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Stolen articles RP with macen Empty Stolen articles RP with macen

Post by Legion on Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:05 pm

- Macen
-ℒasciel Massani

RP Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

- Novacain flees the med-bay and lash heads in after macen calls for a medic, after finding out that novacain had pilfered the med-bay of some supplies and injured macen, she treated his wounds properly and set up to make a notice out to the other members of the crna

RP Log:
[2013/07/06 16:43] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me wakes up from her slumber on the chair
[2013/07/06 16:44] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): ((ty))
[2013/07/06 16:45] tipsqueek Resident: /me looks a lash and smiles "hello there" she says to her she turns to her orb it gives her a detailed repotr of the analysis and she opens her bag and it goes to a sleep mode
[2013/07/06 16:46] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me smiles slightly "Evening tips, doing better than when we last met?"
[2013/07/06 16:47] Maljai Jhamin: /me repeats the words nova spoke..."Military and family organization.. You would assume pretty close.. Tell me a little bit about yourself if you don't mind."
[2013/07/06 16:48] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): walks in the station, and glances around, not seeing who he is looking for, he tips his hat. " Ladies, Gents" he says, with a cajun accent. " lookin for miss LUcci"
[2013/07/06 16:49] tipsqueek Resident: /me looks to the floor ashamed "im sorry i panicked" she holds the report in her hands of the blood sample she brushes her hair to the side not sure what to do
[2013/07/06 16:49] Robin Streeter: /me pads lightly into the station and comes up to the desk, leaning over it a touch to get somoene's attention, but then she sees Tips and remembers almost getting her hands slammed in the blast door thing, and backs up a little bit, but still smiles politely.
[2013/07/06 16:49] Nova: /me must have hit the nail on the head pretty damn hard, then. He'd clear his throat for a second and stand up with a rather wide smile planted across his face, his right arm reaching up, though bent, and stopped before it got anywhere near the larger woman, assuming that she'd be interested in a hand shake. "Nova 'Shadow' Seizer, ma'am! I shoot things and heal people, mainly heal. Can't throw a punch but I can hit a target like there's no tomorrow. Pleased to meet you, miss....?" He paused, letting her finish by letting him hear her name, if she was so inclined.
[2013/07/06 16:49] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me just stayed in place a few moments before gathering himself up slowly blinking a ew times and called out... 'uh medic??' he'd walk over to the exam table and take a seat as he got his barings and just looked down to his forearm waiting
[2013/07/06 16:50] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me slipped in through the doorway.. moving to weave around the different people to head behind the counter.
[2013/07/06 16:51] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me nods to levistius "And you've found the right place, but arrived at the wrong time, she's out till later tonight" she half smiles, not exactly awake "Tips can you aide these two? I'm going to see what macen needs"
[2013/07/06 16:51] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): nods. " tell her Levi was lookin for her, she knows who i am cheri" he said to her
[2013/07/06 16:52] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me hears voices coming from out of the crna hq, so walks up to the door and knocks on it
[2013/07/06 16:52] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me nods "I'll let her know when I see her" she says, waving as she heads off into the other room
[2013/07/06 16:52] Maljai Jhamin: /me crosses her arms as she studies him up and down.. then smiles.. "You got my attention. " as she looks around noticing the crowd building up.. "Follow me and lets go upstairs.." as she leads off gesturing Nova to follow
[2013/07/06 16:53] tipsqueek Resident: /me nods ans faces zoe in greeting she heads to the counter smiling "hello welciome do you need some assistance"
[2013/07/06 16:53] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): smiles at venus
[2013/07/06 16:53] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me crosses her arms and looks to macen with a raised brow "So...what's got you up on my exam table? Thought you didn't like it in here"
[2013/07/06 16:53] Nova: /me gave a quick glance to the door from whence the faint words 'medic?' came from, his legs almost instinctively carrying him over, until he caught sight of another going to aid the call, his feet keeping planted in the ground instead. With attention halted back to the larger woman. Disregarding the shake, he returned his hand to the side, and slowly followed after her, keeping close in her wake. He... Wasn't sure why they would need to go upstairs, but he wasn't about to question someone that looked damn capable of killing someone in a single punch. "Yes ma'am.~
[2013/07/06 16:53] Robin Streeter: /me smiels at Tips, "Actaully here to make sure MJ was made aware that I completed her delivery yesterday, I'd tell her myself," she glances in MJ's direction, "but she seems a bit busy at the momnent."
