head vehemently. "She's fucked, and now we're fucked."
[2013/06/13 23:16]  Arabella (arabellawinter):   places two fingers over the pulse in her neck and sighs, reaching up with two fingers to close her eyes "Why the hell did she shoot herself in the head?" she asks thickly, her accent even thicker than usual as she arranges the woman's hair to hide the wound "And how do we tell the family?" When she looks up at him her eyes are round and molten gold, the fire burning any tears before they could leak out of her eyes, and as a result her eyes were glassy
 [2013/06/13 23:19]  Fryso (fryslander):   head kept shaking "I don't know. It was to prove that point that we were a different group and would be different that the CRNA of the past, a show of commitment to our message to Sammy tonight. But fuck, I wasn't expecting a kamikaze move like this. We have to go to the city and tell someone now, if any are there to tell, and lock her body inside because Andro will put her in the meat grinder if he finds her out here unattended.
[2013/06/13 23:20]  Fryso (fryslander):   adds "Or maybe we take her to the city and lock her up in the PD?"
[2013/06/13 23:24]  Arabella (arabellawinter):   nods slowly and sighs "Well I'm not eating any mystery meat surprise whatevers anytime soon." she murmurs, running her fingers through her hair "We can take her to the city... we will have to tell the bosses sometime. And what do I do without a mentor?" Of course she brought up something selfish like that, she was going nuts from all the thoughts buzzing through her head
[2013/06/13 23:26]  Fryso (fryslander):   nods to Arabella and lifts Lash' dead body up, opening a portal for the three of them to South Gate. "We'll stop there first, leave her at the medbay there then look for a boss."

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