Visit with Sammy Han while taking Vex to HQ

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Visit with Sammy Han while taking Vex to HQ Empty Visit with Sammy Han while taking Vex to HQ

Post by fryso on Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:28 am

Sammy Han asked for a visit about the same time that Vex asked to be shown to the new HQ, so we visited with Sammy about the impending meeting between her and Zoe & Macen then headed to the HQ after a stop n chat with Odd in front of the Clan building.

Submitting for:
Fryso (fryslander resident)
V3-X (vex.ilo)

Time: 14:23 - 16:18

[14:23] V3-X (vex.ilo) looks about the alley

[14:23] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Tips then to the woman that just approached them "Greetings."

[14:24] V3-X (vex.ilo): "Salutations" adjusts her oculars to examine the man

[14:25] tipsqueek Resident looks at vex and smiles "vex" she steps closer excited "where have you been" she turns to fryso "this is vex" she faces vex "this is fryso"

[14:26] Fryso (fryslander) grinned to her greeting and look, nodding upon hearing Tips "Hey Vex."

[14:27] V3-X (vex.ilo) turns to focus on on tips "Salutations" Pauses as she searches her banks "Tips and Fryso, I am V 3 X backup copy 3"

[14:29] Fryso (fryslander) blinked upon hearing Vex "What the fuck? Back up copy? What happened to the original?"

[14:29] tipsqueek Resident smiles "vex i have missed you more or less needed you to help me with recalibrating the systems " she looks at fry as he swore "erm"

[14:30] V3-X (vex.ilo) blinks, the gesture has a unnatural windshield wiper like quality.

[14:31] V3-X (vex.ilo) looks to Tips "please elaborate"

[14:32] V3-X (vex.ilo) looks back to Fryso "information unknown, system memory dates only to the time of backup download"

[14:34] tipsqueek Resident runs her hand theough her hair "its complicated and technical but well vex is a what you can refer to as robot and as such there will be copies" as vex spoke "like she said there will be back up copies and memories will only go as far as when a backup was saved from the backup we can make copies" she hopes she did not complicate maters

[14:34] Samantha Han (sammy.han): Oi. Fry. need to talk.

[14:34] Fryso (fryslander) took in Vex rather strange blink as well her very stiff, in his opinion, speak... "Hmm, someone erased all your data? All your memories? That's gotta suck.. of course, if you had any bad sucks in the past that you'd not want to remember, perhaps its a good thing eh?"

[14:35] Fryso (fryslander) then turns upon hearing Sammy "Sure Doc, where?" before up nodding to Max "Sup Max."

[14:36] MaxKieran moves up to fryso with a smile and a wave "Hey there man how's things?" He hears sam call for fryso and gives him a wave "Go take care of things with that, we can talk in a bit."

[14:36] V3-X (vex.ilo) looks to Fryso... "please explain bad sucks, I do not comprehend this... negative, memory not erased. Only memory from the pre-existing unit was preserved till the time of the backup"

[14:37] Samantha Han (sammy.han): shit didn't mean to private, preferrably.

[14:37] tipsqueek Resident doesnt recognize sam and waves she sighs "its his term for unplesant or bad or somehthing of that nature he means that its a memory you would rather forget a memory wipe cleans it"

[14:38] V3-X (vex.ilo) looks to Tips "is the purpose of this forgetting to make more space available?"

[14:40] tipsqueek Resident laughs "no its if its unplesant" she goes to the couch tired and closes her eyes to rest

[14:40] Samantha Han (sammy.han) brings a hand to her headset. ' Vanguard Actual, Guard and Raven net. Actual going off net for 5 minutes. If' I'm off long then that I'm in by the zodiac. Actual out.

[14:41] MaxKieran looks over to tip shoving his hands in his pockets "Speaking of memory wipes, I'm due for a tour of your bases and technical areas. Lucci was supposed to do it but she said she was gonna have one of the techies in the CRNA show me around since that's the stuff I wana look at. Any of you know where I can find someone named 'Tips'?"

[14:41] Samantha Han (sammy.han) whispers into their comm.