[2013/07/06 16:54] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me sees the man in black she met last night coem out of the building "hai" she says "would you like some bread tonight?"
[2013/07/06 16:54] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): grins again at Venus, but shakes his head." non cherie, but i tell you what, what you tryin to get in trade?" he asks her
[2013/07/06 16:55] Maljai Jhamin: (go ahead)
[2013/07/06 16:55] tipsqueek Resident: /me brings out a pen and paper and writes it down "okay i think i remember your deliverey" she smiles "i will tell her as sooon as possible" she finishes her writing "would you need anything else than i can help with" she says politely
[2013/07/06 16:56] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me looked down to his arms just watching the blood flow out of the gash that looked a bit like a bite wound and looks up to lash... 'ohai.. lil help and such..' he'd look up at her blinking a few times and lifted his uninjuried arm up to point over to the cabinet... 'I made a mess.. fix it...' he'd move his hand back over to his face rubbing a bit as he waited for her reaction
[2013/07/06 16:56] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me shrugs "anything i can make" she says "stuff i can live on or stuff i can trade on. do you have things youd like to trade?"
[2013/07/06 16:56] Maljai Jhamin: /me gestures to have a seat as Mal takes the couch.."So let me ask you one question first then I'l answer yours.."What do you believe in?"
[2013/07/06 16:57] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me waves a claw,spotting Venus and giving her a toothy smile. "Hey there, little cutie." he bounced over to her and upnodded at Levistius, "Sup." he sounded disinterested. "Anyway, how you been V? Saw you earlier, but you were hanging around michel, so i decided not to say hi."
[2013/07/06 16:57] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me just stood in the lobby for now .. watching the different interactions to see if there was anything she needed to do.
[2013/07/06 16:57] Robin Streeter: /me shakes her head, "Nope, that was all. Toska was supposed to tell her last night, but I'm just covering my bases." She turns looking for the exit, "You all seem pretty busy so I'll be on my way, but if y'all get hungry, you know where the food is."
[2013/07/06 16:58] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me looks puzzled then says "odd? youve changed again. which one was michel?"
[2013/07/06 16:58] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): pulls out his flask glancing at the other person. " maybe you come around the club, club radius in Tempura cvity, we see what we can do for ya" he said
[2013/07/06 16:58] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): ((city lol))
[2013/07/06 16:59] tipsqueek Resident: /me would wave and smile "okay" she would watch robin hapiliy
[2013/07/06 16:59] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me grins, dipping his chin in a a nod. "I have indeed. magical reactions and such. Michel was the red one."
[2013/07/06 17:00] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me groans "I should lock these doors when me or zoe ain't around" she sighs and heads over to the cabinets "Hold your arm up, it may continue to bleed, but gravity will help it properly clot. You alright with me administering a local flesh based adhesive? it should fill any holes or cuts from that wound, and let your body heal itself" she says as preparing the dosage anyways into a sterile syringe. Stopping a moment she heads over and picks up another one that she spotted on the ground "Yup...locking this room next time" she sighs as she cleans and prepares
[2013/07/06 17:01] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me nods "ah yes" she says to odd "the one who was wasting my time. thats a very demonic thing to do" she looks at levistus "i dont know that club" she confesses "is it new? whereabouts in tempura is it?"
[2013/07/06 17:01] tipsqueek Resident: /me turns to zoe and smiles nervously not sure if she should be doing something
[2013/07/06 17:02] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me shrugged at V, tail winding around on it's ownsome. "Yeah, but it could have been much, much, much, much worse. Honestly, i'm not sure about michel. that's why i tend to stay away from him."
[2013/07/06 17:03] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me returned a warm smile to Tips.. "why don't ya show me how that thing there at the front works?" she'd question moving closer to the front with a curious expression playing on her features.
