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Post by Legion on Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:55 am

- Lowan
-ℒasciel Massani

RP Length: 1 hour

- Lash heads out to find lowan for his physical, taking him into the pd and finding he is in perfect health, she sends him on his way.

RP Log:

[00:02] ℒasciel Massani saunters up, seemingly out of breath, raising a brow...well he does have a large jacket that him and fryso were talking about...and a shotgun, she shrugs "Oi...you lowan? I've got you marked down as in need of a medical form"
[00:06] Lowan had seemed to be just casually standing around, hearing his name he turned with a frown "a medical form? for CRNA?" he asked, curious. he hadnt been told this
[00:07] ℒasciel Massani nods "Da, every new recruit is required to submit themselves for a physical or offer up an official physical done by a trained physician"
[00:08] Lowan smirked, observing her "and a robot is a trained physician? isnt that kind of ironic?" he asked, crossing his arms "although i have no issue with a medical. im healthy"
[00:11] ℒasciel Massani gives him a look "Don't get smart with me, most of our medical staff are augmented in some way" she takes a moment "You got an hour or so? or do you want to get it done tomorrow?"
[00:13] Lowan chuckled "dont see why anyone would need augmentations....." he then shrugged "sure, i got time right now, lead on.......?" he wasnt sure what her name was
[00:14] ℒasciel Massani rolls her eyes and heads off "Names Lash, I'm Captain under Major maljai"
[00:17] ℒasciel Massani saunters into the medbay "Alright then, while you get yourself undressed, at least the top half of you. I'm going to need your full name, the date you joined up, your age and race"
[00:18] Lowan nodded, unslinging his shotgun he made sure the safety was on as he deposited it on the ground nearby, sliding off his jacket and shirt "Lowan Earp, joined couple days ago, twenty-nine, human" he said, getting the top bare
[00:22] ℒasciel Massani nods and points to the exam table "Hop up when you're ready" she moves onto the next section "Alright, health history. I'm going to give you a big list of items, you say if any of them apply to you" she takes an elongated breath "Asthma, kidney disease, diabetes, psychiatric disorder, cardiovascular disease, head or spinal injuries, neurological issues, any other permanent issue from illness disease injury or disorder"
[00:22] MaxKieran hops off the roof moving next to fryso with his hands in his pockets "Well he keeps talking about your sex life, you could always remove any chance for his as well."
[00:23] Lowan glanced at the table, giving a brief nod he hoped on, sitting, then shaking his head gradually as she listed off everything, finishing with "nope, none of those"
[00:25] ℒasciel Massani grins "thank god, last guy had a list of stuff longer than the one I just named off" she sighed "Yeah im not exactly professional. Alright then, vices and poison, we're talking pharmaceuticals, narcotics, nicotine or alcohol use?"
[00:26] Lowan arched an eyebrow "funny, i thought we would of determined if i was a junkie before i signed up" he chuckled, shaking his head "nope, none of those. i mean.....i drink, but nowhere close to it being an addiction"
[00:27] ℒasciel Massani chuckled a bit "Really, have you seen any of us? no its not a requirement, we just like to know for medical reasons. Any other specific needs that you have...medically speaking?"
[00:29] Lowan pondered "needs? ummm.....no, not really, just a healthy human, nothing special......making your job easy" he laughed
[00:30] ℒasciel Massani nods "I'm starting to like you, makes me think I won't see you in here that often" she smirks and heads back to the sinks to grab a tray of tools, and a blood test kit "Physical portion starts now, I'm going to be testing your airways and heart via stethoscope, blood via this vial and syringe, and all of the bits on your head with this tongue depressor and otoscope...any issues with this?"
[00:32] Lowan grinned "as long as you dont shove anything into my penis hole, i think im fine" he said "test away, doc" as he opened his arms, signaling he was ready for whatever
[00:34] ℒasciel Massani snorts a moment "Ok...ill give you that one" she smiles "Say ahh" before pressing down the tool upon his tongue, checking the back of his throat for any abnormalites, and moving onto the ears eyes and nose with the otoscope using the light to see anything that might be out of place, writing her findings down when she is finished
[00:35] Lowan simply tried to be helpfull, opening his mouth wide and turning his head. he didnt mind physicals, but he didnt want to stay here all night either "so, doc....whered you learn bout human physionomy?" heasked, kinda making small talk, in a way youd small talk your dentist with your mouth wide open and he understands everything, somehow
[00:36] ℒasciel Massani shrugged and took up the stethoscope, placing it against his chest and hand to his back "Breathe deeply twice for me?"
[00:37] Lowan frowned softly at her avoiding to answer, he took two long, deep breaths, exhaling both slowly, glancing at her cleavage in a semi-subtle manner
[00:39] ℒasciel Massani continued on to the heart side of his chest, checking for abnormalities in heart rate as she talked to him "Mostly from military training back in russia...though that was about forty years ago, I first learned to be a feild medic, than a surgeon, before going on to my other work in the spetznaz, but it was all good experience" she sets the tool aside and hands him a long rubber tube "Tie this around your right elbow please"
[00:41] Lowan frowned softly again, remaining quiet about her answer but he nodded sand grabbed the tube, hesitating shortly. wondering how he was going to tie this around his own arm......he improvised using his hand and mouth, tying it tightly, looking at her "good?" he asked
[00:44] ℒasciel Massani nodded "Spasbio, now, this might sting a bit" she smirked before wiping up the area with alcohol and flicking a vein a few times, she gives him a gesture before pushing the needle in and catching the vein, smiling as she watches the vial fill up "Any other questions?" she asked as she cleaned up after putting away the test vial of blood and handing him a piece of gauze and some medical tape
[00:47] Lowan nodded and glanced away as she stabbed him, wincing for only a second, pondering shortly he shook his head "no, not off the top of my head" he said, glancing at the blood vial. as he received the medical gear he put the gazu on the tiny blood drop that was forming where the needle used to be and he taped it into position
[00:49] ℒasciel Massani smiled as she finished up the majority of the report "Alright, thats the paperwork done, now, unless there is anything you might need medically, you are free to go, though if you find any other recruits, like lucy or the one I remember you coming in with, please, don't hesitate to send them my way"
[00:51] Lowan nodded as he stood and grabbed his things, dressing up he frowned "one i came in with? aeval? she didnt sign up" he said, sliding on his jacket, and slinging his shotgun again
[00:53] ℒasciel Massani nods "Alright then, forget about her, just lucy then" she smiles "Anything else I can help you with while you're here?"
[00:54] Lowan pondered a moment "i dont remember any lucy.....but if i discover who she is, and see her, ill send her your way" he chuckled, then shook his head "nothing for now, though, although maybe later, who knows?" he said with a wink
[00:55] ℒasciel Massani smirks "Out with you then, into the wild city we live in...try not to get yourself put back in here"

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