[14:41] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Max "Cool, did you get that tour yet?" before looking to Vex "You know, say you like this dude and you're getting all heavy into petting with him, you see.. or feel him hardening and you start to go in for the Vex delight but dude jizzed in his jeans and leaves you wanting.... that sort of thing. I hear it happens all the time with the packy guys, so steer away from them for you needs if ya know what I mean." chuckles, as he was just giving her a hard time. Then nods to Sam "Works for me, I'll follow ya." nods to Max and points to Tips behind him "This is Tips."

[14:42] tipsqueek Resident looks at max and remebers him "i reember mal saying she will veryfy it with lucci first hasnt she goten back to you" she looks to his hand for a moment

[14:43] V3-X (vex.ilo) stares blankly at Fryso

[14:43] Samantha Han (sammy.han) whispers into their comm.

[14:44] Fryso (fryslander) laughs upon seeing Vex' stare "We need to work on your understanding and personality or you're never getting laid in this city. You need to meet my Arabella, she'll help ya out Vex."

[14:44] Samantha Han (sammy.han): so fry... when you have a moment..let's take a walk.

[14:44] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Sam "I'm ready Doc."

[14:45] V3-X (vex.ilo) again stares blankly at Fryso.... "I require personnel to show me the new HQ, I was informed it had moved"

[14:45] Fryso (fryslander) nods "Follow me Vex."

[14:46] V3-X (vex.ilo) nods

[14:47] Samantha Han (sammy.han) sits on the railing. ' has andro gotten your people the key yet?

[14:48] Fryso (fryslander) "Hey Doc, apologies, but I haven't a clue on that, haven't heard anything about a key. Oh, and I need to show this one where our new HQ is real fast."

[14:48] Samantha Han (sammy.han): Apparently your 5 and 6 want to talk.

[14:49] Fryso (fryslander) nods "Good, that I am glad to hear."

[14:49] Samantha Han (sammy.han): and since I don't know if andro get this information to your people yet. I'm backstopping it. she says, holding a small metal key out.

[14:49] V3-X (vex.ilo) looks to the one Fryso refers to as Doc and smiles "salutations"

[14:50] Fryso (fryslander) reaches for the key "Backstopping? And what's this key for?"

[14:51] Samantha Han (sammy.han): The detail of this meeting are this. they said three people, fine. My self Taala, and andro will be going. Hatter refused. they key is one of a paired set needed to unlock an radio jammer that will be at the site. to keep this from becoming an ambush on either side. it'll blank all Radio traffic from both sides. whent he meeting starts we'll put both keys in, open the cover to the power switch and turn it on. when it's over, it's turned off.

[14:53] Samantha Han (sammy.han) looks to V3X and nods. ' Afternoon. ' before turning back to fry. ' as to where. the compton wasteland. out in the open. you can contact me on radio when they accept or if they don't.

[14:54] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Sam.... that was a lot of info fast, for him anyway... glances back to Vex "You getting this Vex?" before looking back to Sammy "Sweet. I'll let them know as soon as they awake. Is there anything else?"

[14:55] V3-X (vex.ilo): information has been recorded, comprehension is nil.

[14:56] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Vex "We have to work on this Salutations thing."

[14:58] Samantha Han (sammy.han): IF they screw this up. If Lucci screws this up. If max screws this up. Then This is the last attempt to be conciliatory.

[14:58] V3-X (vex.ilo): Does it require maintenance?

[14:59] Samantha Han (sammy.han): I believe he's trying to say your baseline personality protocol is to...stiff.

[14:59] Fryso (fryslander) nods rather sincerely to Sammy "I hear ya and totally get that. You and I have gone above and beyond to make this work. I hope it still works." nods then to Vex "Yes, when we get to HQ I'll need to access your data and tweak a few things."

[15:00] Fryso (fryslander) chuckles and nods to Sammy "Exactamundo Doc."

[15:01] Samantha Han (sammy.han): sherman's march to the sea, Fry...think on that. ' and of course it is. I wrote AIs for a living before all this happened. ' she says, hopping off the wall, handing off the key when taken.

[15:01] V3-X (vex.ilo) considers this...... "it is in accordance to regulation"

[15:03] Fryso (fryslander) laughs to Sam "I remember that march.. safe paths Doc." then shakes his head to Vex "Regulations have changed. We'll review those changes at HQ. Let's head there now." tossing a wave to Doc after securing the key from her.