[2013/07/06 17:03] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me takes a breath and sighs as he moves his wounded forearm up and just stares at it a bit morbidly.. 'do what you gotta do lash..' his tone was a bit more annoyed than anything as he spoke... he kinda wondered why no one seemed to ask what happened or why and such but he'd just let it be for now...
[2013/07/06 17:03] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): shrugs his shoulders. " seen one redskin ya seen them allpodan" he said to the other person, then looked back at venus. " Radius been around, just in the cut cheri" he said
[2013/07/06 17:05] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me nods at levistius "is there opportunity for trading there?" she asks
[2013/07/06 17:06] tipsqueek Resident: /me thinks for a moment and smiles "well the security system was installed to help with erm security if you will follow me" she starts walking to the elevator
[2013/07/06 17:06] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): " plenty" he said. " get hold a me anytime darlin, we'll talk it over" he said with a grin
[2013/07/06 17:06] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me sighed and dwindled down into himself, tail and horns shrinking into his body as he assumed his human body. "Well, if you have see Tanith about, could you tell her i need to speak with her? Looking for her for a freaking week."
[2013/07/06 17:06] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me blinked "oh.. I thought there was something to do down here for it?" she'd question though be following her to the back.
[2013/07/06 17:07] tipsqueek Resident: /me stops at the lift and brings out her comm
[2013/07/06 17:07] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me is startled to see odd change so rapidly "youre changing back" she says, her mouth gaping. then she quickly turn to len
[2013/07/06 17:08] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me watches
[2013/07/06 17:08] tipsqueek: /me chats into their comm.
[2013/07/06 17:08] :: REGION :: tipsqueek Resident: the keypad is here beside the hand scanner use the long key pass to put the building in lock down mode
[2013/07/06 17:08] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me nods "Thank you boss, this makes my job much easier" she returns with her mechanical sterilized hands , holding a syringe and moving to attempt to hold macen's arm in place while administering the medi-gel to the different parts of the wound, sealing the area up "So...not to pry...but what in the world bit you? and for that matter...why in this medbay?" her other hand idly twirling the second syringe behind her back, she still didn't know which of her different concoctions it was
[2013/07/06 17:08] VenusMari Zapedzki: levistius "i dont think i caught your name" she says "my names venus mari"
[2013/07/06 17:08] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me listed her eyebrow before slipping into code as she questioned
[2013/07/06 17:08] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me chats in the C.R.N.A.'s code.
[2013/07/06 17:08] :: Short-Range :: tiny terror (zoe): what exactly does lock down mode entail?
[2013/07/06 17:09] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): " call me Levi cheri" he said, and reached out for her hand
[2013/07/06 17:09] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me shrugged and cricked his neck left, then right, "Yeah. Conveniences sake. Tails heavy and i'm tired. Not stuck in that body, thankfully."
[2013/07/06 17:10] tipsqueek: /me chats into their comm.
[2013/07/06 17:10] :: REGION :: tipsqueek Resident: well it closes the sutters and well restricts the freedom of our attacker giving ust time to reach the roof or plan a proper attack the shutters are made with very strong metal it can withstand a lot but its not indestructable
[2013/07/06 17:10] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me lets levi take her hand the turns back to odd "you mean you can change your bodies at will? she asks "are you a shapeshifter?"
[2013/07/06 17:11] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me nodded "may I see them.. that's kinda why I asked"
[2013/07/06 17:11] tipsqueek: /me chats into their comm.
[2013/07/06 17:11] :: REGION :: tipsqueek Resident: i will run a test on police department security
[2013/07/06 17:12] tipsqueek: /me chats into their comm.
