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Post by Legion on Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:40 am

- Saya
-ℒasciel Massani

RP Length: 1 hour

- Lash Brings Saya in for her required physical

RP Log:
[01:41] Saya: "lash you wanted to see me today about something?"
[01:42] ℒasciel Massani nods slightly, she hadn't gotten a chance to sleep yet "Da, your physical hasn't been done yet, was wondering if you'd be able to come in and get it done"
[01:43] Saya: "ok lets get it done"
[01:43] ℒasciel Massani smiles slightly and hops off her chair, heading into the medbay "Come in and strip down hun"
[01:47] ℒasciel Massani grabs her tablet on the way in, pointing to the examination table "Ok hun, strip down and hop up on the table once you're done" she pulls up the right file and starts filling things in "For the record I need your full name, current rank, the date you joined with us, your race, date of birth and age please"
[01:51] Saya starts to undress" name is saya alias is rayne
[01:52] Saya: "joined about 3 weeks ago"
[01:54] Saya: "race neko and age 23 birthday 29 nov"
[01:55] ℒasciel Massani nods, filling in what is answered as saya goes
[01:57] ℒasciel Massani sighs "Moving on to health history, I'll need you to tell me if something in the following list is something you have encountered" she takes an elongated breath "Asthma, kidney disease, diabetes, psychiatric disorder, cardiovascular disease, cranium or spinal injuries, neurological issues, any ongoing defect disorder disease illness or injury"
[02:02] Saya: "not that i am aware oe to all of that"
[02:03] ℒasciel Massani nods "Last but not least, vices, do you use or abuse any of the following substances? pharmaceuticals, narcotics, nicotine, alcohol"
[02:05] Saya: " i drink a little sake with my meals.
[02:06] Saya: "i can have a temper at times"
[02:06] ℒasciel Massani smirks "You're not the only one hun, come on then, up on the table"
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[02:09] ℒasciel Massani goes and grabs a tray of tools, bringing it back and grabbing the first couple. She leans over saya and takes out the tongue depressor "Say ahh"
[02:10] Saya: "ahh"
[02:11] ℒasciel Massani presses her tongue down and checks the back of her throat before moving to the next tool, checking both eyes, nostrils and ears with an otoscope. After she is done looking over saya's head she fills in that particular section
[02:16] ℒasciel Massani grabs her stethoscope "Alright hun, sit up for me please. I'm going to check your airways, heartrate and do a small breast exam"
[02:17] Saya sits up
[02:18] ℒasciel Massani smiles and holds one of her hands to saya's back, the other pressing her stethoscope to her chest "So how are you enjoying your first few weeks of being with the CRNA hun?"
[02:19] Saya: "they have been interesting and exciting"
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[02:21] ℒasciel Massani stifles a bit of a laugh "Da, we definitely haven't had many boring nights" she moves on to bring the tool over just above saya's heart, checking her pulse
[02:21] Saya: "mj found me in the hospital tending a patient and made me an offer i could not refuse."
[02:23] ℒasciel Massani chuckles a bit "Sounds like the major" she sets aside the stethoscope and cups saya's breasts lightly, judging their size and checking for any abnormalites as her hands roam
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[02:26] ℒasciel Massani moves around to the other side and takes up saya's left arm, tying a rubber tube around her elbow before bringing up a needle and vial up to it "I'm going to take a blood sample now, that alright?"
[02:27] Saya: "cool, you will find that there are nanites in it"
[02:28] Saya: "thats how i can change my dna to cahge my appearences"
[02:30] ℒasciel Massani nods "Interesting, you'd be the first ive dealt with that had those in them" she nods "I gotcha, definitely something I can relate to" she wriggles her mechanical fingers around with a smirk before pressing in the needle with her other hand, and drawing the blood needed for testing "Once this part is done, unless there is anything specific you can think of, you are free to go hun"
[02:35] ℒasciel Massani takes the final steps to clean up the hole left behind by the syringe, placing a piece of gauze with medical tape over the location. She heads over and stores the vial into the fridge with the other samples, and starts cleaning the rest of the tools "Is there anything else you needed saya?"

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