[15:03] V3-X (vex.ilo) nods

[15:04] Samantha Han (sammy.han): good day, both of you...' she says, moving to head off.

[15:04] Fryso (fryslander) heads off to HQ

[15:04] V3-X (vex.ilo): good day

[15:06] Fryso (fryslander) halts in front of the Clan base "What the fuck Odd, you're standing out here all alone guarding a base that no one ever occupies." looks back to Vex "Does that make any sense to you Vex?"

[15:07] V3-X (vex.ilo): I am not certain of the parameters... it is possible that there is an item of value, otherwise why expend resources securing a location.

[15:08] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) pops awake, strolling over to say hey to fry. "Sup fucker?" he greets his bro cheerfully. "Was hoping to see you today. Got a question, and if you answer correctly, it might be beneficial to the both of us." His smile vanished at fry's observation and crossed his arms irritably. "Yeah, stupid fuckers never, ever, ever show up anymore. Like, i'm fed up with it. I'd talk to one of my supes about it, /but they never show up!/" he huffed, clearly in a mood now

[15:10] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Vex "Exactly, great answer. I'm rather sure there is nothing in the Clan building worth a shit to anyone though." chuckles then laughs upon hearing Odd, shakes his head "Hard to be faithful to the mate that has deserted you bro." glancing then back to Vex "Did my last statement compute for you?"

[15:10] V3-X (vex.ilo): 83% comprehension

[15:13] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) upnods to Fry, glancing curiously to Fry's partner in grisly detective-y crime, then did a double-take. "I catch yer drift bro, and not to change the subject, but who's your friend?" He turns his attention back to Fry, canting his head curiously. "If you're referring to me and Clan, i'd like to at least find a method of communication with a prime before i desert em, ya know? Anyway, i heard a rumor today. Something about CRNA having a gruff with the Tribe?"

[15:15] V3-X (vex.ilo) blinks and looks to Fryso but remains silent

[15:16] Fryso (fryslander) laughs, nods "This chick cracks me up bro, did ya hear that shit? She's a little rough around the edges and I need to have her spend some time with Arabella, seductress reprogramming, i mean training and all. But we're gonna make this little technological treat a real dynamic personality in the city." nods then to Odd "Yes, we've had a couple of altercations with the Tribe of sorts, hopefully they've learned their lesson."

[15:16] Fryso (fryslander) adds "Odd, this is Vex, Vex, this is Odd."

[15:19] V3-X (vex.ilo): Salutations Mister Odd

[15:20] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) laced his fingers together and popped em, grinning at the silvery one the entire time. "Thats good high-quality tech right there man. Not meaning any offense to you miss Vex." he greeted her as Fry spoke her name, giving her a little salute and grinning devilishly. "Good thinkin big brah. Sure with a little TLC, she'll come out like a fried pickle sammich." he winked, then got serious. "According to Tribe, they think CRNA's got a vendetta against em or some shit. Now, me, being the clever little shit i am, went there and took my little thang with me. Of course, they fell in love with her adorable sweetness, just like me. I just thought you'd like to know that she /might/ become a member of Tribe or not....depending on if she has a reason to join. And you know how sensative that kitty's hearing is." he winked conspiratorially. "Salad constipations to you too Vex!"

[15:23] V3-X (vex.ilo) blinks, then takes note that current relations with the Tribe are hostile.

[15:25] Fryso (fryslander) shakes his head to Vex "See, that's not gonna work. No one has said salutations in over a century in this city and been taken serious when saying it. We're reprogramming that to 'Sup'." nods then to Odd "Yep, she's my new programmed pet project, of sorts. Just needs some fine turning with a splash of sultry mixed in. And personally, I don't see the Tribe thing escalating. And I hope that your gal finds a home there."

[15:28] V3-X (vex.ilo) blinks

[15:29] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) sighs, expression souring. "Damn. Nothing ever /happens/ here anymore. I was hoping to fuel a little tiny fire in this city." He scuffed his foot against a loose stone, sending it down the road. "Know what i miss? I miss the fucking Collective. Annoying fucks, but they at least made fun shit happen. Like when the brood was strong, or the Coven was always starting shit with the wolves, the times i hear about, but never get to see anymore." He pumped a fist, "I want some gottamned action in this place. Gotta be bored too bro, breaking up barfights and telling people not to litter. Ugh!" he growled in frustration, a reptilian sound. His monsters were growing restless. He nodded to the two, "Pet project, eh? Sounds like some fun."