[2013/07/06 17:12] :: REGION :: tipsqueek Resident: this is a notice to all personell
[2013/07/06 17:12] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me sighed as he watched the wound a few moments longer and looked up to lash as she walked over.. 'well.. you're the doc.. what's it look like happened to you?' he'd raise an eyebrow and look over to the cabinet with some broken glass on the counter and ground then look back over to her
[2013/07/06 17:12] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall deactivated]
[2013/07/06 17:13] tipsqueek Resident: /me walsk to the lobby and voila
[2013/07/06 17:13] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me would move back to the lobby looking around curiously
[2013/07/06 17:14] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me answered with a shake of the head, rubbing his wrists together to spark some kind of response from his bracelets. "Nope, not exactly, though i have that power. More like a receptacle for different me's. I can become myself over and over, different and altered, depending on what life and reality i switch from. I am a universal kind of being. Whenever someone uses magic around me, a new possibility happens. Whatever they are, i could be, you get my meaning?"
[2013/07/06 17:14] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me stopped looking down to the yellow and black lines. Pointing at them "and what's this?"
[2013/07/06 17:15] tipsqueek Resident: /me curses "the systems still need a bit of tweaking i will try woking with the system" she turns to go "wait here and do not stand on the line you could get squished"
[2013/07/06 17:16] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall activated]
[2013/07/06 17:17] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me moved off of the lines.. watching the other walls go down as the ones by the door went up "is a neat idea... once their all synced.. think it will be handy"
[2013/07/06 17:17] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me rolls her eyes and lowers macen's arm once finished applying the gel, heading back to the cabinetry and disposing of the different syringes. She grabs up the scattered broken glass and disposes of that as well before going into cleaning and sterilization mode on the med bay "Well by the looks of things you were bitten in the arm, so it wasn't a vampire, and by the movement of people in the past while...I'd have to say the only person that I've seen exiting this room recently was nova" she sighs, continuing to clean, down on her hands and knees as she scrubbed the floor "You two have an altercation sir?"
[2013/07/06 17:17] tipsqueek Resident: /me curses againthis time she was holding a spanner as she returned "dam electrics"
[2013/07/06 17:17] Levistius Shadowborn (levistius): ((soory lag))
[2013/07/06 17:18] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me waves over to Ayden and Sil, once he'd noticed them. "Hey, got a question for you. You know if Guen Weaver is trustworthy?"
[2013/07/06 17:18] tipsqueek Resident: /me bangs the blast doors with her spaners cursiing and kicking it she hops around on one foot evidently hurting her toe
[2013/07/06 17:20] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me blinked watching Tips hopping around. A slight shake to her head given "shouldn't do that.. it hurts..."
[2013/07/06 17:20] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me nods at odd "that sounds a bit like a shapeshifter to me " she says "whats the difference?"
[2013/07/06 17:20] Varen Dark Knight Sword (Right Hand): Maljai Jhamin Varen CCS Stamina : Initializing ...
[2013/07/06 17:20] Varen Dark Knight Sword (Right Hand): Maljai Jhamin Varen CCS Adjustable Buff : Initializing ...
[2013/07/06 17:20] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me grumbled and shakes his head... 'make sure everybody knows... understood?' he'd look up to her and sigh some as he held his arm out so she could tend to the wound
[2013/07/06 17:21] tipsqueek Resident: /me sighs and steps back "i will try recallibrating the systems again" she drops the spanner
[2013/07/06 17:21] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me snorked, then snorted, then snuff, then sneezed. Then, once recovered, he laughed. "Haven't found one yet who was, or if i did, they never told me they was Fae." He glanced back to Venus, "Instead of shifting bodies, i shift dimensions."
[2013/07/06 17:21] Maljai Jhamin: /me sits back awaiting nova's response
[2013/07/06 17:21] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall deactivated]
[2013/07/06 17:21] Second Life: ENA is online.
[2013/07/06 17:22] Oddity Sugars (oddcompany): /me tapped his chin and nodded. "Fair enough. She said she knew Sil. Didn't seem to know you though, Verlos."
[2013/07/06 17:22] Second Life: Cora is online.
[2013/07/06 17:22] Nova: /me was quickly losing his nerves with the larger woman. He wasn't in the sight of others, once more, the kid was alone with uncertainty and no one to back him up aside from himself. Perhaps he shouldn't have told a stranger he didn't know how to fight, he'll keep that shit in mind next time he talks to someone. With a gingerly slow approach, Nova took a seat, crossing one leg over the other, and nervously answered. He was obviously out of his comfort zone. "I uh... believe? ---" he paused for a moment, thinking slowly about what he had to say. When he was ready, which did take him about a minute or two, he'd speak. "I used to believe in miracles and good luck before hell happened. Maybe a god, but not the Christian god that everyone seems to adore. Now? Heck. I'll believe anything. As for morals, I don't like to fight, but I'll do it if I absolutely HAVE to. My job before the planet went to shit was be an EMT in the dark hours of the night, graveyard shift. I'd see a lot of people with gun wounds, stab
[2013/07/06 17:22] Nova: /me wounds, broken glass in their arms, face, this and that. Every now and again we'd get burn victims, they'd be clutching my coat as I'm trying to stabilize them, their bodies in a world of hurt." He paused for a moment, closing his soft blue eyes for a second or two in respect. "A lot of people die before they even get a chance at the hospital. Late calls, not the right equipment, accidents en route. I don't like to see people suffer, or die. Their families getting that late night call when their child had been shot up in some gang riot. It isn't right. They bitch, and cry bloody murder on the phone, blaming the EMT's. when they didn't make it in time. I was the guy who was forced to do a lot of the calls." ---- Nova continued to go silent now and again throughout his little quarrel, his face almost expressionless and dead with any emotion, but a single tear would start to swell in his right eye. He'd simply scratch it away, ignoring it and continuing on. "After hell broke loose, I had to save as many
[2013/07/06 17:22] Nova: /me people as I could, friends, family, strangers. I managed to get most of them, a few are still out there, others, dead... But I don't regret not saving all of them. The ones I failed to save brought it onto themselves, though I won't say they deserved to die. Regardless, here I am. Grabbed mercenary clothes, several survival pouches, protective armor and damn comfy work boots. I believe in just deserts and friendly dispositions, but I'm trying to survive all the same, ma'am." The kid finally shut up after that massive monologue, his face unchanging from any of what he said. For an EMT, and someone who went through what he did, sure did it at an awfully young age. He didn't look a day past eighteen, despite only being a new full fledged twenty-one year old adult.
[2013/07/06 17:22] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me standing back and watching the system curiously.
[2013/07/06 17:23] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall activated]
[2013/07/06 17:23] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall deactivated]
[2013/07/06 17:24] VenusMari Zapedzki: /me nods "i think i understand" she says "i should prolly move on" she adds "ill see if i can sell some more bread" it didnt look like odd was going to be at all romantic tonight
[2013/07/06 17:24] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me nodded as she finished cleaning up the mess, grabbing some gauze and medical tape "Da, I'll be sure to, anything specific you want me to tell people? cause all I've got now is that she bit you and I don't know if it was provoked" she looked to him as she wrapped the dressing around his wound and taped it up "No offence sir, its more of a personal thing, I just don't want to implicate anyone if it isn't needed"
[2013/07/06 17:24] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me whispers to Tips "ya gonna kick it again?" she'd ask with a small smile knowing most likely Zoe would've if she were in the same situation.
[2013/07/06 17:25] Second Life: ℒiaranne ℒaValette is offline.
[2013/07/06 17:26] Second Life: ℒiaranne ℒaValette is online.
[2013/07/06 17:27] tipsqueek Resident: /me frowns a bit she brings out a black box she opens it with a screwdriver and starts connecting whires the box was taken from a hole in the wall "i nee to fix the systems ddrivers they arent calibrated" she connects a witre and puts the box back in to the wall then she runs a hand through her hair
[2013/07/06 17:28] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me nodded .. simply watching the work quietly
[2013/07/06 17:29] Second Life: Nala Mistwalker is online.
[2013/07/06 17:29] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall activated]
[2013/07/06 17:30] tipsqueek Resident: /me would head tothe computer and type on it and she speaks after a bit "it shouild work now" at the failure she frowns more "or not
[2013/07/06 17:30] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me grimaced a bit as lash cleaned and patched him up... 'she's not one of us.. she came in here for med supplies to patch herself up.. when I told her to get the fuck out she took what she wanted and did this to me..' he'd move his uninjured hand up to his head rubbing and adjsting his hat as he waited for her to finish her work..