[15:32] V3-X (vex.ilo): Restoration of municipal services and order are for the public good.

[15:35] Fryso (fryslander) then double takes at Vex' uniform and shakes his head "And this nazi youth movement attire's gotta go. You're never gonna get a date if dude suspects you're about to throw him in a box car with a hundred others and ship him to Auschwitz." looking then back to Odd "She's cute isn't she? Can you see the potential? More skin to win though, that's gonna be part of her reprogramming. Her current attire is so 1940's." nods then to Odd's rant of sorts "There will be more action, I'm sure of it. It comes and goes in cycles in this city. Never know who and where, which faction vying against which, but it'll happen." chuckles and shakes his head "Well, not my 'pet'... I meant as in 'a' pet project." nods then to Vex "You are exactly correct, but next time when you say municipal services, do something like... breath it out heavily through your luscious lips... we've got a lot of work to do with you. But I'm hoping it's just a bit of re-coding and a tap on the enter key to get you right."

[15:37] V3-X (vex.ilo) looks to Fryso "My uniform is regulation as dictated by Central Command in Colorado"

[15:39] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) gave Vex a look of utter disgust, "Screw the public good. The public needs a little bad to mix in with it, or shit just gets stagnant. And stagnant shit isn't good for anyone's public. Everything starts to smell bad, like walking past the Archaic's place. Dead things rotting inside moldering coffins, and i don't know about you little bot, but i can't stand the smell of a dead thing. Less it's me that killed it, o course." He blinks up at Fry, grinning and nodding at his euphemisms, "Exactly like that, like...well now you mention it, weren't nazi's kinda like mind-wiped robots? ehh, not going there. But she does look like she'll be a ringer. Might want to go in there and change her opinion manually too. Seems as defective as that personality drive." He waved an arm at her dictation, "See? Whether she be pet or pet project, one usually follows the other, don't you agree?"

[15:43] V3-X (vex.ilo): the CRNA are not national socialists *folds her arms and would almost look irritated*

[15:44] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) canted his head. "Then explain your uniform."

[15:45] Fryso (fryslander) sighs and shakes his head to Vex "See, you have been gone too long. We are no longer associated with Central Command in Colorado. That was nixed before I joined up with the S.C.A.R. which is the CRNA's local undercover branch. Our office is in the alley where I met you. And the current CRNA are all local. There is no more Denver, no more Colorado affiliation. And I'm rather sure that part of that separation agreement was having C3PO's like you in halter tops and mini's. My odalisque Arabella will take you shopping for your new required uniforms, and trust me, you'll not feel nearly as uptight in those. It'll help your outlook quite a bit." laughing then to Odd "Did you just go to the stagnant shit card? Now that's some funny shit. Look bro, there will be more action, just that many get in summer lover mode and chill during these months. But I can guarantee you one thing...." shaking his head 'You're gonna see about as much action standing here alone as this little is wearing that uniform and showing no T & A." laughs

[15:45] V3-X (vex.ilo): I am a medic with the rank of Corporal in the Confederated Republic of North America. This is the Class A

[15:46] V3-X (vex.ilo) pauses

[15:46] V3-X (vex.ilo): Who is in command?

[15:51] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) chuckles at Fry, nodding and craning his neck one way then the other to pop dat sum bish. "That i did, though i had no idea it was a card. Kinda thought it up just now. But for the second time since i known ya, your right about something I /cannot/ just stay here and do nothing. the real question is, who do i want to piss off the most....?"he rubbed his chin as he thought about it, head bobbing side to side as he thought about it. "The coven. Sposed to see that girl about a job regarding them, but if she don't show, no job. that leaves me them....fuck, i don't even know!" he growled and paced in place, skin at his shoulder blades splitting to reveal fur underneath, only to close right up again. "Dude, any thoughts here?"