[2013/07/06 17:31] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me watched the shifts between doors and windows.. moving over to pick at the different snacks on the table quietly
[2013/07/06 17:32] Maljai Jhamin: /me listens and nods while Nova spoke of his experience and such..” Very good.. Now I’ll tell you about us our organization is all about law and order and taking steps into trying to establish a form of government in this chaotic environment. Everyone here works hard at what they do and gives more than their best here. We welcome those who desires to see a better future and wants to make a difference in doing so. Any questions?”
[2013/07/06 17:34] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me nods and taps his arm with another needle, moving to inject it under the dressing "Numbing agent, for the pain" she cleans up what was left and heads back to the sink "I'll be making up a medical report about this, see about sending out a notice to all of our members that she has stolen medical supplies" she groans "Supplies that I worked to hell to get damnit" her fist hits the counter a bit hard "Not to pry, but did you see what she took?"
[2013/07/06 17:34] tipsqueek Resident: /me looks at the blast door she opens a panel under the counter and starts working with the electrics there she turns to zoe "this may take a bit i think the sofftware needs a patch i will look at updating the security"
[2013/07/06 17:35] Second Life: ENA is offline.
[2013/07/06 17:35] Nova: /me would gently shake his head from side to side, thought his thoughtless wouldn't go on for long, as something did come up. "Actually. Is it possible if I offered my services without actually being a part of the organization? I rather stick to neutral grounds in case another faction has beef with this one here. I don't want to be the target of blind hatred just because I represent the people who serve here. I just want to help in secret where I can, and perhaps be acquainted to friends, and perhaps a couch to sleep on at night. I mean, if that's too much to ask for, I'm sure I can find a nice dumpster to toss myself into during sleeping hours. "
[2013/07/06 17:35] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall deactivated]
[2013/07/06 17:35] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me nodded.. lifting a cookie to her mouth and taking a small bite out of it while she looked to the windows "sounds good. I'd like to see it in action when it's complete .. think it'd be good to run drills with it and such" she'd mention nodding once more and popping the rest of the cookie in her mouth
[2013/07/06 17:36] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall activated]
[2013/07/06 17:36] Second Life: Amber is offline.
[2013/07/06 17:37] tipsqueek Resident: /me looks at zoe and sighs "now it should work"
[2013/07/06 17:38] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall deactivated]
[2013/07/06 17:38] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me moves his arm away to avoid the needle... 'don't.. a lil pain is good..' he'd then listen to her about what was taken and simply shrugged... 'I try not to know about the stuff in here.. helps me have less to do with it..' he'd grin and wink at her proudly knowing that she would either like hearing that or not like hearing that
[2013/07/06 17:38] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me looked between Tips and the defense system curiously as she sucked what was left of the frosting from the cookie off of her thumb.
[2013/07/06 17:39] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall activated]
[2013/07/06 17:39] tipsqueek Resident: /me smiles bashfully "okay it may take a bit more work give me a moment
[2013/07/06 17:40] tipsqueek Resident: /me continues working on the open electronic panel
[2013/07/06 17:40] Cora (corasol): /me steps in a bit concerned. "Anyone here?" not sure she move further inside.
[2013/07/06 17:40] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me chuckled reaching to snag up another cookie as she watched and waited "no worries.. you're doing better than I would with that thing"
[2013/07/06 17:40] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me cleared her throat calling out to Cora as she heard her "one moment please... running a systems test"
[2013/07/06 17:41] Cora (corasol): /me steps back nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. "I will be outside." yelling it
[2013/07/06 17:42] Second Life: Nala Mistwalker is offline.