[15:54] Fryso (fryslander) looks to Vex "Zoe is in command. She's a Lycan, local. Macen as well." he'd smile wide, a flash of fangs to her. I'm vampire and there very few if any humans remaining in the CRNA, none in the SCAR. It's a different group with local interests at heart. We are the local PD. We are here to protect and serve, keep some sort of fairness about this city, arrest those that commit crimes that we deem are worthy of punishment... amongst other things that we can discus later." then nods to Odd "Yes, get the hell of this sidewalk and back in the city. You're like a rotting corpse out here bro. I mean, what the fuck?!" laughs "Come see me at the alley office. I have to take this one to show her our new HQ" and with that would turn to leave "C'mon Vex... later bro."

[15:57] Fryso (fryslander) sighs and looks to Odd "This one is gonna be a hard case. She needs reprogramming fast."

[15:57] V3-X (vex.ilo) nods

[15:57] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany) gave em a thumbs up and took off. "Yup, breaking ties, moving forward, constant change. things are happenin bro, i kin feel it, ye ken?" He laughed, hair altering and turning auburn, a suddenly developed irish broagh breaking through his normal voice. "Get to it then man. I'll wait for ya at the alley."

[15:58] Fryso (fryslander) heads that way.

[15:59] V3-X (vex.ilo): there seems to be a fault with the security gate

[16:01] Fryso (fryslander) walks her into the HQ, nods "Yes, not sure what's up with that. Alright, this is HQ. Medbay is on the left there. Upstairs is the conference room and some living quarters. More living quarters across the courtyard. I'm sure you're going to need a tour around the new PD in the city as well."

[16:02] V3-X (vex.ilo): that is very likley

[16:02] V3-X (vex.ilo): who is medical chief?

[16:03] Fryso (fryslander) "Lasciel is the medical chief, or Lash as we all call her."

[16:04] V3-X (vex.ilo): I am familiar with Sergent Lasciel

[16:05] Fryso (fryslander) nods "She's Captain now, just so you know."

[16:05] V3-X (vex.ilo): Rank promotion is noted

[16:06] Fryso (fryslander) nods "Alright, here's the deal and I'm gonna shoot you straight... and don't take that literally."

[16:07] V3-X (vex.ilo): I will not not perceive hostile intent.

[16:11] Fryso (fryslander) adds "We've been working our asses off the last couple of months to dispel the city's general denotations that the current CRNA are just like the old group with their old ties to Colorado Command. We've shown many people in the city that we are indeed, this, our new group... we are indeed here to provide some sort of public stability, law and order, and fairness. We have gone to great lengths to let the populous know that none of us have been brainwashed. There is no more of that, and especially the fact that we are no longer affiliated with that group. So, we can't have you walking around the city telling the general pubic that we are.... kapish?"

[16:12] ÑOVACAIN乇 (christy.christos) walks into the HQ, pausing near the door. She didn't want to interrupt. And actually tiptoed around them to reach under the couch where she had stashed the weed she had taken from Dae. She sat and started to roll one up.

[16:13] V3-X (vex.ilo): I believe that I understand.... I will have to be briefed from my division CO on new policy.

[16:16] Fryso (fryslander) nods to Nova "Hey Nova, this is Vex, Vex, this is Nova." then nods to Vex "I understand. Now, you also need to know that Tripp and Ves are gone. Personally, I got along with both of them, hell, even when I was with Coven and we were at war with you guys earlier in the year. Anyway, Zoe and Macen are in command now."

[16:17] V3-X (vex.ilo): It is unfortunate that Commander Tripp and Ambassador Ves are no longer with us, I hope that their life functions have not been discontinued

[16:18] V3-X (vex.ilo): Greetings Nova

[16:18] ÑOVACAIN乇 (christy.christos) pressed the joint between her lips, leaning forward to stuff her stash back under the couch, as she straightened she gave a wave to Vex. Then sparking her lighter she pressed the flame to the twisted paper sending a plume of thick grey smoke into the air. Exhaling noisily she leans back into the couch and let her head rest on the back of it staring up at the ceiling and listening. Listening was what Nova did best.

[16:18] Fryso (fryslander) wasn't sure regarding functions "I have no clue on that. I joined under Zoe and Macen. Lash can debrief you on the rest."

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