[2013/07/06 17:43] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall deactivated]
[2013/07/06 17:43] tipsqueek Resident: /me looks around confused "that is odd i did not excpect that" she looks atound "i may need to work on somethind
[2013/07/06 17:44] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me chuckles "Alright, pain it is boss" she takes away the needle and stops, oddly moving to inject it into her neck before she continues "Well once I figure out what she took, I'll see about replacing the items, might have to do a bit of trading...but...I do what I have to" she shrugs and grabs her tablet, writing up the new report "Now, your arm should be fine soon enough, depending on how quickly your body naturally heals. the wound is sealed, but it can be opened if you cause stress to the area" she smiled "Don't let me catch you back in here needing medical attention anytime soon, seen too many of us in here recently"
[2013/07/06 17:44] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me nodded to Tips "take your time.. Imma run outside see what's needed"
[2013/07/06 17:44] Maljai Jhamin: /me listens.. "Thats fine. We always welcome freelancer.. Being a member of our organization isn't easy but has its perks.. We do have those who have issues with us for one reason or another. Most people don't like change plan and simple.. As a member you get backing from the crna for supplies and project support for any personal projects you looking to pursue as well as being taken care of with food, ammo, and supplies as well as training too if you ever want to brush up on your skills. We'll also give you the means to better your craft as well.."
[2013/07/06 17:45] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me nodded to Cora as she slipped out the glass doors "hello there.. how can I help you?"
[2013/07/06 17:45] Cora (corasol): /me smiled as she saw someone come out. "Safe to go in yet Miss?"
[2013/07/06 17:47] Nova: /me gave a slight humm to the offers that were given, he did need supplies soon and he sure could use some hand-to-hand training, not to mention a target range to brush up on his gunnery skills, not that he needed it, but it'd probably help from getting rusty. "Could I still get some of the perks even though my name isn't entirely in the banks for the C.R.N.A?" he seemed damn complacent on trying to get benefits, he sure could use some.
[2013/07/06 17:47] Mαcєη (mace.braveheart): /me he'd gather himself up and shakes his head walking to the door and stopping looking back over to her... 'sorry bout the mess and such..' he'd scrunch his nose some and walked away unless stopped to head out the front door
[2013/07/06 17:47] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me looked through the doorway "maybe if you bolt pase the yellow markers.. dun wanna get squished" she'd tell her and do just that before gesturing through the glass for her to come as well.
[2013/07/06 17:48] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall activated]
[2013/07/06 17:48] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me smiles "Don't worry about it boss, I deal with what I have to, just beat the hell out of her if you see her please...maybe get those supplies back if she has them for me hmm?"
[2013/07/06 17:48] zσє-αℓℓιє (zoeelle): /me gasped "OH MY GOD IF YOU DO IT DO IT QUICK!" she'd call out at almost having been a pancake herself
[2013/07/06 17:48] Blast wall: whispers: [Shutters and blastwall deactivated]
[2013/07/06 17:49] tipsqueek Resident: /me siles bash fully "it is fully operational now" she closes the panel
[2013/07/06 17:49] Cora (corasol): /me she watch the woman move quick and before she could follow a few things hit her hard. Squished and the fact she was smoking. "I suck at games like this I don't want to die. I am a minority you know!" grinning and then putting out her cig.
[2013/07/06 17:50] Second Life: Angél is offline.
[2013/07/06 17:50] Second Life: zσє-αℓℓιє is offline.
[2013/07/06 17:51] Second Life: Mαcєη is offline.
[2013/07/06 17:55] Maljai Jhamin: /me leans forward.. "You can do what some of our members do.. You don't have to identify yourself to anyone but one of our own.. We have people out there who don't identify themselves as crna who bring in great intel.. I can tell you though if your seen training with us or in meetings an such.. People are going to assume your with us.. As a freelancer we pay you for your services in ammo or other trades and thats it.. You don't have to give an answer to us now about joining.. From what you told me I can tell you we can always use more medics.. If you like, see what's out there and make the best choice for you.. You say your worried about being jumped by those who have an issue with us for one reason or another, As a member, we'll have your back and help you out if your ever in a jam..Again. Just something to think about."
[2013/07/06 17:56] ℒasciel Massani (lasciel): /me takes her time to type up her report as she collects the blood from around the room, taking a good sample of macen's blood for medical records
[2013/07/06 17:58] tipsqueek Resident: /me looks at cora "hello there" she smilles "may i be of asistant of you"

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